White Magic learning

white magic learningIf you read that your path — white magic learning can help you. But before taking up learning, decide for yourself what you want to achieve, whether you have hidden talents in magic, and in what areas they are. The whole thing depends on ways of training, selection of teachers, and more. If you have a strong defense in the form of a cocoon, shielded from the magical manifestations, it should be developed.
 White magic learning is only voluntary. Typically, the training of white magic is reduced to rote incantations and prayers, where the teacher acts as an intermediary between the higher powers. In magic is especially important to learn to think, to consider the situation from all sides, to think through the consequences of decisions and then act. Always think about the possible consequences of your spells, and do not forget that you alone are responsible for the consequences. Before making a ritual, offer several options.
One of the fundamentals of magic — it is a struggle with fear. If you feel fear, then it is used against you, and you just simply lose. But it is necessary to distinguish the feeling of fear from a sense of danger. The sense of danger, as a rule, mobilizes and calls to action, while the fear paralyzes. So try to find out why and what you are afraid. Be sure to start to train yourself and take away fear. After all, the magician must be ready to operate in any environment.
Very important is the magic and retrieval, which is everywhere. The key to this — a branch of the truth. Conduct analysis of all that you see and note that most books related to magic, not written for your learning and for fame and profit. Therefore, your task — to evade traps, searching with a grain of truth. Read as much as possible — this will help develop your skills.
Another important detail in magic — is energy. Its source is the vibrations and resonances. And if you are going to use any spell that use a large amount of energy, or you feel a lack of energy after the magic classes, you need to learn how to replenish energy reserves. You can just drink something or eat — sometimes even a little can save your life from energy depletion. The main problem is that for the assimilation of energy from food takes a long time. Therefore it is better to take the energy from the water, metal, air, fire, earth, and other substances. How does this happen? You have to sort of become one with the object, and full of energy, to break with him. But keep in mind that you can merge with the object too much, hurting the your identity or destroying the object, taking him too much power.
But in animals and people take energy is not necessary — you risk becoming an energy vampire. Another one of the strongest sources of energy — strong feelings — love, hate, etc. But with this, be careful — you can burn yourself out.

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