Spiritism, Spiritualism, about Medium

Spiritualism — the belief in the possibility of direct communication with the spirits of the dead who may come into contact with the living through special entities — mediums, gifted special mysterious power.

Mediums — people who have the ability to communicate and receive messages from the dead, which are generally intended for relatives of the deceased. These mediums are very few and not everyone who calls himself a «Medium» is it really. Distinguish as they can be on one very simple test — a real psychic can tell you that information, he could not know before: it will not be vague, they explain the reasons for troubles come upon you or explain the current problem.

Mediums basically born, they have a special psycho-physiological constitution. But some of those known in our time have their mediums, attending s?ances. Many people mediumistic abilities are latent and can be developed through the efforts of, or in favorable conditions.

There are several types of mediums: mediums for physical phenomena mediums feeling or impressionable; mediums hearing, speaking mediums, psychics seers, psychics, somnambulist, mediums, healers, psychics, pnevmatografy.

Mediums for physical phenomena are more able to produce material phenomena, such as the movement of motionless bodies, noise, knock.

Mediums feeling or impressionable

The name refers to persons who can feel the presence of spirits through obscure impression a special kind of feeling in all Member States in which they can not do to himself. This modification mediums has an extreme character. All mediums are impressionable. Therefore sensibility rather general quality than private. This initial capacity needed for the development of all the others. But it is different from the nervous sensibility of people, with which it should not be confused. There is a lady with no weak nerves, and are more or less feel the presence of spirits, while others with very irritable nature do not feel it at all. This ability develops as a result of habit, and this sensitivity can be purchased, that the one who gifted it, learns to chuvstvuemomu them the impression not just good or bad nature of the spirit who is next to him, and even his personality, like a blind man learns some unknown reason, the approach of a person. Good spirit always makes the experience a gentle and pleasant, angry, on the contrary, a painful, restless and uncomfortable. This is like some sort of feeling of something unclean.

Mediums hearing

They hear the voices of the spirits. Sometimes, as we said, speaking of pnevmatofonii, it is the inner voice that hears the shower. Sometimes this external voice, clear and distinct, as the voice of a living person. Thus, mediums hearing may enter into conversation with the spirits. If they are used to communicate with the spirits of the known, then immediately recognize them by the sound of their voice. If someone did not endowed with this ability, he can communicate with the spirit through the medium's hearing, which in this case takes the position of translator.

This ability is very pleasant when the medium hears only good spirits and those only, whom he calls. But not what happens when some evil spirit attached to a medium and forces him to hear things most unpleasant, and sometimes the most indecent.

Mediums speaking
These mediums often do not hear. They act on the spirit of the speech organs in the same way as it acts on the hand writing of mediums. Spirit, willing to communicate, uses the medium of all of the body that it is easier to influence. In one hand, he borrows, in another speech, the third — a rumor. Medium speaker speaks in general, unaware of himself, what he says, and often says things that are completely out of the ordinary range of his ideas, his knowledge, and even his mental faculties. Although at this time it is completely awake and in a state of normal, but rarely remember what I said. In a word, his tongue is an instrument which is used by the spirit, and with it, a third party may enter into relations in the same way as if it could do so through the medium hear. Passive medium of the speaker is not always the same. There are those who are aware of what they say, even at the very moment when you say the word.

Mediums who see

Seers mediums, gifted ability to see spirits. Some of them use this ability up to par, at the time of waking and keeping accurate recollection he had seen, while others are only able to sleepwalking. This ability is rarely constant. It manifests itself almost exclusively at times. In the category of mediums who see you can put all the special and gifted double vision. The ability to see spirits in a dream is, no doubt, of some kind of mediumship, but is still, in fact, seeing mediums.

Seers mediums, just as gifted and double vision, they think that they see the eyes. In fact, see their soul, and that's why they see so well with his eyes closed as open. From this it follows that a blind man could see spirits. In this respect, it would be interesting to investigate whether more often found this ability in the blind than the gifted vision. Spirits who, during the life of the body had been blind, told us that the soul and saw some things that they do not always have been shipped in perfect darkness.

Need to distinguish random and spontaneous vision of the so-called ability to see spirits. The first repeated often enough, especially in the moment of death of individuals which we know and love, or that are to inform us that they do not already belong to this world. There are numerous examples of these facts, not to mention seeing is a dream. Sometimes it is also family or friends, which, though long dead, but they are for or warn us of danger, or to give us advice, or, finally, ask for services. Service, which may ask the spirit, is for the most part in the performance of what spirit could not do in life, or in our prayers for him. These phenomena spirits — some facts that are always individual and personal, and do not constitute a mediumistic ability itself. This ability is the ability to see, if not permanently, then at least very often, different spirits, even completely foreign to us.

Among the mediums seeing some see only invoke the spirits, which they can describe with great precision. They describe all the details of their gestures, facial expression, costume and even the feeling that the spirits appear, inspired. Others have this ability more than communicate. They see all the spiritual people that fuss, going back and forth, as if his own affairs.

Somnambulism can be considered as a modification of mediumistic ability, or rather, it is two kinds of phenomena, which are often connected together. Sleepwalker acting under the influence of his own spirit. Her soul in moments of his release, sees, hears and feels beyond the senses. The fact that it expresses, it draws in itself. Her ideas are generally more true than in the normal position, its more extensive knowledge, because her mind was clear. In short, the kind of life she lives spirits.

Medium, however, is an instrument of the mind of a stranger. All he says is not going away. Sleepwalker expresses his own thoughts, and medium — the thought of another. But the spirit, which is connected to the common medium, exactly the same can be communicated with sleepwalker. Often, even the liberated state of mind at the time of making this post somnambulism easier. Many somnambulist very well see spirits and describe them as accurately as seers and mediums. They can talk to them and send us their thoughts. Their message beyond their personal knowledge, they are often suggestible other spirits. Here is a wonderful example in which the dual action of the spirit and the spirit of a foreign somnambulist revealed most clearly.

Mediums, healers

This genus is in the gift of mediumship, which have some of the persons healing touch, gaze, gesture, even without the help of any medication. Many, no doubt, will say that it is nothing like magnetism. Obviously, the magnetic current plays an important role. But when considering the phenomenon with attention, then easily notice that there is something else.

Ordinary magnetizirovanie healing is consistent, correct and methodical. This is done quite differently. Almost all magnetizers able to heal, if only able to take up this properly, whereas mediums healers this can spontaneously, and many of them have it, not even heard of the existence of magnetism. Intervention secret power which makes mediumship, is noticeable in some cases.

It is obvious, especially if take into account that most of the so-called mediums, healers resorted to prayer, which is none other than the induction.


This is the name given to mediums that can receive direct writing. Not all writing mediums endowed with this ability. This ability is still quite rare. It probably evolved from an exercise, but the practical use of it, as we said, is limited only by the fact that it is a clear proof of participation in the phenomena of secret power.

Only experience can specify whether possess this ability. Consequently, we can try and, in addition, ask about it in the spirit of a patron through other means of communication. It depends on the greater or lesser strength medium, are common features, signs, letters, words, phrases and even whole pages covered with writing. Enough for it to put a folded piece of paper in a location or place, the spirit, for 10 minutes, 15, and sometimes for a longer time. Prayers and thoughts focus is a necessary condition. Therefore, it is almost impossible to get anything in the community of persons not serious or that will not be encouraged by a sense of sympathy and benevolence.

. With people perfumes come in contact through various physical phenomena visible, answering their questions, lifting tables, various knocks, automatic writing medium, etc. Today there is an unprecedented surge of interest in this phenomenon. Thus, according to polls, about half of the respondents to communicate with spirits or attended s?ances. The books on the subject read by more than 50% of respondents. Interesting studies that show how the people of our time are in this phenomenon. Some of them are absolutely believe everything that happens at seances. They believe that to communicate with their dead loved ones and that mediums are the holders of the ancient knowledge of the mysteries of existence. Others argue that the mediums, as well as all that is happening in these sessions is a fraud, which aims — to lure in unsuspecting people more money. Still others believe all this relic of the Middle Ages, the legacy of the past. The fourth said that spiritualism — is one way to spend time, and they will gladly attend such sessions. Fifth prefer not to think about this question, arguing that it did not concern them. They do not deny, but did not approve of this phenomenon, sometimes laughing at the simple-minded people. Sixth sometimes read books on spiritualism, please refer to each transfer, but they do not attend the sessions. Seventh is a phenomenon very often they dream to do it seriously, but not as a spectator, but as a medium, the knowledge of which, they believe, will allow them to achieve a lot in life. Eighth want to prevent the phenomenon of spiritualism, to distract people from reality and totally useless. Ninth claim that spirits — these are ordinary magicians. Tenth, one of the less common, according to statistical surveys, is the «old-fashioned» view of spiritualism, as a manifestation of the dark forces of evil, acting on people during the sessions, and from which to save and hold harmless may only Christ.

To understand this phenomenon and to determine what is the view of it is true, as well as learn how dangerous spiritualism, we will first talk about the history of its origin.

Mysterious knock
History of «modern» spiritualism made counting from March 1848 (although his philosophy and sessions took place in ancient times, antiquity, the ancient East, in the Middle Ages, in a word, it is a phenomenon as old as our world). The place of his new «creation» was Gaydsvill city in the state of New York. At the material time in this town one John Fox rented the house, where they began to appear strange knocks, that no one could explain. Fox's daughter, a young girl Margarita, knocking back, came into contact with an unknown force. Woman invented the whole alphabet, on which could communicate with the mysterious visitor, get answers to her questions concern. Perhaps some of you, dear readers, here say, «So what, nothing special, exalted girl his feelings and imagination took for reality!» So you could say, if after this incident just two or three years spiritualistic miracles are not flooded the U.S., and soon the whole world! A knock at the little cottage «reached» far away, were created even special schools and institutions for the study of spiritualism to candidate mediums, of which the world today has more than a million (meaning «qualified» experts). Particularly popular phenomenon in the developed countries — the U.S., Britain, Germany, and others, mainly among intellectuals. So deeply wrong, those who argue that the medium believe only backward sections of society. No, it is very popular among the intellectuals of spiritualism, which can not deceive a fraud and the focus and that everything new, especially the supernatural, are skeptical, if not abhorrence. Many of them do not believe in God, but recognize the mysterious power of the mediums. What are the main tenets of this doctrine? First, the Spiritualists say that the human soul is immortal and continues to exist after the body dies. Second, any person using the mediums can come into contact with the dead people, to get their advice, help, or to learn the future. Third, anyone can reach the divine level, gain wisdom and knowledge equal to God. Fourth, they argue that the latter is no divine judgment of the dead will not be, and all people, regardless of how they lived their lives, after death will gain immortality. From this we see that spiritualism — a religion that requires its adherents complete obedience, promising immortality. We also see that its provisions are fundamentally contrary to the teachings of Jesus Christ, for there is a statement about the immortality of the soul, and the non-requirement of compliance with the law of God, and it was not necessary to transform a person's character from his evil inclinations, and selfishness, and the senselessness of Calvary sacrifice Savior. Therefore, we can unequivocally say that spiritualism denies Christ, and therefore Christianity with its basic tenets. However, he has supernatural powers and knowledge that enable us to refer to black spiritualism satanic religions (philosophy).

We now present evidence that spiritualism is not just a fraud, as many claim, but actually controlled by a black force.

The fame of spiritualism from the fact that he claims the idea of immortality, and death, as we know, afraid of almost all people. In addition, it promises to people communicate with their dead loved ones and comforted thus in sorrow and suffering. Describes the thousands of cases in tears when her mother talked with her dead child. Spiritualism does not require its followers nor the moral life, or keeping the commandments of God — live as you live, do whatever you like, you still immortal! A very attractive idea for many! In addition, the popularity of spiritualism must clear signs which no science can not explain, and he can not deny them. At seances, thousands of people gather and watch, as if by the hands of the medium begins to move tables and chairs, and often specifically those present scientists and journalists saying, «sleight of hand» is not to blame. Around the world, is the study of these miracles, and every time, independent observers to state that explain this phenomenon they can not. Stadiums disappeared sometimes iron wagons, like dissolving in the air, moving heavy objects, which could not budge the hundreds. Before people appeared ghosts — replicas of dead loved ones, not only similar in appearance, but with the same voice and manner, which provided them with details that only they could know. Medium can be called exactly what people write in secret from him during a seance. Thousands of times to carry out surveys, wanting to catch a medium of fraud, but do not succeed. There are high-profile cases where the declared spirit through mediums of the events that took place at this time on the other side of the world, and as it turned out later, it is completely identical, down to the smallest details: the death of the individual, airline and car accidents, robberies and other accidents — it was exactly. Recorded were cases when such sessions happen to be a believer, who began to pray to himself, realizing where he was, and then the medium, while in the center of a huge stadium, declared that he could not continue his conversation, because in a certain number of and in such a place is a person who impedes him and he asked to leave. There are cases when the eyes of the vast number of people in prayer the ghost of a deceased relative turned to evil angels (demons), and then disappeared. Studies indicate that in the life of the vast majority of people who took part in seances to get involved in such literature, is a terrible case of unexplained — the appearance of ghosts, voices, unexplained failure of appliances, furniture movement, the number of attacks, seizures of madness, inexplicable fear, and many people in the background it commits suicide.

So, spiritualism — it is not a relic of the past, not superstition, not quackery, no tricks — this is a real terrible force, are active in our time. Wrong are those who argue that with spiritualism can «play» when visiting out of curiosity to visit sessions or read the literature: without knowing it, they come into play with the devil, terrible fruits of which they will have to reap. But more than that they are mistaken who say that they have nothing to do with spiritualism not have and can not have. To this we can say, dear readers, the terrible power of Satan can come to a person at any time, without asking permission, and if the person does not believe in Christ, and not rely on it, it has no protection of God and becomes a toy in the hands of the demons. Also noteworthy is the fact that this is a new «birth» and the power of spiritualism found in 1848, just four years later, after the third angel's message about Christ and His coming on the march around the world. We advise you to open the Bible and read the book of Revelation, chapter 14, 6-12 texts! In contrast to this wonderful guide Satan immediately announced his «news» — spiritualism, so old and yet «updated», adapted to the present. The popularity of spiritualism coincided with the time of execution of the prophecy of Jesus Christ on the events of the last time before the Second Coming: «For nation shall rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom, and will be castles, and pestilences, and earthquakes in various places, it is still the beginning of sorrows… And many false prophets shall rise, and shall deceive many because lawlessness in many love will grow cold… will be preached this gospel of the kingdom throughout the world for a witness unto all nations, and then the end will come „(Matthew 24:7-14). Also, in our time is the fact that we have already given an example: “The devil walks about like a roaring lion, seeking someone to devour», in other words, in our time Satan shows the greatest strength in the knowledge that he is a little bit of time, do signs and wonders, to kill people. In history there are examples of when, for example, the Buddha, Mohammed, Zoroaster (the founder of Zoroastrianism — religion of fire worship among the ancient Persians), Mani (founder of Manichaeism), etc. Spiritualism is known in various forms, some of us have said — it's voodoo Peoples of the North, the pagan religions of the peoples of Africa, Hinduism, Shintoism, etc. Many rulers and statesmen of all times kept in touch with spiritualism and were carrying mediums consultants: Israeli King Saul (XI century. BC.), Heinrich Fourth, the Emperor of Germany (1056 — 1106 gg.), Alexander I, Emperor of Russia (1801-1825 gg.), Napoleon, Adolf Hitler (he was a medium), Heinrich Himmler, Winston Churchill, British Prime Minister, Joseph Stalin (his personal medium was Wolf Messing) and many others. As you can see, a very ancient history of spiritualism, the roots of which are leading us to Eden, where Satan in the form of a serpent tempted Eve to violate the prohibition of God, assured: "… no, you will not die, but God knows that in the day ye eat thereof, open your eyes, and you will be like God, knowing good and evil "(Genesis 3:4-5).

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