Witchcraft and magic

Witchcraft and magic
Witchcraft and magic in the form of various magic acts and rituals create energy. And Affliction — this balance — when you make magic, you somehow tell the universe that you want to find a balance in their lives. But this requires not only the rituals — to change your life and your habits.

Our whole life is a cycle, and if the situation does not change, then life becomes tantamount to the death of stagnation. Therefore, magicians and sorcerers learn to respect life changes and strive for balance.

Often teenagers fascinated by magic, begin to believe that they no longer want to do it, because it is beginning to happen to them that they do not need. And they believe that the rejection of witchcraft life will return to normal. But that will not be — their lives will change in any way. So before you cast, you must first master the art.

The main point in magical rituals is understanding Witching Force and its transmission. The names of the force required for effectiveness. Moreover, this power is not a consequence of the development of the spiritual personality. Mage — a temporary repository for her.

In witchcraft, to determine the effect using various tools and ritual objects. Considerable value in witchcraft rituals has the time, especially the moon. Magical potions and accessories are mainly due to the ongoing energy, often setting the magician on his right energy flow. Over time, as the transmission of magical traditions, many of the ingredients used are becoming more rare or unusual. These points increase the importance of rituals, both for wizards and for their customers.

Witchcraft and magic — the basic rules

1. Any witchcraft and magic to be part of the spiritual plane, and any witchcraft occurs with the participation of the spirit.

2. Before proceeding to any magical action, be sure to contact divination. The fact is that any of your actions leading to affect both your life and the lives of others investigators.

3. Doing something, not to hurt anyone.

4. All your actions come back to you three times the amount.

5. Magical actions should not conflict with the freedom and the will of others.

6. All created in the wizarding world, be sure to manifest itself in the real.

7. Respect the changes in life and strive for balance.

Any of the beginner magicians makes mistakes. However, he, like all of us grow and learn from their failures. So remember that the magic is always the path of least resistance, and if our desire is articulated, the witchcraft will have no effect.

It also happens that witchcraft does not get anything, because the higher power know that this is you do not need. Importantly, if witchcraft is not working and if your plans are implemented too slowly, do not lose faith in yourself. Higher power, knowing that you need to actually can interfere with your life when you least expect it. Sometimes they protect us so sometimes keep us for more important work.

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