Practical Magic for Beginners

Practical Magic has now become a worry of many, and even been on several TV channels are permanent transfer, one way or another connected with magic. Full of books on magic and book shelves. And if before the practical magic for beginners was only available under mentoring magicians, now many people can understand the different techniques on their own. To help budding magicians, those who want to change their lives with the help of magic, a large number of secondary literature and videos. Comes to the rescue and the Internet — if you are interested in practical magic site can help you no worse than a book.

Generally, most of us want to use for the first time magic tricks in cases when they can not solve their problems in other ways. And as followers of tribal affairs — such magicians are very few. And these magicians learn from mentors who pass them by inheritance ancestral secrets. The main advantage of such training — some protection against errors and near misses. The rest, as stated above, begin their magical way to solve a problem. But keep in mind that practical magic for beginners is a work full of errors and near misses. And the biggest mistake novice magicians — this is after solving the problem attempt to continue their magical acts already around.

But why is this error lie? The fact is that as a rule, the fate helps a person is in his decision that the problem, sending magical recipes that helped. But if a person was able to solve your problem so, it does not mean that he has the right to interfere in the problems and lives of others.

Beginners should not forget that we can not ignore the rules wizards — fasting, getting rid of the bad sides of the character and tolerance for others. Need to read a lot — about the magical direction, conditions of ceremonies, the effects of magic, etc. Many beginners believe in magic failure strength of the various treaties and prayers printed in books. The fact that these books have issued mages are not always sure of those who can get these books, and thus weaken the texts in advance for security. But, nevertheless, they all work the same, if they are really use when needed.

Practical Black Magic for Beginners

Many of those who want to engage in black magic, just throw it in the first few months, because at the beginning of training which results give little effect. And a mage casts a new hobby. And it is not black magic passion, it's life. But there are those who are going through, and are making progress, but such people — one.

Practical Black Magic for Beginners — a dangerous thing, and errors when working with it often leads to death and disease. Beginner magician often begins to notice with surprise that a lot goes wrong, as it is presented to him. His world begins to change and reform, and radically. Practical black magic forum helps in the early stages, and although at first for the black magicians can be some shock found on forums such time magicians feel free and can develop further. But if you have a fear of black magic, it's unlikely your way. Fear should not be, and the magician, if they really can be, should feel that this is really his way. Moreover, fear, and uncertainty as — dangerous. But at the same time, fear is also an assistant to help avoid a lot of mistakes. Do not forget about the fact that, standing on the path of the dark forces of this will be impossible to deny. You will have to take and give your energy. You will make this different rituals and magical practices if they stop, you could end up for you a very sad way.

Mages draw their energy from a variety of sources — rocks, trees, and even people egregores. Black magicians do not worship the gods, they are their own gods. As for Satan — they just go for it, but do not worship him. And consider themselves black magicians — following the path of Satan — is to follow the path of freedom and knowledge.

And finally — select the black magic — do not forget that the service of Satan always ends in tears for the magician, and for his family.

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