At the bottom of Bermuda found a giant sunken city with glass pyramids. Video.

Canadian scientists have discovered an underwater city in the Bermuda Triangle: The researchers reported that spotted the pictures of the ocean floor four pyramids, one of which is made of glass.

The architecture reminded Canadians of the ancient culture of the Latin American «advanced», by their definition, a civilization of Teotihuacan Preclassic period in the history of Central America and the Caribbean.

A team of scientists led by Paul and Pauline Vayntsveyga Zalittski explored the seabed using a robot that captures the ruins of the city under the sea, 700 meters north of the eastern coast of Cuba, reports latinoamerikanckoe agency Prensa Latina.

«It's amazing what we see in the images in high resolution sonar: endless white sand plains, and in the middle of this beautiful beach is clearly visible architecture of artificial structures. This is similar to when you fly over the city project on a plane and you see highways, tunnels and buildings „- describes the frames received Pauline Zalittski.

“We do not know what it is, but we do not believe that nature is able to produce structures with a symmetric architecture,» — added the Canadian researchers.

They also put forward a hypothesis about why the city for a long time were not aware. Paul Vayntsveyg and his wife Pauline Zalittski believe that Americans discovered underwater city back in 1960, during the Cuban missile crisis, but then allegedly closed the facility for examination, taking control of the find.

The city on the sea floor Canadians found not overnight. In the early 2000's, the company Vayntsverga Zalittski and performed for the Cuban government order cartographic description of the ocean floor, writing in 2002, the newspaper The Daily News. The original purpose of the Cuban government, was hired to study the Canadians, was the discovery of the sunken Spanish treasure ships, says BBC.

During this work, the couple and found the strange formations on the sea floor, which seemed to them by artificial structures. Then Vayntsberg and his wife started looking for a scientific explanation of the discovered ruins.

The footage, which the researchers have received, you can see not only the pyramids, but also the Sphinx and several monolithic structures, and on the walls of buildings visible engraved inscriptions, reports newsrucom.

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