Mental magic. The magic of thinking

mental magicSpeaking of thoughts, as some form of a special energy, first we talk about a certain subject, who owns this or that thought, and how it exercises this power, that is, your thoughts. They may wander, as if by themselves, to jump from one subject to another, it is easy to disperse, to return, to walk around — the mental magic is not based on that. The man who can not control their own thoughts, never be able to master this wisdom. Tight control, focus and clear sense acts, that is, the specific purposes for which uses mental magic.

Of course, no one is born with these qualities. Can only be a genetic predisposition, a gene that is passed from the ancestors, and the rest — work. Long and hard, but he will develop the inherited property and turn it into an art form. And even those who have gone all the way, be patient, have been diligent and consistent in teaching does not always reach the top in the mastery of mental magic. In order to reach, do not fall from the vertex, and requires a special talent.

Mental Magic

What can a magician? Send and receive thoughts at a distance, and the higher level mage, the greater the distance and the greater the number of people with whom he can share his thoughts. However, this gift can be present in people who have never engaged in magic, but in mild condition. Sometimes, these people do not even know what legacy they received from or grandparents.

The next level, it is thought control. Over their first — they should be able to protect against unwanted intrusion. Then, over another's. For a start, the thoughts of animals, and people with low resistance. There are descriptions, where the magician protected wild animals, to throw at the enemy.

Having mastered this to perfection, you can take control of any animal, other than magic, and more than that, you can read dreams, revive the memory and transmit simple orders to people. The next level of control over a person to become more rigid, sometimes possible to overcome the instinct of preservation, or the formation of thoughts of self-destruction. Finally, there comes a time when the distance is no problem, man, you can control it from being thousands of miles away, and, if you delete or move a control person is not waning. A little more and the last bastion falls intelligent man, his memory — now it is possible to do anything, it can even be replaced completely and entirely subordinate to his will, overcoming even the instinct of self-preservation, and any other, a strong sense ...

Real magic art, who does not need auxiliary items — grass, rocks, and other magical objects. In the hands of a magician weapons of enormous destructive power, there is the story of how a magician controlling all the inhabitants of a city, and those for an extended time taken for the reality of illusion which has given them the magician.

The various intelligence agencies, at different times then with greater intensity, then with less, are interested in this possibility. However, the artificial formation of such talent is not possible, the number of specialists in mental magic is limited, and they prefer to stay in the shade.

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