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magical instruments&&Instrumentation witches

There are a number that is used by magicians and sorcerers for centuries. These items are simple enough, but finding it will not be just magical. First, there are a number of specialist shops that supply this product category. For those who love exclusive things, you can pick up something on the virtual shelves of online stores, many of which are also on the network.
In any case, buying such items, you need to rely on their own experience. Things have to like you yourself, which will help make the process of divination and rituals more effective. Each item should be based on a certain predisposition. Candles should not be used and stored haphazardly. It is best to have some boxes to store this kind of ritual objects.

So, here we go:

1. Candles. This is the most important symbol of magic and one of the main attributes of any ritual. The candles symbolize the fire and on the provision of its energy, it has a huge number of sources of receipt. Enough to give one prosaic example: If you wonder, the cards require your inner energy to find the forecast for the future. This inevitably will damage your health. To save their energy will be enough to light a candle, then cards will now draw energy from it. And your status will remain untouched.
2. Incense. The amazing feature of this magical attribute that allows the smell of incense witch build their own associations. This, in turn, makes it possible to do amazing aerial «cocktail» of different percent air and incense. Thus, during a series of rituals, using the same spices, witch is set to vibrate the air, the concentration of power and stores the information. As such, during the second smell of incense create it instantly change it to the correct side. Incense are amazingly relaxing effect, allowing it to always be in high spirits.
3. Candlesticks witch chooses their aesthetic taste.

4. Bowl. This course is intended for the use of ritual drinks. It may also take the form of a cup.

5. Book of Shadows. This record book any witch. Here fit spells and secret rites that have been experienced by the work it. All the decoration of the book is in full ministry witch. It can paste in a variety of applications or other images. The main rule — all the spells in it, should be clearly written, so that later the book can be passed to descendants.

6. Athame. This is a magical knife that is used during rituals. Can not be used for domestic purposes — its purpose is purely magical rite. Atam acquired for a purpose. It can not get from other people. It must be new. In the handle knife will meet your energy, so Atam stored out of reach of other people's place. Athame should have some degree of protection from the environment: the fabric and the casket. Nobody needs to see, as Atama accumulates all the main force witches.

7. Pentacle is used for decoration of the altar during the ritual. Even when it stays in the sanctuary. It can be made of stone, metal or wood.

8. Censer. This is a special bowl of aromatic cones. Must have fireproof properties.

9. Bolin. It is rather a handy device that cut flowers, plants and cut food. Ritual functions Bolin does not.

10. Candle God or Goddess. She lit to draw attention to the definition of a deity. This candle should be different from all the others. It should be beautiful and pleasant smell.

11. Altar. A table or any other attribute of furniture, the surface of which is a ritual sacrament. Altar cloth can be served to spark from matches and wax from the candles have not spoiled table cover.

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