How to get rid of a ghost

What to do if your house has lodged a ghost? Collect things and get out in good time? Or by declaring war anti-god essentially try to survive it with your legal territory?

Tricks of the ghost

32-year-old British millionaire Anwar Rashid bought the estate in Nottinghamshire, and settled in it with his wife and four children. On the first evening, when the family sat in the living room, they heard a knock and a man's voice, asking, «Who's there?»

The following night, my wife woke Rashid any loud noises coming from the living room. Entering the room, she found the older daughter, sitting in front of TV, called her, she ordered down the volume, but the girl did not even turn her head. Imagine the surprise and horror of a woman when he passed the bedroom daughter, she discovered that she is sleeping peacefully in her bed ...

But the final decision to move Rashid received after diapers on their youngest child has blood stains, while the body baby had no scratches. The same day, the family left a terrible house. However, experts believe that to start a ghost had to declare war.

Preparing for Battle Ghost

More than all the ghosts are afraid of the cross and the cross, holy water, blessed in church willow and salt. If you suspect that your house is something wrong, invite the priest's house and ask to bless the premises. Most likely, after this procedure, incorporeal creatures will clean home.

To expel the evil spirits come up and a ritual. Take a large flat plate or tray on it, put three white cups are sanctified in the church with salt, sugar and water. From 18 to 21 hours take a tray in his hands and go around the house (every room in it) counterclockwise. Throw in every corner of a pinch of salt and sugar, then sprinkle them with holy water. Ideally, if you do this on Friday at waning moon. Three days later, spilled salt and sugar estimates for the scoop, collect in a container, and bury somewhere in the woods or field.

Salt, sugar and holy water can be replaced with dried peas. Arrange to 21 Pea in every corner of the house, moving from the front door counterclockwise. Three days later, peas collect, keep it away from the house and burn it. The main thing that he never sprouted.

Ritual with three bulbs

Clean the three small bulbs and hang in different places of your house (apartment). For example, one in the hallway, another in the bedroom, the third in the kitchen.

Just posting them should not they like, and in a special way. Pierce the onion thick needle with red thread and tie a string loop around the bulb. As such, the onions should be hung for seven days and nights.

Then, they should be removed, put each on a separate sheet of paper, very salt and burn. And you can, linking them in a knot, throw in a river or stream and leave quickly, not looking back.

Ritual with incense and candles

Count the number of corners in the apartment, including a toilet, a bathroom and a balcony (if glazed). Buy in church incense and candles as much as counted angles. Make a well in the apartment (house) of spring cleaning, get rid of unnecessary stuff, wash floors. Fumigated with incense (windows closed) all the corners, cabinets and closets. Finally, ventilate the room.

After all the smoke from incense weathered, close all windows and vents, set up the candles purchased at the corners. If the corner is occupied by furniture, a thought a straight line from the corner and put a candle on the available space. Candles secure so that they do not fall (you can use any holders, glasses, candlesticks and even clay).

Go to the first candle, light it and say a prayer, «Our Father.»

Then go to the next bar and do the same thing, but prayers were not for show, but from the soul.

Periodically go around the apartment and make sure that the candles are not dropped and not extinguished. If this happens, check the «Our Father» three times, and only then light the candle. If the candle will fall or go out again, read the «Our Father» 9 times (3x3) and re-ignite it.

If the same candle goes out in the third time, read the prayer 27 times (9h3), then re-ignite it. Candles must not burn out to the end, leave a small candle, the size of 1-2 cm extinguish all candles with wet fingers. But in any case, do not blow on them.

Collect all the cinders in the paper, and within 24 hours of shallow bury in the ground, in the town, located in a straight line from your entrance (entrance to the house), but the distance does not matter. This ritual must spend three times, at intervals of not more than two weeks. Rite with aspen branches

To cleanse the house of ghosts and other evil spirits, the first Sunday of the month Narva aspen twigs, and on Monday the brew them in a bucket. When the water boils, read over it twelve times a conspiracy: «Mother of God, think of your house where you were born, where she lived, to rest, to get up every morning with a prayer, which was eating, where a saw, which was waiting for a sign. Bless my home in salvation, from all filthiness of damage to the disposal. Why the blood of your help, my house, Mother of God, bless. In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit. Amen. „

Then let the water cool down and wash it first window, then the door, the floor, and at the end of the threshold and porch (if any). Then change your clothes in the clothes of the same color and bring a bucket of water left after washing the intersection. On the way to the intersection silent, do not even respond to greetings friends. Pour the water and go home without looking back.

Candles and holy water

Go around all the rooms one by one. First with a candle — counterclockwise, and then, sprinkling holy water on the corners — clockwise. Pay particular attention to corners, windows, doors, mirrors and beds. Water to sprinkle only they are and the things hanging in the closet. You go around the first room — the door closes, then all the others as well. Then the kitchen, bathroom and hallway before the door slightly open (with it previously necessary to remove all the icons, amulets, etc.). Should be read with the “Our Father.»

Finished? By the same principle works with holy water. Move clockwise, do not forget mirrors, beds, doors, cabinets. Take your time, think about why you do it from the ceremony for the «tick» nothing will. After the procedure, slide the needle in the door jamb, the pre-charge it that way. Roll the needle into his hands, saying: «I charge this needle with light and love that no dark energy (neither birth nor sister, nor the alien) was not included in our family, in our house.»

A month later, the needle must be removed, wash with running water and recharged, etc.


According to popular belief, spirits, ghosts and ghosts are hostile to man. They can scare lure deprive memory by sending illness. In fact, the ghosts are rarely harmful to humans. They just live their own lives, sometimes falling into our eyes.

Extremely rare, but it happens that ghosts lived in the house, help its inhabitants. Like the houses they are the guardians of the home, or even save the lives of its inhabitants.

Muscovites Olga and Paul have long suspected that in their old apartment, which they bought two years ago, but the two of them still lives somebody else. Only this third they did not bother, life is not ruined, and generally behaved pretty well. A couple of times at night rattled cupboards, so Olga morning put the former owner (and according to neighbors, it was him) on the floor porridge with butter and a slice of bread, and at the same time asked for more to be quiet.

Since ghost behaved quietly, and when Oli and Pasha was born Arishka became even help young parents. Then shake his crib at night when tired parents can not tear my head off the pillow, you will get lost in the toy arena toss.

But once it happened at all improbable. Olya Arish in the morning went for a walk in the yard, and Pasha, who had just returned home after a night shift, put the kettle on the stove, lay down to rest, but he did not notice how sleep. The young man was awakened by the fact that a man's voice very clearly said, «Tea!». Ran to the kitchen — and on time. The water boiled away long ago, the kitchen was full of smoke and fumes. A little more and be a fire broke out… So if your home has lodged a ghost, take the time to flee and ethereal essence declare war. Try to start with his friends. Suddenly you get? ..

Most ghosts are afraid of the cross and the sign of the cross, holy water, blessed in church willow and salt.

According to popular belief, ghosts are hostile to man. In fact, the ghosts are rarely harmful to humans.

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