Protection against hypnosis

Protection against hypnosisHypnotic attack from a distance and through the obstacles almost impossible. Hypnotic action aimed at deceiving the senses: how to incorporate into your subconscious instructions if you do not hear and do not see a hypnotist?
So the best way to avoid the hypnotic effect — is to recognize it early and leave. Otherwise resist classroom hypnotist impossible without special training.
How to recognize a hypnotist?
To establish contact with you, he will take your position and will breathe to the rhythm of your breath: it is called «tuning». Hypnotist will talk to your exhalations, mimicking your inside it, because we do all the words are on the exhale. Communicate with the person you will enjoy it.
Watch out!
Common technique of hypnosis — information overload. If the person accelerates the rate of speech and you do not have time to understand it, to be cautious. Verbal stream attracts all your mind, and all you misunderstood rushes by, straight to the subconscious. So you give the plant.
A variation of this admission: two people start talking to you at once. For example, the office manager, and two come bring down an avalanche of words. All the excess to understand information flows into the subconscious master cabinet. Open the folder in front of him, and he obediently sign the agreement, which before would not hear.
After the departure of the head of hypnotists even to himself is unable to explain why he agreed. Setting «you sign it easy» was perceived in the subconscious, while consciousness sat trapped was diverted simultaneous chatter. Then the installation can not remember.
In a hypnotic trance, the person moves the assemblage point, and consciousness is, therefore, in an altered state. What it characterized? Companion of the first stage of hypnosis — a sudden mild drowsiness. Still not too late to sweep this sleepy an obsession and not allow ourselves to enter into the second stage when drowsiness is much more difficult to dismiss. Please note does not include a drowsiness others.
Another sign of trance man apparently behaves like a sleeper. Muscles of the face and body are relaxed, and the face is more symmetrical. Facial asymmetry caused by waking man differently strained muscles. Breathing becomes a rare and deep, and a fixed position.
The skin turns pink in a trance and moisturized, as increased activity of sweat glands. Almost stopped blinking and swallowing saliva. Total relaxation is accompanied by involuntary movements — small, such as trembling fingers or large like the rocking head. Remember Kashpirovsky sessions?
If you suspect that they had been forced hypnosis, try the tried and tested method. Start humming to himself (scroll to the head) any stickiness, catchy melody, and the hypnotist immediately a problem. His energy flow break on a simple block.
What is the explanation? To realize the hypnotic procedure, the hypnotist should, roughly speaking, to establish contact with your Psychoenergetics, chained to her your attention. For this and made adjustment to posture and breathing. You're singing to myself «Grandma lived with three gay goose,» any contact is not. Just like all great!
The least protected from hypnosis sleeper hypnotist selects REM phase of sleep, which occurs within 0.75-1.5 hours after falling asleep, and repeated several times during the night. That dream changed BBDG REM sleep, each time indicated by the change sleeping postures.
Hypnotist sits at the head of an hour after falling asleep for an hour or two before waking up and making slow passes with his hands. Direction passes — from the head to the feet at a distance 1.5-2 inches above the surface of the body sleeping.
Then the hypnotist for 2-3 minutes in a low whisper to the rhythm of sleep breathing repeats «Sleep, those deeper spin those deep well ...» Assuming that the sleeper does not wake up and do not pretend to change the rhythm of the words of the hypnotist: utters them is faster, then slower. If all goes according to plan, breathing sleeping changes in the same rhythm. This is evidence to establish contact.
Hypnotist goes to tone and increase the volume of suggestion: «You are very fast asleep, though well hear my voice. You still continue to sleep, you cozy and warm. You are relaxed and sleepy deeper… you want to answer my questions directly from sleep. you are fast asleep and talking with me. Continuing to sleep, tell me your name… „
If the hibernation gave his name and answered a few more primitive issues not related to the subject of interest of the enemy, the hypnotist begins to specific issues. While sleeping on a breath, “with air», enter a keyword — the «deal», «export», «invention»… Then there is to listen to all that sleep talk. The man himself, and not suspect that he spoke in a dream and became a traitor.
Sometimes sleeping is destined to become a carrier of classified information.
Inspire her, repeating 5 or 7 times at intervals of a few seconds, with such series as must also 5 and 7, and between them a hypnotist effect reinforces the words «Sleep deeply, sleep deeper, deeper ...» Once the information is entered, the hypnotist off her memory — develops amnesia. For this sleeping told that he would wake up as soon as they see a beautiful color dream that can remember.
The session takes about 20 minutes. Waking up in the morning, people will remember a beautiful dream, but would guess that was the carrier of a secret message. It will give this message when other people are in a different place again cause them to sleep in a hypnotic trance and call keyword password.
Another use of hypnosis — suggestion that the person was a witness or a participant of a fictional event. Coming out of the trance, a person will surely talk about it. Such misinformation in certain conditions can harm large and firm, and the party, and individuals.
With a very deep trance talented hypnotist can be programmed to a specific person behavior. In the future, a year such a person will obey the orders of the hypnotist. Another, somewhat less effective way — programming with drugs:
Human drug is administered in a trance, and when falling asleep or waking up abruptly and emphatically inspire program.
Every normal man must take care to prevent unauthorized access to the night in his own person and their loved ones. It is not always easy, especially in travel, hotel, vacation.
Do not sleep in the presence of others and earn a perfect: only it will allow you to refuse to perform the installation, which you still contriving to «embed» in the subconscious.
Impress the person, not to mention the zombies can be anything you want, including — any disease. Person can instill that now he goes nose is bleeding — and it will go. Can inspire baldness and hair will start to fall. You can call this a true cancer and a brain tumor. True, most of this kind of harm to cause us not villains, hypnotists, and ourselves. We are talking about an unconscious self-hypnosis.
After the Chernobyl accident, millions of people found in their symptoms of radiation sickness, but the survey confirmed this diagnosis in only 136 people. Mentally weak personality through newspapers and television to make myself symptoms of exposure.
For 12 years, surgeons have the Military Medical Academy in St. Petersburg found 200 people, will cause a variety of diseases themselves. All the symptoms were there. The patient is placed on the operating table, cut and… did not show any pathology.
… Being on the way of the Warrior must learn the technique of Ericksonian hypnosis, but in this book we can not dwell on the subject of hypnosis in more detail. We only note that the most famous hypnotist of all time name is Jesus Christ.
Two thousand years before Milton Erickson (1901-1980) the great warrior realized that it was useless directly call people to love one another. Jesus told the parable of entertaining, and the audience were in a trance. The twists of the plot blocking the audience, and the conclusion of the parable of morality is implanted at the time directly into their subconscious. Later this moral people stole, that is beginning to live without lies, love your neighbor as yourself, and so on. This and sought Jesus!
Our contemporary, Siberian psychiatrist Sergei Gorin, so illustrates this technique.
Approached by a woman who was afraid panic pain in childbirth. Gorin introduced pregnant in a trance and began to tell the story boring rubber hose: here the water flows through the hose, the hose gets here in stone, that's elastic walls stretch hose, extend, and the water pressure will slowly push out a pebble, stone will resist, but the water pressure is very high, and the wall of the hose will stretch even more ...
In the end hose promised Gorin, stretched so much that the stone will move quickly and will reach the outlet… When the stone begins to overcome this last line, the walls of the hose will stretch even more, because the rubber hose. Feel that this hose? No-thing.
He simply and routinely stretched, stretched, stretched… And it should come out pebble like wall of the hose will be reduced and the amount of their original… That this time will feel the hose? A: The only satisfaction that has managed to regain the original shape. Woman was to meet with the doctor in a big loss. But even more perplexing is experienced when a baby, without pain!

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