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magic forum . magick forum blogYou have come to the magic forum to learn, what is magic? On this subject, there are many opinions. Some believe that the magic itself does not exist at all, and what we take for magic — the convenience features that most of us just do not pay attention. Someone spends most of his life in the cemetery, trying to communicate with the world of the dead, someone rushes for secret knowledge to Tibet or China. That's about all that you can tell if a forum would go about magic and mysteries.
You'll learn about that magic — the ability to manage the energy processes that magic around us and within us, even if you do not believe in it. In the latter case, the magical powers still operate by influencing the subconscious and our lives. Only now, those who believe in magic — can change your life by applying its capabilities. They can make themselves happy by using magical practices, given to us by our ancestors and nature. Forum magic show and tell you about the spells, rituals, books about magic and simple tips experienced magicians. If you are unsure what kind of magic you are interested, you too can help magic forum. Or you can write to me and ask me
 If you do not give rest to a specific question and you'll find the answer to it, then perhaps it is intuition led you to where you can find the answer. Special force in this have tarot cards. They are able to analyze the past, diagnose the present and see our future. Forum Magic will satisfy all your questions about this system. You will know that means one or another card, find out what magic rituals can be performed with the help of tarot cards. You can easily simulate the future, using the magic system. Is not it true, it is tempting? Perhaps it is now, you need a pointer to the path that you will find a magic forum. You can open your eyes to what is happening to you and around you.
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Paths to success and paths of magic and magic set. And one of them — this rune. Runes, meaning secret, personify the forces of nature, powerful and generous. That the forces of nature, coupled with our energy to make changes in the world as well as around us. They create all the conditions for our life and existence in it, they will attract into our lives the required events.
On the magic forum you will learn how runes can be mentors and advisers on the road to prosperity and success. You will learn how to solve the mystery of the future and the present.
You can learn how to work on any part of our lives, be it personal growth, business, relationships, family, wealth, and much more. And this is not the whole list of features magic.
Thanks to the magic forum you can be a magician, and thus the fate of the host. You just need to realize that the higher power and magic is that they exist.
The main thing — remember that a higher power will never impose anything on anyone. They need to ask for help. And if you do, and ask them for advice, they will help you. More importantly — to listen to them and understand. It may be true that in the process of magic lessons you can not understand, what did you say a higher power. Then on the magic forum will help you to hear them and understand their recommendations. Often the advice of the powers will come in the form, often in a dream. Even if you do not work at first, try again and again. But the decision will always be only yours.
Magic forums you will get acquainted with the black and white magic, although the division is rather arbitrary. You will learn about healing, the favorable resolution of certain situations.
Generally, coming to the study of magic, each of us chooses his own path. For one magic — it is a business for another incarnation of your reality. And the forum will give you a magic fetter his luck will change the status quo and allow the accumulated problems.
Often the magic performed various rituals and ceremonies are encouraged force elements. For what it's done — you'll find out on the magic yet. You get to know the secrets and the use of ritual magic, learn to harmonize the elements in themselves and how to handle them.
Each of you will find on the magic forum that knowledge, which is necessary for you, and will be able to become a magician and the magician, both for themselves and for others.

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