Gods, Angels and Demons

More than once in Western magic, attempts were made to understand this relationship. However, the way of knowing the obstacles encountered. The fact is that in Western magic is strong fear of polytheism. The source of this fear is the Christian tradition, which does not allow to explore the relationship with no idea of the gods. Interestingly, back in the Middle Ages magicians used terms such as «Olympic spirits», «Geniuses.» This was the name of spirits, which interacted medieval magicians.
The result of these efforts was the fact that in recent times has been undertaken the establishment of the movement «Wicca.» This, in general, inherently robust movement in practice was pretty profane.
Importantly, the magician, to interact with some force must be clearly understood that this force represents. It is important to know how much power is the second reason — formative force evolves force.

If we talk about our time, many modern magicians solve the problem as follows. They recognize demons as distorted gods. For example, in Bael goetike equate to Balu (Belo), Sumerian-Akkadian god. Like him Astaroth (or Ashtoreth) equate to Astarte (aka Ishtar). Naturally, such a view is partly justified. Note, however, that it simplifies the development of man, brings the human spirit to the primitive concepts that existed in ancient times. Explains what is happening in that because there was history — initially, people worshiped these forces. And then, during the transition to monotheism — have come to believe their demons.
If this approach and consider true, it certainly is not magic. Should only come from experience, and fear does not work and scholastic excellence understanding of magicians.

Earlier we mentioned that the Universe is affected by several forces. Each power has three aspects. The first aspect is realized by God, it is a free aspect. The second aspect, which can be identified — downward. The business aspect of this is the spirit — an angel. He contributes to the fulfillment and materialization. And finally, the third and last aspect — is up. It is implemented by a demon. This aspect prevents stopping and old.
From the above, it becomes clear that Astaroth really like Astarte, but not in the sense that it — its «distortion.» He simply expresses the same forces, however, in its aspect. The same can be said for the other demons and devils goeth ceremonial magic. Bael still not Baaal and Beelzebub — not the same as Baal Zebub. In this case, the strength of their similar.
So, if you take the power of the moon, it is the power of passivity, but also the power of receptivity. It is expressed by Welles, selenium, Nanna — gods of the moon. This is if you take the synthetic aspect. If we take the involutive section, then it expresses the Angel Gabriel. And speaking of the upward course — it embodies the demon Asmodeus.
It is a division of Magic allowed divided into two types of approaches. First  approach that establishes a relationship with the Free Spirits. The second approach — summoning. It establishes a link with the ministering spirits.
Therefore, the magician must realize that living in an environment forces, constantly interacting, it is important to learn from the stereotypes. These powers should be separated clearly understand the scope and nature of each.

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