Transformation into an animal or bird

Let us note that today, when the ancient gods banished from the world, to achieve complete conversion of an animal can only very few wizards and witches who have reached the highest peaks of sorcery skills.

Thus, a novice magician will hardly be able to become, for example, a bird that is to significantly reduce the size of his body, gathering down and feathers, spread your wings and fly. However, every magician and witch is the possibility of partial transformation into animals and birds on the methyl level.
Here's how to exercise your mental transformation wizards from Central America. First of all, a wizard takes off his clothes, because birds do not have clothes, then stands in the center outlined in the land of the magic circle, as the birds live in the center of the global ring. Next wizard puts on his body magic signs in sequence. One of the important components of the ritual — the magic drug, which takes a wizard inside. In chemical composition drug is very strong psychostimulant.

Generally American magicians very reluctant to reveal their secrets. According to descriptions of the Europeans who have experienced the effects of this ritual, the person actually experiencing unusual sensations. His vision is changing, he sees around him, as the bird is able to «turn down» in a circle, much higher than the human potential. The body is small, light, almost weightless. If a strong movement of hands «bird» takes to the skies. The most interesting thing in the ritual of transformation that, for documentary data, converts Indian occultism make long «journey» and described the real people, objects, details of landscapes, is at a great distance from their physical body. Thus, the ritual of transformation has not only the initiation but also practical: with the help of the magician is able to find out about events happening far away, while remaining completely transparent to the people.

Our ancestors practiced turning into animals and birds. Evidence of this can be Slavic folk tales. Warlocks were able to easily turn into a wolf, a falcon or hawk, rabbit, etc. Mandatory it was also the use of magical potions.

You can not say with certainty whether the practice of modern magicians ritual transformation, as it is their «professional» secret. But independent practice in this regard it is unlikely to recommend to fans as stimulants used in the ritual, depending on their chemical composition, can cause persistent addiction, overdose and their — sometimes fatal.

Scientists, skeptics believe that the whole point of the ritual is to turn psychoactive effect of allowing a person to «see» a lot of the ordinary. However, the so-called witches «archaic» peoples steadfastly stuck to their very ancient tradition, suggesting that some of the physical value of the ritual of transformation.

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