Basics of Magic

Basics of of Magic& Basics &of Magic

The most important basics of magic — is the ability to interact with the energy mages sources. Without it will not be magic, and self-deception, or psychology. The magic is the result of mandatory cooperation consciousness of the magician with the external energy or external consciousness. However, the most urgent and clearly this influence is felt in places of power. So, the basics of magic — it is also the choice of place of power for magical studies. It is in places such magicians get their superpowers, with the knowledge and absorb the incredible energy.

Any magician has its own abilities and talents, each in contact with such a place open your abilities and talents. And that is exactly would be impossible to predict. The fact that each of these places has its own forces, the individual characteristics that affect, in turn, to their human characteristics. And help him in what he deserves and what is worthy. In this case, all raised the general level of energy, regardless of other factors.

As known to all, there are earthly and cosmic energies. And this division is rather arbitrary — it is actually all kinds of energy are formed initially in the global space process. But, nevertheless, this terminology is generally accepted, and should not forget it. For the most part, to distinguish these energies is almost impossible, but some mages can see them, but a few, however, consider this vision of a kind of fiction. But in a place of power, these energies can be felt and feel.

The basics of black magic

Witchcraft traditionally considered magic, directly connected with reference to evil spirits to commit evil deeds and harm. This spell is designed to achieve specific changes in the first place, power, and other benefits.

Generally, there are several basic types of black magic:

Magic attack.
Thus breaks the human biofield, with the energy of impact. This leads to disease and even if the strike is very strong, can lead to death. Sometimes it's intended effect on the human psyche, ending mental illness that you may need a magician.

Casting a curse.
This destruction of one's health, relationships, and other things with plots and magical paraphernalia.

Rupture of relations and love spells.
This magic effects in cowing or subordination of the human will.

There is another magical effect of black magic — it's voodoo, stood alone. This magic, though, and includes healing, magical protection, and The Love rituals, yet for the most part based on a destructive manner. In particular, it is to kill with dolls on the light or turning people into zombies.

Of course, all this is very interesting and attractive, but do not forget that the omens and lapels can forcibly break the psyche of you liked the person. So be sure to ask yourself — is it worth it ...

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