How to make a magic rituals. How to invent new magic rituals. How to create and invent new spells. and magic ritual

how to create  magic ritual. how to create new love spell. how to invent magic ritual and spells. how to make magic rituals Probably will not find such a person, who at least once in his life did not succumb to the temptation to use magic rituals in order to ward off misfortune, attract good luck into your life or love. Are we rolling in salt over my shoulder, reading a spell book from Grandma, or use the techniques of Feng Shui, magic rituals only work because we believe in them.

And faith is built on the experience of previous generations, an authoritative source or general knowledge that in this case it helps okkultcheskaya such and such «gadgets». No less, and sometimes much more efficient to create magical rituals and spells, and today I will tell you how to do it.

With great pleasure I read the book now, «Fireworks Magic» Russian. Written in the genre of the novel, it tells the story of how each of us can become a real wizard. Not least in this process is the creation of absurd mashicheskih rituals and spells to achieve specific goals. How can work obviously absurd rituals, you ask?

Very simple — absurd releases huge amounts of energy it takes for people to maintain systems and patterns that form the usual picture of the world. Imagine that all the energy that you have spent a lifetime in the confirmation of the postulates of the money and wealth («money given to those who have a lot of work», «wealth does not fall down,» etc.), in an instant released and sent to attract those same currency. It turns sickly (better word not found) message into the universe, to which she responds immediately.

Furthermore, the authors believe the laughter of the strongest energies along with love. If, during a magical ritual you will strengthen his power of laughter, a successful outcome will be unique. The question remains — what to do with rational thinking, which refuses to believe in the effectiveness of our own making imaginary ritual?

The book offers an ingenious solution — to justify (logically, historically, esoterically — somehow) why this ritual works. In a world of so many stupid things in the past turned to recognized laws and standards, and the trick — a convincing justification, which seems logical rational mind, that is, fit a familiar sight in the world.

So here are some tips on how to create magical rituals and spells

 Believe in magic. And to question the familiar picture of the world. Acknowledge the possibility that it is — only one of the parallel universes, or that you, as the co-creator (because you are an extension of the Creator), you can propose new laws and establish a new order of things.

Fire up the intention to achieve a desired, to get what you deserve. This can be done through meditation, energy, dancing, chanting, or any other way you enjoyable. Feel the energy intention rages in you — it means you are ready.

Disconnect the rational part of the mind and think of any ritual you like. Mandatory ingredient — is absurd, the more, the better. Repeat the ritual, if you think it necessary, as many times as you wish.

Create a foundation and never doubt it

In order to demonstrate the application of this magical art, I sincerely give to you the author ritual to attract wealth.

Karmically charged ritual to attract money life for up to three people

We need:

Large bag or sack (one for each participant).

Old potatoes, always sprouted — the more, the better.

Trifle with homemade rattles inside (suitable ordinary tin cans filled with coins).


Rubber or any other old boots as possible stupid.

Clothes gold or green.

Participants of a fire ritual, pre dressed in boots and clothing appropriate color, the head should be covered with a scarf or hat. Kneel around the fire, his hands joined at the chest, the head inclining to the hands. Middle fingers of folded hands to rub his nose in a clockwise direction 33 times. Then participants will change position — standing on his left knee, stretches out his hands to the sky, with folded hands cup. Meditative swaying from side to side, begins to sing:

Golden rain, step down on me

Accept this sacrifice in the heat of the fire

Let stick to me like a cat's fur silk

Jewelry, money, bank notes and coins crispy ringing

Repeat three times.

Participants then change the knee (standing on the left), and, turning to his neighbor on the left, sent both hands with fingers spread wide for him. Loudly chanting:

I'm sending you the energy of fire,

Money let God love you,

Will grant you his affection, love,

Bestow wealth, income tripled,

Loans disappear, debts are gone,

A new acquisitions river will flow

Repeat three times.

Then rise from his knees, dancing wild dances around the fire, uttering guttural sounds and ringing bells until strong enough. Rest two minutes, take the cooked bags, fill them with potatoes, dig holes and bury the bag, saying:

Grow, grow, my wealth, grow new energy, my money tree, filled with life, my cash flow. From now and forever my income grow. Amen.

The place where the buried bag, you need to spit it once, then once spit in the fire. Remove boots, spit on the sole of the right and grind the second. Wear boots back and put out the fire with sand.

Justification ritual

Fiery energy is the energy of old money in different cultures. The first mention of golden rain are to the 3rd century BC, and, according to experts, in the ancient language of the Capuchin civilization of the word «fire» and «gold» are designated by the same word.

Cash  worship God in all corners of the Earth. In settlements where the practice of worshiping at home made paint with gold paint, especially the threshold. Once a month, all the villagers smear gold paint and dance around the fire, in order to please his God.

It is proved that the number of 3 and 33 is directly related to the energy of money and are used to attract wealth ritaulah most powerful spellcaster and sorcerers. Green represents the color of money around the world, and the number 3 and the letter S is identical in spelling, so put on a green good for the well-being in everyday life, regardless of the ritual.

In some civilizations potatoes used instead of money, was a universal currency, because of its prevalence. Ancient Valeriytsy Do not leave home without a few potatoes in their pockets. Especially valuable for attracting money sprouted potatoes, as it sprouts new wealth, the fact is, they are green.  potato plants called money trees and protected with the utmost care.

This ritual reinforces burn energy on energy meridians, channels perfectly clears cash even for those who have them badly clogged. To build links with the cosmos, activated internal Wealth and Success Center, which is located in the coccyx. After the ritual can rub tailbone one of the coins, which were in a rattle — thanks to the fact that the coins were karmically charged, they will give more money energy coccyx.

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