Magic in japanese. Japanese magic

Serious, above beliefs magic began in Japan with the arrival there monk Kukai, who brought Buddhism butterfly «Chinese Silkworm,» and with it the concept of «anmiedzhi» that is «a-me-up» by the Chinese — Buddhist greeting «and -mi-to-fo „-“ good Buddhist teaching „“ Yogi „-“ Yoga », but ...
«Anmiyodji» — had lived in the palaces of rulers, giving them advice, and so synchronized with the Japanese spiritual culture, which became
not bad magicians.
A yoga as such — not much was left clear, the Japanese, whose spirit has been traditionally consumed «Art Gala mortification.»
Silk, presented to the Emperor a monk who has broken and the basic laws of China, and the basic rules of Buddhism — gave him the right to build a monastery, and to organize some kind of military monks, whose art was soon clan.
Removal of cocoons from China prosecuted and punished with death anyone found out about it, and the use of force — in orthodox Buddhism — Kara — contempt. /
The main action, perhaps as magical — in Japan — a — face.
The main character of magical effect consistent, specifically images, and correct implementation of the five-pointed star in a circle, the sequence of construction of which — had — different destination.
None of the appointments could not use those who use the «Black / in Japanese — evil» / magic, because:
star, in any of its Inscription — abrogate — dead.
Made his mark on the paper, special preparation, which developed — in a well-defined shape, for better nebylo written.
The stars is East Dragon, Tiger South, West Phoenix, North Turtle, Golden Dragon… but, people, can not use the power of the last character, that is — can only Supreme Being.
From the point of view of the Japanese tradition, still alive, evil people can become obsessed with malice half-devil, that is — «namanari» temporarily acquiring other skills — it is harmful, but it is subject to magicians.
Paper, it is — after the mark — the second special object Japanese magic, and the third — the sound.
The most accurate and simple Japanese spell — is — a person's name, and the most defining repository of power — the human heart.
For example — Reiki — the art of folding paper — becoming man — close to death, as it gave an opportunity to express their disorder — dead, but… good spirits, ready to take in asking.
According to old — Japanese concept — a person can redirect his life. A paper sign — in which something is embedded — flew to the particle life.
Well — each, his own!
The main thing is to know that — really deserves praise and attention in the Japanese magic, so it is — the division of the world — not 4 as the Chinese / not true / and 5-way impact on the world of man.
Japanese magicians — say: «Sun — Golden Phoenix — hardly ever fly in the middle of the sky, and wakes up, not where sleep!» ...
Using the forces of nature in their real form — until now — has been the secret of Japanese Magicians.
«The greatest power in the world — the sun, and to ignore their ignorant to it — the relationship», said Japanese Magee.
«Nothing can be done correctly, and understand smart-without knowing it!»
Depending of what the Japanese has to do, or he will work, or is not.
«Even with the fire — you can not light the water,» they say, but — «water can be sent, or the wind chill: frozen-water island, and who left the wind — will be back with death if he did not warm up!»
The Japanese know that the sun and the moon — «I have two empty and two full, attracting third.»
South, North, East, West… and somewhere in between — The path of the sun, the control, the fifth summit of Japanese star Mages.
Moon — the symbol of bitter spirits in Japan, but the — the sun — is stronger.
«Oh, evil spirits, plunge into a sea of blood and sorrow, take your strength and let / asshole / replace it with life and spirit-bones as great gifts!» — Begins any evil spell in Japan ...
Reasonably observed that — only a weak, brutalized and broken spirit, alive or dead, having lost its natural essence — can get strength from their own people suffering.
The Japanese magicians — is — a place of evil spirits — neither life nor death, where they — live, until someone saint give them the opportunity to forgive and to calm down. They are many and we have, and they can be — to use if you do not care — the result.
For — the Japanese have confidence that sooner or later — for each of the prodigal spirit — his holy will.
And second-confidence — / also correct / that if someone was buried, the one who disturbed — as a result, suffer.
That is right, it is better to use the corpses — not buried, more profitable — for example — kill predatory animals than the cemetery.
The most powerful force on the spirit, as a rule — is an unbiased subject, and it should be a spirit, who spoke during the life force.
For example, I am studying the issue — once, on the beach — found the root of cedar, which has preserved the power, and then — pulled back, attracted quiet splendor — the spirit of great dying Keith Power.
Cedar — sounds, and when it is tapped her, you can make a man — to cry, laugh, and well, many other things I do not.
The best part about this, that the sea — washed soul cedar and wood — has not taken the soul of China.

Ninzyutsu like magic

Ninzyutsu like magic
In time, European early Middle Ages, in Japan — also occurred the State, and as always, the recalcitrance — died.
In the highlands, using the way of life, which can be called the most primitive community — lived people who only need contact with the outside world.
The war has affected him and, being a small but probably vindictive and faithful to his ideals — this people, in fighting invaders — to apply what has been called the art of the ninja.
Children ninja brutally trained from childhood, and about their actions — there are many legends, but… ninzyutsu — it's magic. Original, but — effective use.
Ninja used almost the same tools to influence their own psyche as say — Latin American Magicians, but — a bit for other purposes, and at least one school of ninja, is ritual «lifetime of death.»
This ritual — used for invocation of state cruelty, which extends to themselves and to others.
Of course, Hispanic, or tantrics indie apply it — each in its own way, and ninja and even more so.
Essence — this ritual is that if a ninja is dead, and I am sure this is — a hundred strange death of him, or his existence! Remains — only the Code!
And let them ninja carefully and diligently live as they want, but for us valuable is that they are the ones who kept the concept of the «wise» — a gesture of mind, speaking in Ukrainian, of those who came to the knowledge of the Aryans.
For example, Indians — Save — yourself «signs» and their name, like many other words in Sanskrit, have meaning and sound identity of the Ukrainian.
I'm not sure that this can not understand modern Ukrainians, but — as gopak combat training — they — have saved.
All kinds of theories that do not make the Indians to justify the imperative tradition — to keep the value of the «wise», up to the fact that this is a sign language that speaks ~ woman, dancing with a man!
Indians — did not understand why this is a dancer, and why on a precise study of gestures — insists the tradition, and why — there-translation!
And because it is depicted in ancient drawings, and so it is said that it is necessary to perform a dance in front of one or another embodiment of a god, then / is a power center / muddled in people — stupid tradition, preserved better knowledge commented ignorant!
Without exception, the «wise» control state lotus re sending if necessary — «breakdown», and those old «wise» — recipes, and sometimes — the messages descendants.
So, though in an irregular form, and for quite prosaic purposes — / as, for example — the murder / ninja used, wise to temporarily turn «wonderful opportunity», most often — for — «acceleration», which can make and Latin American Magicians.
Ninzyutsu gestures — are well known, but be aware that many of them, when used correctly, keep a large impact force.
At ninja — is a flower, like a red «peon.» Regarding the different compounds of fingers, then they send the «edge of petals.»
Different clans ninja secrets, their greater, more schools, and in the beginning there were «ninja — Igi» and «ninja Kogi.» Igi ninja / Iga clan / more prone to Buddhist rules are not Japanese style, though from this ninja foolish to wait for the truth, because he does not say it himself!
Recently there was the literature on «white ninja» with the approval of their Aryan origin. Even described
The movement of «Spider,» «the boat,» and so forth, but this technique was used, and some clans of samurai and ninja, and even more so — are adopting, what is effective.
The biggest «magic» ninja in our time — film advertising.

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