Magic Crystals

Magic CrystalsAmazing, truly magical properties of crystals are known to people since ancient times. Pure quartz — the most common mineral with a crystalline structure. His powerful energy is used effectively by our ancestors for more than one millennium to address many challenges. Often the quartz crystal used in spiritual practice: healing, clairvoyance, magical work, as well as shamanic journeys and meditations. If you look at the crystals, it is easy to see that they differ from each other not only in the size and degree of transparency, and the configuration. Subtle, sometimes subtle differences in the structure of each mineral gives extra, its specific qualities. Depending on the configuration of the crystals fall into the receivers, keepers, transmitters, crystals with two tops, generators, windows, friends, and the twins.
A characteristic feature of the «receiver» — there is a wide heptahedrons in the center top of the front side of the crystal and the small triangle at the top of the back. This type of crystal is used to collect and concentrate the energy within. In addition, the tool is connected to the information field through meditation or an oral or written request. «Receiver» is able to answer almost any question and to gather information related to that topic. These structures are widely used in the healing practice — they are intended to facilitate the physical suffering and eliminate negative emotions. If you are lonely and have no one to talk to, «receiver», not only listen to you, but also help to make contact with your inner spiritual teacher — a source of wisdom and love.
This type of mineral is quite rare. Crystal-«custodian» can be found in small, poorly marked with triangles on its sides. Do not waste time searching for such a crystal — it is unlikely you will be able to find it intentionally, you will notice it by accident, but at the appointed hour. It is believed that the «keepers» — a kind of book from the library of the ancient kingdom of crystalline minerals. They are securely stored secrets of the universe, they trusted the creators of life on our planet, as well as the secrets of their descendants — lemurs and Atlanta — the first inhabitants of the land. Access to information contained in these crystals can be obtained only by those who are ready for this level of spiritual development and awareness of the responsibility for their actions. But the «keeper» may help in solving the pressing problems. Attach a chip to the Ajna Chakra (the so-called «third eye») and mentally formulate your question. Concentrate and try to stop the flow of your thoughts. You must enter a meditative state with a completely open mind, free from worries, negative emotions and prejudices.
Outwardly, these crystals are reminiscent of the «receivers», but the front of the triangle formed by the explicit, on both sides of which there are two symmetrical heptahedrons. «Transmitter» is able to send your internal inquiry into the information field. First of all, clearly mark the purpose that you intend to accomplish, and then place a mental image of his desire into the crystal, putting his triangular face to the «third eye.» Then leave the «transmitter» on the day in some well-lit location on the windowsill or in the garden, moonlit (the crystal in an upright position). After 24 hours, when your message is sent, you will get the answer, again applying a triangular face of the crystal to the Ajna chakra. It is only necessary to focus and create a feeling of emptiness inside. Furthermore, the «transmitters» are used for telepathic communication and for remote treatment.
Crystals with two vertices
These crystals are formed naturally and not as a result of artificial treatment. They are excellent conductors of energy, circulating freely in any direction, and sometimes in both directions simultaneously. Crystal with two peaks — the source of harmony, which has two poles, a negative «yin» and positive «yang», united in the center. It contributes to a productive exchange of ideas and knowledge between the interlocutors, helps people find peace of mind, smoothing their internal contradictions and harmonize the environment. This type of crystals with the same success can serve and the receiver and the transmitter.
In the crystal «generator» — six triangular facets forming a vertex. Some minerals are naturally have such a structure, others acquire it through an artificial process. Both are able to successfully perform the same function. «Generator» — an excellent way to set energy and work with it: moving it, you can control the flow of energy as light a flashlight, and focus it on any object — a physical or mental body, chakras, etc. Use it if you need to clean your energy channels or harmonize the environment. This crystal is also used to recharge other minerals and magic items — such as crystal balls.
In the center of the top of this group of crystals visible «window» like a facet of the diamond. Its highest point merges with the line leading to the top of the crystal, and the lower point — with a dash directed to the base of the mineral. Diamond crystal face — a kind of window into the soul, through which you can look inside yourself and find out the secret thoughts and feelings of others. Attach a «window» of the crystal to the Ajna chakra, focus and tune in to the perception of images that arise in your mind. After a few minutes of record on paper their vision, then to analyze them. This form is also used to diagnose the aura of another person — in this case should be sent to the «window» of the crystal on the aura of your object, like a movie camera lens, and then attach it to your «third eye» and read the information.
This form is a group of crystals, accrued on a common basis. It is used for group work to solve family problems and resolve conflicts service. The presence of this crystal makes any collective work more coherently and effectively, as «friends» promotes a more balanced exchange of energy and information between people belonging to the same community. If you put «friends» on your TV or VCR, it will absorb and neutralize them coming from the negative energy.
«Twins» — are two of the crystal, like Siamese twins conjoined. Usually, one of them a little bit smaller than the other. If you want to make the relationship with the other person more productive, try one of the form above. Thanks to it you become one with your loved ones or your favorite, not losing its identity. If you have not found a «soul mate», to use the energy of the «twins» to get her (it) in my life. However, this crystal is useful not only for romantic purposes — it also helps establish family ties, a better mutual understanding between parents and children, brothers and sisters, etc.
Quartz Crystals — an effective tool to connect to the source of cosmic energy, which allows us to use it for spiritual purposes and to solve pressing problems. This is a precious gift of the universe earthlings, and we must deal with it wisely and carefully.

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