10 facts about the executioners

1. The traditional headdress executioner is fiction. In fact, the executioners did not hide their faces. Exception is the only penalty of some medieval kings.

2. The executioner had the right to hold the wedding.

3. The executioner had income from executed. At first, he was allowed to take only what is below the belt, then they were entitled to all the clothes of convicts.

4. The executioner had the right to take on the markets food waste. This right was granted to it to get the food that could not buy as many refused to accept money from the hands of the executioner.

5. Executioner in the Middle Ages could do exorcism (exorcism procedure, inspiring person). The fact that one of the surest ways to drive out the evil spirit had taken possession of the body, consider torture. Causing pain to the body, as if people were tortured demon, forcing him to leave the body.

6. In the church, the executioner had to stand behind everyone at the door and come to the communion last.

7. In France, there were also women executioners. In the order of St. Louis from 1264 said that «the one who cursed or acted against the law, according to the judges' decision will be flogged with rods person's sex, namely: a man — a man and a woman — a woman, without the presence of men.»

8. If the executioner retirement, he was obliged to propose a candidate for city office.

9. According to their position in society executioner was close to the lower strata of society such as prostitutes and actors. Even casual contact with the executioner did not like people.

10. Executioner often provided services to citizens. He sold parts of corpses and drugs made from them, as well as various details pertaining to death. Things like the «hand of glory» (hand, severed the offender) and a piece of rope, which was hanged criminal, often mentioned in various books on magic and alchemy.

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