How to make a dreamcatcher. handmade (Photo and video)

how to make a dreamcatcherAll of us would like to see at night we visited only the good dreams, after which the morning is not scared to look into the Dream.
And for good reason, it is good sound sleep — is the key to a good life. Well, at least, pleasant dreams can guarantee us that we will wake up in the morning fresh and in good spirits.
Realize it's not that difficult. This does not necessarily have a clear conscience before going to sleep or listen to classical music. We can ask for help from Indian pagan talisman, who was called - Dreamcatcher

How to make a dream catcher. Handmade

Since ancient times, Dreamcatcher Native Americans helped draw a good, vivid and memorable dreams and removes bad dream.
Dreamcatcher must be attached at the head of the bed. Outwardly, this mascot is a spider web in the holes in the center, the threads of which are spanned by a rigid frame round. Hanging down from the frame feathers. At night, the spirits of good dreams fall into this web, slip on her thread and feathers and down to the sleeping man, giving him (her), restful sleep. And evil spirits dreams just fly by sleeping, slipping through the hole.
Best dream catcher will work if make it for yourself or a loved his hands. how to make a dream catcher shown in the diagram and video on youtube


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