Eclipse and magic

Sun — is our spirit, mind, strength of will, voluntary actions, creative energy. Symbolizes the father, a husband for a woman, the man himself, his life energy.

The moon is responsible for intuition, subconscious feeling unconscious behavior, symbolizes the mother, maternal instincts, fertility, life, family, wife to a man, real estate.

Period eclipses extremely unfavorable for any actions and initiatives. But if action is linked to the spiritual life of man, to the service of God, the eclipse can and should be used for spiritual practice. May even need to read or listen to the prayers of church music, religious chants.

At a time when the sun suddenly interrupted, darkness descends to earth, both literally and in the sense that the «absolute evil» comes into its own. At this point, people, animals and all living things experience great suffering, consciousness and logic does not work, the brain, as if he is experiencing an eclipse. Exercised poor judgment, intuition does not start and does not help in difficult situations. Any life-threatening events are perceived.

According to Vedic Astrology should follow certain rules during solar and lunar eclipses:

On the day of the eclipse prayer should be read (all what you know), mantras, books on spiritual development, to meditate is in the water (take a bath, take a dip in the sea, river), and to fumigate the room in which are (please be sticks in advance). Never look at the eclipse itself. It is advisable to be at the time of the eclipse in the room. If you are on a trip, in the very moment of the sun or moon zatmevaniya (check in advance the eclipse in your area) go into the room, or park your car sit for 5-10 minutes, stop the thought, mentally forgive those who have offended you, mentally as ask for forgiveness from those to whom you feel guilty. It is not recommended to eat 3 hours before and after the eclipse. Do not make transactions, all financial matters postponed to the next day, it is also desirable to do major shopping. Never a day eclipses carry out any operations on the body. Avoid places with large concentrations of people. You can begin to «throw» smoke and work with addictions.

The influence of the eclipse in person begins to show 2 weeks before the exact moment of the eclipse and 2 weeks after. This is especially felt by the people in the age exacerbated disease, poor health makes to limit their activity and to pay more attention to nutrition. Particularly affected are meteorologically dependent people.

Pregnant women are not allowed to go out during a solar or lunar eclipses, it is fraught with the appearance of abnormalities in the fetus. Moon — light that is very close to us. The sun gives energy (masculine), and the Moon absorbs (feminine). When two lights are at the same point during the eclipse, their energy has a strong effect on people. In the body, there is a powerful system load regulation. Especially bad health day eclipse those with cardiovascular abnormalities, high blood pressure. Misbehaving will also feel the people who are now undergoing medical treatment.

Even doctors advise a day eclipse is better not to engage in activity — actions to be inadequate and more error-prone. They are advised to sit out the day. To avoid the discomfort of health, it is recommended in the day to take a contrast shower (which, by the way, it is good to take not only during a solar eclipse, and the regular, every day). Morning to finish dousing with cold water, it tones up the evening — warm.

In 1954, the French economist Maurice Allais, watching the movements of the pendulum, said that during a solar eclipse, he began to move faster than normal. This phenomenon is called the Allais effect, but could not organize it. Today, new studies of the Dutch scientist Chris Duifa confirm this phenomenon, but to explain it until you can. The fact that the eclipse influence people found astrophysicist Nikolai Kozyrev. He says that during the time of eclipse transformed.

The consequences of the eclipse in the powerful earthquake or other natural disaster is very possible during the week before or after any eclipse. In addition, the possible instability in the economy for a few weeks after the eclipse. In any case, eclipses bring changes in society.

During a lunar eclipse, mind, thinking and emotional sphere of people highly vulnerable. An increasing number of mental health problems. This is due to a violation of the hypothalamus at the psychophysiological level, which corresponds to the opening of the Moon according to Tony Nader. May be impaired hormonal cycles of the body, particularly in women. During a solar eclipse more increases the risk of cardiovascular disease, as Sun rules the heart. The perception of 'I', pure consciousness — obscured. The consequence may be increased tension, radical and aggressive tendencies in the world, and unsatisfied ego politicians and heads of state.

When the going gets tough, the best we can do is — to turn to the Absolute. During eclipses better to think about peace and tranquility in the family. Holidays — the best and the lunar and solar eclipses.

Eclipses usually produce a strong negative for the geographic regions that control characters, in which the eclipse, and in places where they can be seen, in areas that are controlled by the sign of the zodiac in which the eclipse (eg, Capricorn — controls mountainous terrain, do not drive in the mountains).

Research on the eclipses indicate that the probability of different types of accidents increases during the «phase of the eclipse effect.» In the next few weeks, the probability of events, such as the strengthening of wars, fires, accidents at airports or unusual weather events. Some of the world leaders can fall into scandal or tragedy, powerful rulers can be blinded by anger, envy, and so there may be illogical or stupid decisions made by world leaders.
During this period, people are clearly manifested secretive, immoral behavior and cunning. Consequently, the governments of the world have to be hyper-vigilance in matters of terrorist organizations, subversion. Political leaders must strengthen their security and to keep cool and calm when they make critical decisions. Smugglers and terrorists often inflict a blow in the 2 weeks before and 2 weeks after the eclipse. Possible riots or large food poisoning. Not exclude the seismic activity. For governments and secret services is most important is vigilance.
The role and function of eclipses is very serious. They realize the karma that we have somehow accumulated and sells it at the earliest.

Eclipses always reveal our problems and allow them to be realized in the shortest possible time. They dramatically compress our problems and quickly opened them. Eclipse — a cleansing, they have a medical function, cleaning, surgery, but they can be scary, not all of them survive. Is a surgical procedure in our destiny, we are called by the same.

If the eclipse is happening to us something bad, so it's good that it happened, and not something else.

Eclipse and magic.

Question: Solar and lunar eclipse give many mystical and religious qualities. Of what importance are the eclipse in magic rituals and ceremonies? Perhaps this is a good time for any magic acts and very unfortunate, for example, the birth of children. We are so ignorant in these matters.

A: First of all, remember that during solar eclipses must be careful: do not start the day no important cases, to refrain from long-distance travel or move them to a different time. In general, the solar eclipse from ancient times in many countries, was considered a very dangerous time, for example, in ancient China and Babylon is the astronomical event has always been a portent of disaster, some tragic, but important changes. It is no accident as soon as all the animals went on Noah's Ark, a solar eclipse happened — it was a portent of the end of the old world.

People in ancient times have always tried to explain the eclipse of the sun or the power struggles of the powers, or the actions and mighty unclean spirits or monsters. In any case, no good, as they believed the event the common people did not promise.

Indeed, eclipses are not very positive impact not only on people but also on technology, yet do not panic. If you follow all the necessary precautions, nothing bad will happen to you.

Even in ancient times, healers and sorcerers called this phenomenon is not an eclipse, and the «black» sun. The eclipse and the next six hours after it — the best time to work with voodoo spells.

What else can you know about magic during eclipses, how to prepare and what can I do? First of all, remember this day to complete abstinence from food: Drink only pure, natural spring water.

If you are in the eclipse want to spend a ritual, you will need to apply on the day the body of the special charms.

Feet: Rear over the heel, draw soot crosses without rungs.

Hands: on the back of a hand, wrist, draw an arrow soot facing edge of the palm.

Forehead horizontal bar is drawn over the brow with soot, from temple to temple.

Chest: a pit at the base of the neck, draw a circle.

Knees soot draw cross without the crossbar on both knees.

Prepare Pentacle black (square of black fabric). Draw on it with chalk circle the correct form, and in the middle range of the pentagram — a five-pointed star equiangular.

Once all the preparations are completed, put the window round mirror (only round and no more!) Face the street. Next to the mirror, put three black candles and light them in the following order: first, the two extremes, and then the one in the middle. Put the clothes in black, her hair and divide it into even the middle.

We have examined the conditions required for a day of «black» sun.

What can you do on the day of the eclipse:


Eliminating ill-wisher to your way of life;

Punishing enemies and offenders;

Calling the dead souls and the call of a living person;

Invocation and removal spells;

Spell to win the fight;

To heal the dying;


Return of view;

Deprivation of sleep and rest;

Spell on the birth of a man with infertility;

Evocation of a fire;

Warding off the fire;

Healing the sick mind;

Deprivation of strength;

Cause anxiety, from which one eventually goes mad;

Depriving the enemy of will;

Corrupts the human pain;

Deprive a person of influence

and much, much more.

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