Free white magic

Free white magic, we have a direct association with spells, healing and healer. White magic is different from the black that selflessly protects and heals. You can help a loved one only with his own thoughts and beliefs. White magic commits to believe in miracles, and then all must come out.
Important role played in white magic talismans and amulets, intended to serve a wide variety of purposes — from success in business and ending with the strengthening of the family. Talisman may be in the form of pebbles or toys, herbs or flowers. Importantly, that of your talisman your heart sensed the calm. You can do this yourself and charm, after having trained white magic.
The main difference between an amulet or talisman is the first to bring good luck and fortune. But in any case — to act — must have faith. To protect your home, you can hang a horseshoe over the door. Another one of the ways of white magic — fumigation facilities blend of herbs hypericum, fennel, thistle. These herbs are perfectly cast out evil demons.
Free white magic spells is almost does not occur, but you can learn how to do various conspiracies, remove damage and making amulets.

Free white love magic

The possibilities are endless magic of love, and when it is used correctly, it not only works, but does not cause any harm. Best in the magic of love to work on themselves — for example, to perform rituals to enhance sexuality and attraction, it is the best and safest way to attract love. But if you need serious help, free love magic you will not work — it is best to turn to an experienced witch. witch on your order, spell casting and ritual one way — with spells, charms, amulets go mascot. They witch put all his strength. Often the witch fell into a trance while, and since it is always a strong emotional shock, the result can wait no longer.
According to ancient tradition, in preparation for a love ritual, witch makes the hands magical weapons. This can be anything — a love oil, candles, incense, or salt. And these things are selected according to your desire. Yet in recent years have become witches prefer to put their hand at things ready. But this is not quite right — the fact that the witch believe that everything on earth has the energy, and even rocks and plants experience the joy and pain. Each of the items is different, having a different number of forces. It is believed that the smaller object was subjected to human interference, so he has more energy. So it's best magic and ritual implements still do ourselves.
In the end, for better and long lasting effect is desirable to work hard. Of course, you can themselves bewitch his favorite, but just how durable and effective it will be — is unknown. better to their fate in the hands of the pro-witch

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