The magical power of herbs

The magical power of herbsAt the present level of development of medicine can say that almost any disease can be defeated. And, if not heal completely, then live with it without experiencing severe limitations. But in the past, our ancestors were able to cope with illnesses, with the help of herbs. You can say that the knowledge about the properties of herbs — it's a secret, passed on from generation to generation.
More on why in the nature of certain plants known nymphs, and Sage, magicians, sorcerers, druids, sorcerers — at different times these people called differently. But I always come to them in situations where the needed support, healing and help. It is believed that its maximum effect herb has a full moon, and it is desirable to collect it at midnight. Some herbs are collected only with your hand, the plants should be cut with scissors, there are rituals associated with the approach to the plant with a particular party, and even talked with herbs, praised and thanked them.
Knowing what forces have plants, you can strengthen and support the health, because in the natural pharmacy is much useful for us. But we must remember that the thoughtless use of herbs will do no good, and may even do harm. It is advisable to study the professional literature, even better — seek advice from those who are familiar with herbalists and power plants is not hearsay. Wisdom of the ages — that is the power possessed by people who read old books.
And remember that the grass should be collected away from the big cities. It would be naive to assume that the city plants are at least some benefit. But the grass growing up in the woods away, soak up the natural strengths and the benefits really help cope with existing diseases, and prevent the emergence of new diseases. Herbal treatment does not require any unique abilities, but that have some knowledge still needed.

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