Computer and mysticism

computer  spells magic PSComputer and mysticismOne day, &i while walking on the internet, I accidentally wandered into the forum topic of conversation that I found interesting. It was called «Computer and mysticism.» It was about the unusual computer «glitches» that can not be explained simply by system errors, or other «real» factors.Strange, but the systematic failures of our computers have served as a pretext for countless jokes, and just smiles, but so far so no one has attempted to study the problem seriously. But the problem is serious.That's one kind of mysterious «glitches» that happened to my computer:I have often written by people who need magical assistance. and my computer refuses to send letters to some people (even if I write a letter to them hou) — erased when sending text, pictures are not affiliated to the letter, the letter can not be sent… this happens very rarely. I noticed a feature-my computer does not like those people — who are skeptical of my work, question or want to hurt me (= want to get something from me for free). so my computer protects me from unwanted clients.That such was not my computer whim.Each of these many «glitches» can be easily explained by purely technical reasons, but that's strange, they all appeared at the moment of defeat the computer.And by the way, not only I noticed in the behavior of the computer human.Some programmers, for example, even in jest begin to divide them on computers — PCs & boys — girls.And why not? Indeed, many have noticed that each computer has their favorite and favorite users.For example, here are two stories from the same forum«My computer does not like his father. As soon as the father sits at the computer, it starts to produce glitches, the letter does not print, then locked in the worst possible time.Father bought a computer at all, but when I arrived, he updated it and I sit at the computer for days.His father had even swore to me about the fact that the keyboard does not print.I tried to explain the fact that the battery can run out or is bad, press the keys, but when I sit down, the computer is working properly.The truth is my computer mouse is spoiled… cursor periodically goes to the left, although I do not touch the mouse. I even cut off his arm, but he is moving in the direction of icons with toys. „&the second story from the forum:“Speaking of that» computers are alive. " Now convinced that this is so. My colleague prints the invoice to the printer. First he climbed up on her page, but she redrafted. Then she repeated the procedure and what do you think? Print only half of the invoice, the rest of the text disappeared. She asks me for help. I sit down at the computer and repeat exactly her actions. Account printed without problems. I also noticed that he heard it at all bad, sometimes the Internet works, although all the local network everything is fine at this point, and again when I sit down for him all right. But sometimes he is naughty and I have, and if I'm mad at him, everything is getting worse reboot after the reset. And if I went to him is willing to help, it works like a charm. Well, not a mystic? "There are other amazing stories about what a face like an ordinary computer users, as well as seasoned «developers», they can be listed indefinitely.And if these stories can be explained by a «conflict of fields or radiation» user and the computer, with our next story this will not work. this is another caseThis story is told also visit this forum:«To the mystic skeptical. I do not presume to deny anything, but for the truth and to take all the stories I will not. First try to find a reasonable explanation.At home I have a much more powerful desktop computer, and on that day I took work home. I have been designing structures, and large projects drawing on my work computer much brake. This day was different. It was the birthday of my wife. She died six years ago from cancer. I left my home computer on in the morning and went to the cemetery. I live in an apartment with a six-year-old daughter, but that day I left her daughter in-law. More access to my apartment does not have one.So, I came back three hours later and sat down to work. The first thing I saw on the screen — is that the mouse cursor as it lives its life. Mouse running across the screen itself, copies are available on the desktop shortcuts. My first thought — a virus. In Task Manager, no new processes were found. Launch System Restore a week ago. Mouse as running, and running, but if I move — my movements for her higher priority. But it is necessary to leave for a second — is itself running. So, I thought, a serious virus. It is necessary to update the operating system, format the drive and install the new operating system. I forgot to tell you. I have remote mouse on the battery. removal system — a serious matter, and before this, I once again decided to restart the computer. And that's what I noticed. At the receiver of radio signals from the mouse has a green light. It burns at a time when I move the mouse or buttons I press on it. So during a reboot, even when the screen displays test messages BIOS, and the hard drive was not in the business, the green light was blinking, as if someone moves the mouse. I realized that the virus is not being. All the matter in the mouse. At the receiver signals mouse has a frequency converter. Pereschelknul I did, blinking stops, but the receiver and the mouse stops responding. Logical, since the switch only on the receiver and the mouse emits at the same frequency. Switch back — same thing happened. Again runs itself, and light flashes. I note that there is nothing wrong with the mouse does not. Copy, move files, but not deleted. Nevertheless, I believe these actions are reasonable grounds I have not. Or the mouse itself is faulty, or somewhere nearby include a source of radio waves at a frequency of the mouse. And then I had an idea: instead of my wife it me tell? In an instant it was over. No matter how I tried to trigger this process did not work. Mouse listen to me and only me. A month has passed — nothing like that happen again. How can you explain this — I do not know. „That's the story. Maybe there are people who know about computers on so well that they can explain the fact of unauthorized cursor purely technical reasons, without resorting to mysticism, but that spontaneous termination of this “glitch» at a time when the user is reminded of his dead wife to explain without the help of mysticism is more difficultCan the relationship of mysticism and computer? If so, how? Where and why?Perhaps the computer — it is not only a window to the virtual world, but at the confluence of certain circumstances he can for a moment and opened the window to other worlds. For if the many already agree that the spoken word is a force, then certainly, and the «words» and «phrases» in the computer memory as accurately can have an impact of the virtual world to our very real and tangible world. But, in that case, why are the same cause can cause interaction and thin-worlds, where they can live and souls of the dead and the unborn people? Why the virtual world, turning a huge radar, can not provide a link to the past of the future?And then the story I heard a few years ago about how people on the Internet have received letters from the future does not look such a fantastic.

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