In Japan, Islam under a ban

Did you know that Islam and Muslims in Japan are banned?
To keep their traditions and customs Japanese authorities are using all possible legal and social forms to combat the spread of alien religions for them.&Nobody, probably not read on the Internet or the newspaper that some Arab sheik visited Japan. Try to remember ...
 Okay, do not try. Was not such. And here is why.
A Muslim will never get citizenship in Japan. Japan — the only country that does not give the nationality of the Muslims. Arguing will not work. The law is the law.
Muslims are not allowed to continuously within the territory of Japan.
Attempt to spread Islam — a criminal offense. For this you can go to jail for a long time.
In Japan, there are no schools that teach Arabic.
Koran — banned books. Can not import it. Available only to «adapted» version in Japanese.
Observance of ceremonies allowed in enclosed areas. If they see the usual rituals of the Japanese Muslim jail.
Speak Arabic is strictly prohibited.
Japan has virtually no embassies in Arab countries.
Islam in Japan professes 0.00% Japanese.
Came to work in Japan Muslim has the right to work only in a foreign company. Ie Japanese companies do not employ people professing Islam.
Visas to Japan Muslims give very rare. Even renowned doctors, scientists professing Islam can not get a visa to Japan.
Employment contracts often stipulate that the employer has no explanation has the right to dismiss an employee if he knew about his Islamic faith
Muslims are forbidden to rent a house in Japan, not to mention the purchase of the property.
Translation of technical documents from Japanese to Arabic customers engaged non-Japanese company
Muslims are treated like outcasts. If anyone in the area — a Muslim to him the entire district will be treated as criminals.
On the opening of Islamic schools can not even be discussed.
Japan does not accept the laws of Sharia.
Japanese woman found guilty in connection with a Muslim becomes an outcast of society.
And they spit on all sorts of Japanese, European and American calls to them about the openness and tolerance!

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