When cutting hair

Eastern astrology, unlike the West, draws attention to any human action as a change in the quality of life. Even the most ordinary hair cut can radically change your fate. Tibetans share the lunar days of the favorable and unfavorable to the haircut (shaving) hair. Days cut hair have a beneficial effect on the fate of the individual — a positive influence on longevity, success, and visual appeal, and negative because haircut these days can damage the vitality of man and bring misfortune.

Lunar Calendar and Cutting Hair

1 lunar day cutting hair reduces life
2 lunar day — cutting hair will attract to you quarrels and litigation.
3 lunar day — cutting hair will Brought harm to the body and can attract embezzlement.
4 lunad day — a hairstyle will bring discomfort to attract longing and fear of losing loved ones. Cause a sore throat and mouth disease.
5 lunar day — hair cut would increase the property, you'll be a little richer.
6 lunar day — cutting hair undesirable — attract a cold, worse smell, will look sick man, and actually start to hurt.
7 lunar day — cutting hair attract you quarrels and litigation, you can pokonfliktovat with the boss. There is a risk of conflict with a loved one. Burning day of the Tibetan calendar, the day when cutting hair seriously impair your health.
9 lunar day — cutting prilechet to you longevity, good health and make your life worth in the eyes of others (although not immediately, but in the coming months).
9 lunar day — cutting hair attracts disease.
10 lunar day — burning day on the Tibetan tradition, it is recommended to refrain from cutting, as this will attract to you the disease.
11 lunar day — a hairstyle will bring visual senses, increase your foresight and sagacity of mind.
12 lunar day — you can not cut their hair — attracted misfortune, injury and prone to life-threatening.
13 lunar day — it is desirable to get a haircut because hairstyle will bring happiness and good, beautiful appearance.
14 lunar day — cutting attract improvement of operations, financial position, increase ownership and favor of the authorities. Res. For their own well-being at least spend on hair.
15 lunar day — safer to refrain from cutting because of possible mental disorders as a result of cutting, high blood pressure, headaches, and the emergence of a sense of fear. Res. If you do not want to cater to a hospital bed, stay away from hairdressers.
16 lunar day — better to refrain from cutting — any misfortune, mistakes. Negative habits and vices will be in the full, cravings increase and the ability to control the passions reduced. Cutting hair can attract treason, resulting in your medical condition has deteriorated significantly.
17 lunar day — from haircuts will be obstacles in the cases of the disease occur. High chance of injury in the future. Suffer psyche. Oriental legends haircut on this day brings to you a harmful spirits.
18 lunar day — hair cut will lead to loss of property, theft, can develop your pets (they feel threatening danger and you are worried about you.) Also on the Tibetan tradition is burning day and cutting hair will bring you serious ill health.
19 lunar day — should be addressed to the barber — cutting hair extend life.
20 lunar day — do not want to cut their hair, there will be 'disgusted' to life.
21 lunar day  - it is desirable to cut hair — attract beauty and well-being.
22 lunar day  - a hairstyle will attract you to purchase the property, but can get better, gain weight.
23 lunar day  - a hairstyle will bring a beautiful complexion, improve your well-being.
24 lunar day — a very bad day for cutting hair — may appear disease. Do you want to be healthy — refrain from cutting.
25 lunar day — hair cut will increase eye pressure and lead to vision loss. As a result, cutting worsen eye diseases, inflammation likely, the emergence of barley.
26 lunar day — from hair cutting or creating hairstyles you to attract joy and happiness.
27 lunar day — from hair cutting or creating hairstyles you to attract joy and happiness.
28 lunar day — from hair cutting to increase the charm of appearance, you will please people.
30 lunar day — cutting hair can bring to a man threatening meeting with misfortune, and the enemy can bring death. Then there is the attraction of a car accident.

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