Pregnancy and magic

Pregnancy and magicIn ancient times, a child waiting for a woman was a period when it was thought that it was most acutely perceives magical effect. Observed multiple signs and rituals, and the woman herself was compared with a grain of wheat — which is why the wedding of young and sprinkled with wheat grains Slavs. In many cultures, and the pregnant woman ascribed magical abilities, it was believed that it is easier to find the connection with the other world.
Thus, Slovakia believed that if a tree does not bear fruit, it should be around a few times around a pregnant woman, and then the tree will fruit. The same was true of the crop as a whole — the first fruits of shooting pregnant women only, so that the crop was abundant. If one of the women could not get pregnant, she advised to bring gifts to the pregnant woman, then the probability of conceiving increased significantly, as she passed a piece of fertility.

Today, pregnancy is also paid a lot of attention, and many of the girls know the answers to a variety of issues related to the continuation of the race. So, is it possible you can get pregnant after menstruation? In general, it should be said that the very process of pregnancy is given a lot of attention — women addicted to art therapy, there is a joint program for moms and dads. Through painting and other creative woman finds harmony and good humor.

As for pregnant women to take, most of them rooted in the past. It is today we just make up the correct menu for pregnant women, choose the best products. In ancient times, food is also covered in the temple, not to harm a pregnant woman, either physically or spiritually. In addition, many rituals were aimed at the baby was born talented, smart, rich, beautiful and happy — and modern moms want the same thing.

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