How to make a magic wand?

How to make a magic wand?Without which there can be a fairy tale? Of course, no magic. Any fairy story works is built on magic. No wonder that your children will one day be to ask your magic wand?
«Where to buy a wand?» And even more often, «How do magic wand?»… The questions to our office receives regularly. First, we took this question as a joke. But promonitoriv requests that visitors put in a search engine, we realized that this issue is of interest to many. The result shocked us. Over 45,000 requests per month and thousands more variations of the query. And we made the decision: if visitors are interested — we will respond.
On the first question the answer is unequivocal — you can buy a wand in a children's store. On the second question the answer is not so obvious, but we will try to deal with it.
So, how to make a magic wand? First of all, we propose to include fantasy. What is the magic wand? The title lies a hint — you need a stick, either. It can be a school pointer, thick arm, wand, which is sold for inflatable balls, maybe your imagination will tell more options.
If you have at hand was not the right material, and buy stuff is not possible — go to the forest! Yes, the wood — the best place to select a wand. Keep in mind, the first available branch will not do.
Walk with the child in the forest, ask them to listen to the silence. Remind him that the true magicians never damage the nature. This is their main rule. Therefore, look for a suitable stick either on the ground or on a tree, but it broke. Tell your child about the connection with the earth rod. Can you think of a story that the ground rod is typed magical energy.
Most importantly — do not laugh at a child. Try to believe that your child is really a magician, and you will see how your desires will be fulfilled in themselves. Law esoteric work — thoughts are material, that is, if something really want it, it will come true. The child is small, and therefore we will not until he explained that to achieve the result it is necessary to make efforts. Nothing is done by itself.
Thus, the child found a suitable stick, ask him to hold an initiation ritual magic wand into the camp. Be sure to ask the tree to help your child in his endeavors. Strip the house well wand can be used to decorate the foil zhatuyu paper, colored thread wound on a greased glue stick.
Do not forget the core, that is the tip of a stick. This can be a feather birds, stars or other Christmas decorations, appropriate style small toy (such as a fairy doll).
Most importantly, do not kill children in the faith. In every age the kids should believe in something. Let them believe in good magic. Your task — to check that the child had good intentions. Now you know how to make a magic wand and why it is needed, and then turn on the imagination and play with the kids. But good, you get the pleasure of communicating with your baby, and he will like to you even more confidence.
Option with materials at hand will work in the event that you were interested in how to make a magic wand for the child. If your plan is to practice good magic, this question is not for us to contact the organization to practice magic.

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