Energy Thai massage

Energy Thai massage&&Yoga massage, which is also called the energy Thai massage is a truly miraculous method, curing many diseases and riddled with high spirituality. It is a system in which an impact on all human senses. This helps to maximize relaxation and physical and psychological stress, in which modern man lives.
This spiritual practice that originated in Thailand is called «metta», which roughly translates as «the healing goodness of love.» Spiritual component of the energy of Thai massage is an integral part of and provides the full impact and benefit.
The founder of Thai massage is Shivago Komparadzha — doctor from northern India, who lived about two and a half millennia ago, and was a friend of the Buddha. In Thailand, he is revered as the «father of Thai medicine.» He created the massage can truly replace all of modern medicine.
This powerful health treatments in Thailand plays a key role in traditional medicine and can keep long young Thais. They do not know a lot of diseases prevalent in Europe. Thai women are capable of having children 50 years old and this is quite natural.
Energy Thai Massage is an ancient system that is very harmonious, simple, like all brilliant, and as an effective comprehensive approach to human. One course may consist of three sessions.
As a result, the energy of Thai massage improves blood flow to the internal organs, stimulating them to work correctly, increasing the flexibility of spine and decreases its curvature, improves blood circulation and overall tone of the muscle fibers; spasms that cause headaches and muscle pain, stimulates the lymphatic system and activated by body cleansing of toxins, strengthens the immune system, removes fatigue after exercise. This is a great massage for the body.
Another important effect, which gives the energy Thai massage — is rejuvenation of the body, which is manifested in weight loss, significant reduction of edema and cellulitis. Body experiences unusual ease, the nervous system calms down, and problems pale into insignificance. By purchasing a massage chair for your home, you can try to achieve the same effect.
Energy Thai massage — a natural method of healing and prevention without side effects after the body begins to maintain their own health. During this massage is well developed and kneading of the body, from the toes (where concentrated set of points which are responsible for the various organs and systems) and to the top of the head. Know how useful whirlpool foot baths. Their effect is also associated with exposure to these points. Duration of treatment energy Thai massage is 2-3 hours.

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