Chaos Magic

chaos MagicWhere chaos begins, as distributed, in what direction, what Chaos Magic Chaos, and how far from the chaos is the modern man and the modern magician. It is said that the forerunner of Chaos magic is Austin Osman Spare, and Chaos Magic XX century invention. And Mr. OO Spare and his followers talk about something completely different, a fantasy that they imagined it in a sort of, a threshold state of consciousness. Chaos out of time and out of a specific form. Chaos Magic — a glove, in which we want to touch the glass, behind which is chaos.
Citing the well-known law that says — the result of the experiment affects the tool and the existing knowledge and experience, and therefore the identity of the experimenter, and applying it to the subject, we can say the following — any attempt to cross the border of chaos, only postpone the border. Chaos is not available for consideration and attempts to organize because we affect what we look. Therefore, from this perspective, it is impossible to come to Chaos. Be it any other subject, his study is over, and it began.

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And that would be true if we were dealing not with Chaos. One of the few features of chaos — the paradox. Consequently, it is not possible to «enter» into Chaos, it is possible that the chaos «entered» in us. The intent of this process, the rejection of all known systems and practices of our reality. This is not anarchy, because anarchy — the destruction and the revision of existing, Chaos — a state primacy. And there is no sense of perception, as such, because it, and the first and the second is based on the comparison and experience.
This preparatory condition or state of purification. Anyone who practices magic, any direction, this procedure should be familiar. Although, in this particular case, the purification also includes the rejection of any orderly manner. In particular, requires «disordered» own «I,» as the system of perception.
At some point, comes a state of complete devastation, the highest point of this condition is to break the cycle time. And finally, the division between the light fades and the lack of it. Now it exists as a whole that can not be fixed, because it followed the paradox should be continuous movement of the elements relative to each other. Here, it is important not to take the elements as physical objects in space, because the space as such, there is only the free energy of this movement takes its desolate, devoid of «I» consciousness. In this state, the observer and the space itself becomes part, partly energy, and can be included in a state of chaos.

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