Vedic magic

Vedic magic&&Vedic magic originated in the Vedic same era of civilization. Then people truly believed in God, honor the laws of nature and the universe. They have a very high sensitivity. Therefore, the Vedic magic was based precisely on their sensory perception of the world.
& Each person then knew physical and energetic properties of stones, plants and animals. The magic in those days contained uses of natural and innate ability of people to manage their lives. In some way, Vedic magic was a natural, natural magic.
& Conductors magic then were the greatest magicians of the time — the Magi. The wise men had a faster thinking than we are, they learned the laws of the universe and could pay her to serve people.
Magic in the Vedic times included ceremonies, based on the natural movement of the cycles of nature, the stellar energy and the energy of terrestrial plants.
Vedic magic
& One of the Vedic rites of magic, and is now known, was a celebration of Ivan Kupala. People understand the essence of fire of purification, and used it to clean their astral bodies and their living space. Magic Fire contained not only dance, folk dancing and jumping over the fire, but the mystery of cooking. In those times, the concentration of the stove was in the house element of Fire.
Vedic magic, wise and clear to everyone, advise every woman in the process of cooking filled with love for his home and experiencing positive emotions. In this case, the food was obtained healthy and delicious.
& Revered Vedic magic and the element of water. Rites of rivers, lakes often used dreams to meet a soul mate girl. And this kind of magic — it's more a way of life associated with a deep knowledge of nature. This is evident even from such a ceremony, as blowing on the river raft.
& At certain times of the year, after the holidays, the girls went to the river and made special rafts that the youth knew his dream girl, and found her. Rafts were filled with the fruits of the garden-grown girl, she made wine, and oil lamps. On the other side of these rafts were expecting boys, and each chose their own favorite one.
& And only then began Vedic true love. And that love was stronger than usual, because the power of dreams can repeatedly reinforce feelings and help people find each other.
Vedic magic and helped in the re-incarnation of the people on earth. The wise men believed to re-birth of the person before his death he has to think about his second birth. It should represent themselves as born again, to represent themselves newborn. So called Vedic magic and magic of immortality.

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