Magic and photos. Internet danger!

Modern social networks, forums and various other portals offer communication, people often lay out for everyone to see your pictures, and sometimes children's pictures. According to many magicians, it should be done with the mind, and it is better not to show anyone pictures, especially with children.

The thing is that looking at the picture — it is a message of energy toward the person. Well, if the thoughts of looking at you or your children will be a guest on the site are good or neutral. And if the message is negative? The same goes for pictures that people put in a purse. Often we are parting with money, with regret, sadness, with other bad thoughts. If at this point we are still looking at a picture of a man, this is bad.

Do not share with anyone at all my pictures? Why, you can post your pictures, show them, but you should put the protection on pre-portrait — it was done at all times. If you put a picture or somewhere shown a photograph to someone, and then you came to the negative changes in the family, health deteriorated or something bad has happened yet, most likely, you jinxed. Must appeal to the magician, so he took the induced damage or put the evil eye.

It should be neat and with torn photographs. Pictures that were broken or worn out, you can not throw away. This behavior may cause a rift in the family or illness of a loved people. It is better to put all the unwanted pictures in an envelope and put them in a secluded place. If you are photographed in the studio, if possible take away the negatives — so you will save from possible problems.

Look at all the pictures yourself with kindness, tenderness, love, wishing the people depicted on them, only good and well-being. Do not pick the photo, if separated, say, a former boyfriend or girlfriend — you mess up and your energy too.

You can help my family and loved ones on the picture, even if you are away from them. Do you have a wedding photo book, and your husband went on a business trip? Help him support — look at a loved one, send in his direction positive energy, think about what you want to protect it from various ills and tribulations — and it's really all right. The same can be said in the case when one of the family is ill — often see photos sick people, I wish them healing and strength.

Looking through the mock wedding book, try to choose the option that you particularly pleasant. On with what emotions you'll later see pictures, much depends. If your home has old photos or images of people who dislike you, proceed as follows. First, add up all the pictures in a pile, face down, remove them for six months in a dark place, and then burn it. So you interrupt us — visible and invisible — to people who for whatever reason do not wish to see.

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