Scientists: Ancient Britons ate people, and bowls made of skulls

Scientists: Ancient Britons ate people, and bowls made of skulls&&British researchers conducted a study of ancient remains found in a cave on the island of England Gov. According to some reports, their age has 14,700 years. In this cave people lived a hundred years and left behind a huge number of human bones.

After a long and careful analysis, scientists have come to a shocking conclusion: the inhabitants of the cave were cannibals, and simply eat their own kind. This is confirmed, in particular, for which it is clear that the meat from the bones and cut, or chew, writes Maleus.

After such a dinner dice thrower just anywhere, but with the skull cut the skin, organs were removed and the jaw, and then make a bowl. The brain was eaten.

This finding makes anthropologists to revise his opinion. Previously it was thought that cannibalism occurs only in times of famine or sacrifice.

According to the publication, the cave Gough has an advantageous geographical location for hunting, but still living in it predpochtali people kill their own neighbors.

However, scientists are not in a hurry to make decisions, because this phenomenon could occur after natural death. Thus tribesmen could provide a kind of homage to deceased relatives.

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