Signs of life after death

Scientists are trying to understand what is meant by intense bursts of electrical activity in the EEG recorded by the dead
Scientists are smart enough to remove EEG dead. And got sensational results
The human soul leaves the body in three minutes
The experiments conducted by Anton Kohnen (Anton Coenen) and cache van Rizhn (Tineke van Rijn) from the University of Nijmegen (Radboud University Nijmegen in the Netherlands) was forced once again to think about the soul. And with new force stirred debate about whether the very fact there is this mysterious substance.
Dutch scientists on the instructions of the university ethics committee sought answers to two questions on the practical. How badly suffer lab rats who have to sacrifice science? And what is the most humane way to kill them?
The answers, in turn, have been received. It was found that in laboratory animals, there is nothing better than decapitation. That is, the beheadings, the discomfort of which, as it turned out, last (in rats) less than 4 seconds.
However strange phenomena encountered Anton and cache after spending 25 Beheading animals, increased research in the opposite direction — in the mystical. At the head separated from the body, signs of life can persist a few seconds
To her, to say the surprise, the experimenters found a severed head of bursts of brain activity. Saw their chance of curiosity removing EEG in a few minutes after the «execution.»

Looking ahead a bit, say, the results obtained by the Dutch, much spoiled the impression of high-profile experiments, which had their American counterparts with the Faculty of Medicine at George Washington University (George Washington University Medical Faculty).

Two years ago they recorded a violent electrical phenomena in the brain of deceased people. And suppose the joy the world's media have found a physiological basis of mystical visions related to a near-death experience. And it was a sensation. Because then born hypothesis EEG captured nothing but a process of separation of the soul from the body.

Now rats. Demonstrate a similar mystique. Here is one of two things: either the rats also have a soul, or optimistic about the existence of the immaterial part of human nature is premature.

Signs of life after death

In 2009 the Americans were shooting EEG — pictures of brain electrical activity — in seven patients who were dying of cancer or the effects of a heart attack. Save these people were not real. They eventually died. But after the death of all accidents brain seemed to explode. It appeared incredibly intense bursts of electrical impulses — in the lives of such was not.
At first we could not believe their eyes — the head doctor experiments Lakhmir Chawla (Lakhmir Chawla). — They thought that EEG spikes generated by cell phones or other electronic equipment operating. Took care to avoid such effects. Again, see the anomaly.

Medics venture to guess: so strange activity just connected with the bright visions, which sometimes tell people returning from the dead.

Believers, of course, saw bursts of abnormal electrical activity in the long-awaited proof of the existence of the soul. Even a vague and controversial. After all, other confirmed devices, material evidence was not. But there is a scientific hypothesis that the process of separation of the soul from the body like an electric discharge capacitor. And in the first moments of death «fly off» almost 90 percent, the rest — in the period from the 9th to the 40th day.

Not more than electricity

In the severed head rat «surge» occurs after about a minute after decapitation. And lasts for about 10 seconds.

In humans, the brain «breaks» in two or three minutes after cardiac arrest and cessation of blood flow to the brain (this is equivalent to the separation of the head from the body). Activity continues for about three minutes.

Scientists describe the anomaly detected in «waves of death.» And now wondering what they meant.

The hypothesis of the soul, which needs time to leave the body, looks, of course, beautiful. Here even rats can «stand», admitting nevertheless that in the next world there is room for them. In this sense, seems quite logical that most — the human — the soul flies away for three minutes, and little — rat — much faster.

From the materialist point of view, the effect is observed both in humans and in animals, only shows that there is a phenomenon associated with the physiological processes that take place in a dying brain.
— Bursts of brain activity in the severed heads or those who have been deprived of blood supply, can be explained without mysticism, — said Dr. Chawla. — All the neurons are connected to a circuit. From lack of oxygen, they lose the ability to hold an electrical potential. And discharged — emit pulses avalanche.

— Looks like a dying brain is actually observed collapse neural elektropotentsialov — agrees Konen. — It is «alive» neurons are located under a small negative voltage — about 70 millivolts. They keep it pumping out positive ions. Dead neurons rapidly changing polarity — «minus» becomes «plus». Perhaps as a result of this process and there is a «wave of death».

In short, nothing sublime — and electricity only.

The boundary between the living and the dead

— «Wave of Death» shows that the brain is really dead, and we can not restore the neurons — Kohnen said. — Having seen it, we can understand that the fight for the patient's life is not worth more. «Wave of Death» — a kind of boundary between the living and the dead.

— A sudden burst of activity indicates a desperate attempt to restore the brain of the heart? — Not quite agree with my colleague Lance Becker (Lance Becker), resuscitation of the University of Pennsylvania (University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia).

According to Becker, «wave of death» may signal that neurons are just stopped working, and do not «break» once and for all. Thus, the resurrection is possible and for this «threshold.»

— I was once taught that the brain, deprived of oxygen, irreversible changes, — he says. — But now we know that this is not the case. In the experiments, doctors back to life pigs, 15 minutes after cardiac arrest. And without any harm to the brain. And what is the limit here, no one really knows.
But where is the light at the end of the tunnel?

About visions, which tell patients who have returned from the dead, no consensus either.

Dr. Chawla does not exclude that the bursts of electrical activity — are the «wave of death» — are able to create in the mind the most bizarre picture — from bright light to the tunnels and other hallucinations.

Powerful impulses, perhaps, may for a time and stir up long-term memory — how to highlight it. And then before the eyes of man passeth all his life. «Yavyatsya» long-dead relatives. About all this and tell survived clinical death.

However, patients of Dr. Chawla from the dead did not come back. And listen to their stories was not possible. Anyway, as no one has ever filmed EEG in those who subsequently managed to rise again. Therefore, the theoretical constructs of the scientist is not checked.

Kevin Nelson (Kevin Nelson) from the University of Kentucky (University of Kentucky in Lexington), who has long studied the vision that accompany the transition to the other world, doubts that they are associated with «waves of death.» Concomitant depolarization of neurons, he said, often occurs during epileptic seizures. But to escape the burden upon them nothing special recall.

In general, according to Nelson's puzzle «wave of death», as well as near-death visions, can not be solved.

Full mystic
Severed heads help to win the lottery

It seems that the «wave of death», not knowing that this is the real biophysical phenomenon experimented 15 years ago, the Russian researchers. They also cut the head rats, like their Dutch colleagues. But the goal had a different — very very mystical. And according to the report compiled by then, it is — this goal — has been achieved.

Experiments conducted laboratory head terminal states Vladimir Nesterov and his colleague Yuri Booth Omsk Medical Academy at the Department of topographic anatomy and operative surgery. They sponsored a mysterious American company YGH, led by the Dutch.

The basis of the experiments it was necessary «to open», attributed to Nobel Prize winner in physics get to Gabor. Like, back in 1971, he discovered that any biological object at the time of death and the death regardless of the photon radiation generates increased power.

Denesh Gabor — a famous scientist, just in 1971 he received the Nobel Prize for his invention of holography. That is, for working with light. But he showed a «photon emission» from the dead, is not known. No mention of it in the works of the scientist not.

Nesterov and Booth no «radiation death» of the animals they had killed the instrument is not recorded. But allegedly observed the reaction to it on the part of volunteers.

The essence of the experiment was as follows: the rat, which cut his head placed between the temple and the subject of electromagnetic waves. Last strengthens «death rays» and sends it to the brain of a volunteer. Next, look, what impact it has.

«The claimed method was successfully tested by the authors in guessing the winning numbers lottery money and merchandise — the researchers wrote in the report. — The number of wins in the group of subjects exposed to a magnetic field in the presence of biological initiator (cadaveric material), it was. 3.72 times higher in than the control group. „

— The level of intuitive perception is increased by several orders of magnitude, — explained Nesterov and Booth. — Each person can be in these circumstances, a clairvoyant, as Wang.
What is the fate of controversial experiments is not known. It is possible that they have passed away, like the others, the like, which were held in the 90 years of the last century, during the heyday of violent pseudoscientific theories and tireless activity Kashpirovsky, Chumakov, inventors of antigravity, torsion fields and perpetual motion, pumping energy out vacuum.

Then it all seemed to be promising and promising. But in the end, could not stand the calibration serious science. Or deliberately not gone checked.

And suddenly in Omsk has e 1996 found an unexpected effect on the burst of electromagnetic activity witnessed recently the Americans and the Dutch? And this is not excluded. Then, the anomaly may be hiding something more than just physics ...

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