Sensation Atlantean Found Near Cuba on the ocean floor lies a giant city

As stated by two scientists, Paul Weinzweig and Paulina Zalitsky using robotic submarines found in part of the city they have found several sphinxes, pyramids and 4 other buildings. Studies of the ocean floor off the coast of Cuba with the help of a deep-sea robot confirmed that at the very bottom of the Bermuda triangle is a city of gigantic proportions.
According to the researchers, discovered under water off the coast of Cuba the ruins of the ancient city is 600 feet below sea level. Scientists believe that Atlantis more than 10,000 years.
In the center of the flooded city, there are several sculptures of sphinxes and at least four giant pyramids. Scientists at the bottom of oceanog a huge layer of mud and plants have also been found sculptures and buildings of unknown purpose.

According to the journalist Luis Fernandez Mariana, it was discovered several decades ago, but access to it was blocked because of the Cuban missile crisis.
"The U.S. government has received evidence of the existence of the underwater city during the Cuban missile crisis in the 60-ies of the last century. Nuclear submarine then moved into the Gulf stream deep sea, where they found the structure of the pyramids. They immediately took a place under your control, so it was not in the hands of the Soviet Union"

Based on the report about diving and exploring the bottom in the center of the Bermuda triangle - Terra Formation of the Cuban underwater pyramids, testify to the fact that this place was once a huge metropolis, which was destroyed as a result of sea-level rise and catastrophically earthquake. Which fully corresponds with the legend of Atlantis.
Evidence that the island of Cuba could be part of a once powerful culture results in a scientific Paulina Zalitsky

It showcases the engraved symbols and icons on the pyramid, and they have similarities with ancient ornament which is found on the heart of the Cuban island.Using deep-sea equipment, scientists have discovered a pyramid, similar in shape but larger than Giza in Egypt. They estimated that the underwater pyramid is composed also of the very heavy stones, weighing several hundred tons. Incredibly, the ancient city also has magnificent sphinxes and "stones which are arranged like Stonehenge", with writings in an unknown language engraved on the stones," reports Fernandez.Another huge pyramid, which looks like the crystal was originally opened in 1960, the French doctor who led the expedition divers from France and America. This pyramid larger than the Great pyramid of Cheops in Egypt.

"These new evidence in favor of the opening of the lost sunken Atlantis can change human history," - said the journalist.
As experts believe, a disaster that led to the death Superintelligent civilization might have happened at the end of the last Ice age. Then the sea level was nearly 400 feet below the current level.
Scientists suggest that the technology of the ancient civilization of Atlantis, far superior to ours. We can only guess why such a high technology and unique knowledge couldn't save from death a great civilization.
The study of Atlantis, called project Exploramar, will continue to get to know better the secrets of an ancient mega-city.

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