Herb magic. Herbal magic ritual and spells. Herbalism

herb magic. herb  love ritualspell work candle herbal magic spells. herbalism. herbsHerb magic. Herbal magic rituals and spells. Herbalism

In those ancient times, the magic and the knowledge of the world was the same. Herb magic& and study of herbs, asking what to eat and what not, from which the fire quickly ignited, and from which it burns longer and gives more heat. What is this delicious grass fed animal fat, and how this, too bold, but it completely inedible. World of ancient man was formed only necessary items. Stone — for this animal — for the other, the grass — for the third, and the fourth tree. Herb magic arose from the fact that people were plants, which, at the time, he did not find the application.

 In his opinion, it is sensible for the moment turned out — if the tree does not need to, there is someone or an animal spirit, especially for whom it has grown. Over time, people found out that some of the herbs have some hidden features that he simply does not know how to use, and the herbs itself can have some impact on the person, as it were, on their own.

Magic Herbs

When the amount of knowledge of the world increased, in addition to food, herbs have been used in medicine, and that, too, is important in religious and magical rites. They fumigated, of which created charms, amulets and talismans. And when people finally realized that knowledge are not only visible and accessible, but hidden, secret and hidden, plants take the position of a place in magical practice.

This has become a real science — to find the herbs, at the right time it correctly to break or cut. Then save to the point when you need power, hidden in it. Something had to be dried, something to keep in the dark, something had to be carefully wrapped in the leaves of other plants. And when there came the time of application, it was necessary to prepare the herb to use its properties to maximum effect. Nature decreed so, the useful and the harmful plant were very relative, a herbs bearing damage in a particular situation, is more than useful, well, respectively, on the contrary.

Magic has seen in herbs and other magical properties other than those listed. Herbs were the first witches assistants, wooden staves, which made for a witches himself, were, in fact, a notebook of recipes and spells, and some store harvested magical designs that at any time can be developed. Herbs that have helped make or consume energy faster. Herbs that are the first to respond to the appearance of the enemy. Herbs, using which you can fight the signs of hostile magic, or, using which you can make the cell to the enemy.
Herb magic ritual and spell. Herbalism

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