Hunting for a bachelor: methods and rules

 What is covered by this strange and common word — «The Bachelor»? This is a man who loves women and freedom at the same time, he can not stand when it is put before any choice.
Bachelor — quite a capable man who learns about family matters at work when his colleagues are raising money for the next wedding gift. After a bachelor himself can prepare their own lunch, so the girls he equates fishing or football.
Singles can be divided into several categories:
1. These are men who were not married and do not know what a family is. Marriage for them — the worst thing that can happen in life.
2. Men who were «banded» and now more than anything else afraid of serious relationships.
3. Researchers. They constantly check whether there can be life after the wedding. They get married and divorced, then re-married and divorced again, and so on to infinity.
4. Mama's son. You can take all of the most disgusting of the three previous categories and apply here also mum. For such a man is not what you do not want to get married to him, even a visit to go undesirable.
How is hunting for a bachelor? Most importantly — be careful. Do not make any sudden movements, and in any case not to have conversations about children or marriage. Respect its independence. Never call first, let him do it himself, is also not forget that the more a woman is indifferent to the man, the more a man will be sprayed. When he called, agree to a meeting and do your best to make this meeting was memorable. You have to become indispensable to him and share his enthusiasm.
Finally, when the «lone wolf» tamed: he calls, let the guests and do not lose interest, you can take matters into their own hands, according to
Be for him indispensable. Whatever may have been an independent man, he still needs to clean socks and a delicious lunch.

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