In 40 years, do not celebrate birthday.. Why?

Astrologers do not like the number 40. Even afraid of it. 40 years — a very dangerous (lethal) for men age. It was during this period in men is extremely vulnerable soul.

Men at forty experiencing the severe crisis in their lives, and many do not survive it (example — mass), since 40 years — a very dangerous (lethal) for men age. It was during this period in men is extremely vulnerable soul. And with it, and the heart.

In  «tarot card» death is symbolized as number 40.

Here, in the aggregate all of the above, perhaps, lies the reluctance and even ban celebration of the 40th date of birth. So as not to attract the death and not to show it, so his lack of respect. And, to a greater extent, this prohibition applies to men.

It's in their 40 years of a crisis of the soul. In women, the crisis itself is not observed. Maybe it's because they have soul-then and there? This point of view was present in early Christianity

As long as the church fathers did not make the appropriate adjustments and did not recognize the woman being with a soul. This was done through a simple vote, as well as recognition of Jesus as God. Well, as in the times of Perestroika, say, elected director.

And there is a belief that if anything about this death figure of 40 does not know what to celebrate the 40th anniversary possible. And nothing will happen. Some notes. And nothing happens.

Still, smoke without fire. Trouble, and the truth can be self-fulfilling. Denial of the right, albeit unwritten. Opposition to their own fate, inscribed in heaven long before you were born, that is, pride. Splurge and derision over a century of experience of their ancestors. Forgetting traditions and their own paths.

The author of this 40th anniversary is not marked. As well, and other birthdays. One day is not much fun he was in those days. Or he was just busy. A couple of times he just forgot your birthday. Fifty dollars, yes, there has been a sufficient fanfare. But it was too «round» number — 50. Real birthday. Such «round» of anniversaries in the life of man only two — yes 50 100 ...

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