Best ways to develop your intuition

For many of us unconscious process of intuition exceed our logical analytical mind. What man would not want to be able to predict the course of events! It turns out to learn it's not that difficult!

As you become more likely to use their intuition, notice how easily will make personal and professional decisions, to know what you really want and the confidence to move forward to achieve your goals and dreams

Here they are, the ways in which you can develop intuitive abilities for greater success:

View photos

Read, first looking at the photo, without reading the relevant headings or the article itself. Try to make up a story, looking at the picture. Then read the article itself and compare how your experience coincided with real history. The more you practice, the easier it will be to tell you the exact picture story

Guess who's calling

Every time the phone rings, try to guess who's calling before you pick up the phone. You'll be surprised how often you'll eventually get «to the point»

Think of your loved one or acquaintance

You need to clearly outline his image in your mind. Note how long it takes for a person that you think of him to call you. Record the

Gad on «heads and tails»

Ask yourself the question mentally. Decide which side of the coin will be «yes,» and what «no.» Then toss a coin to get an answer. Record the results and see how often they will coincide with the upcoming events

Pay attention to the things around you, they can be «signs»

This is a notification on your phone, the messages on the billboard, and anything else that might be considered as a message for you. Nothing is random. Everything you see, read, hear, it makes sense for you. To know the answer to a question that turns in your mind, look at the signs around you. All you have to do is pay attention

Shuffles a deck of cards

Then try to guess which card is rolled red or black. Then flip the card. Monitor the percentage of correct predictions and notice how much better you can come over time. Once you learn to guess the color, begin to guess what color fall card. Follow your progress

Predict the songs

While listening to the radio, try to predict what song will air for an hour. Try more often so experiment to find out how often your prediction comes true

Accidentally overhears a conversation

Pay attention to the pieces of information that you get to hear the conversation in a public place. Often these pieces of information may be of a hidden meaning for you on a personal or professional situation at the moment. Listen to the answers to your questions

Accidentally turned over pages in a book

Choose a book from your closet and flipping it, stopping at a random page. Start immediately read any paragraph and you will be amazed at how important that you have read, in relation to what is happening in your life at the moment. Practice it regularly in order to obtain valuable information

Proceed at a loss

The best way to practice your intuition — it is to act on hunches. Often we have a sixth sense for the situation, but we ignore it, but later we realize that we have to pay attention to it. Use your guesses as another valuable information ...

Intuition — is knowledge. You can develop your intuition, applying it consciously and through regular practice. The more you practice your intuitive abilities, the more confident you become in using your intuition

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