Pagan magic

pagan magic&&The main feature of the pagan period, a person's belief that he could negotiate independently with the forces of nature. Of course, you have to know certain words, the right rituals, especially the elements, which have to handle, and this is just needed a pagan magic. And I must give credit to the people of that time were able to find a common language with nature, otherwise, they would simply not survive. On the other hand, pagan magic is not just a system of relationships, it is also a special interaction with nature. Man was clear purpose, clear task that had to be solved. He soberly assess their strength and realize that they are not enough, you should ask help of a pagan deity, but experience tells us how to handle what to do to be heard and understood.
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This is fundamentally incorrect view that the period of paganism people simplify or belittled their gods. He cooperated with them, of reason, from his point of view, send, that the gods are like people, therefore people — by the Gods. Only the last is older and wiser, but the man simply, their youngest brother, of whom the gods care how the people themselves to look after their children and younger relatives. With this approach to the world of nature, man there is no suggestion that life — is the way of eternal suffering, which can be overcome to win paradise idleness and unconsciousness.
Human life is not frightened, nor frightened death. His gods, as well, were once weak, but they showed their spirit, his mind, his strength and was able to grow up and move into the space. Therefore, a person should adhere to the same principles. Then, beyond the threshold of death, he got what he deserved in life. Warrior was to be fearless, loyal and courageous woman, an old man had to be wise. It turned out, if a person violates those rules are quite simple, he let down the gods, who believed in him, and only then should the punishment.
When needed help when it was not clear what action is correct, when it was necessary to make sure that the gods really want to do that, to take effect magic. Rites and rituals, spells and charms, this is not shared by man and the gods, by contrast, the magic makes them allies, like-minded, similar in blood.
It happened that, referring to the gods, a man cunning, but it was a ruse, a demonstration of their intelligence, not a desire to cheat the elder brother. Besides, people were convinced that such little tricks resorted gods when dragging with the rain or wind. Gods demand attention, and thus the person was entitled to a similar approach.

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