666 and 999

Each time you receive any documents, open Bank accounts, purchase a car or real estate, see dates in Newspapers, online or hear them on TV, radio and, finally, when you put down the dates on the documents or look at your watch, you feed off of their energy.
Billions of people worldwide daily use number. During the existence of numbers, their power has grown tremendously. Numbers are a universal system of symbols, it is used each and every, in contrast to alphabets, of which there are many… the Number is that unites all. This is the basis, and therefore it is the most powerful force created by collective thinking.

The numbers 666 and 999

In the interpretation of symbolic meanings of numbers there are a number of misconceptions. One of them is related to the number 666, which is called the number of the devil, the beast, etc. please Refer to the source. The Bible says:
«Here is wisdom. If anyone has insight, let him calculate the number of the beast, for it is man's number;
his number is six hundred threescore and six.» Revelation 13.18.
For a start, it should be noted that the Arabic numerals came later writing of Revelation, so in the text of numbers, but there is their literal expression. Therefore, it is not about numbers, but about the meaning of the term «beast».
By itself the number 666 poses no threat, quite the contrary expresses the idea of harmonious relations in a society built on love and sympathy for one's neighbor. The sum of all digits in the number 666 (6+6+6=18=1+8) is 9. In this context we can talk about that with this code, can «clean» or «contaminate» society. In this sense we can speak about a certain force that operates at the level of society, but it comes from society, not from the individual.
Every person at birth gets its numerological code. This code consists of two parts and contains information about the developed qualities and potential. The core of the code consists of three basic numbers and three potential. The first digit of the base number is counted by adding up all the digits of date of birth to elementary number, the rest are calculated according to special tables.
This specified range shows the main directions for the development of personality. There are additional figures that clarify information. Thus, according to numerology, each has its own underlying three-digit code.
Usually the code contains different numbers, at least a pair, even less the same three. And what is interesting for people with a basic code 666 can never be born. It does not exist in principle! According to the calculation method, such a combination in the base code is impossible, so a person with the same basic code, there has not been and cannot be.
The combination 666 is only possible in the potential code, first, you need to achieve. Second, by itself, the combination does not pose a risk. Third, in the code there is potential for more numbers, so the sum of all digits cannot be 9. Then he who is called «the beast» a child can not be.
It's not human. Then what is it?
What is called the devil, the beast, etc. is a figment of the imagination of people, a collective illusion. It is not in nature. The Creator of the world did not create and is not its opposite, as some believe. It was created by people! and it exists only in the imagination of those who believes in him or afraid of him. «The beast», the devil represents the evil that people commit against each other. And it will exist until people will cause pain and suffering to each other. Hence, it is said: «it is man's number», created by people. Code 666 is given as the proof faux! nature of the «beast».
I would also like to draw the attention of those interested in the symbolism on date codes. According to numerology, it is possible to put figures only full dates. For example, a lot of noise caused date 06.06.06, and 07.07.07. First as the number of the devil, the other as unlimited happiness and luck. Both a figment of human fantasies and delusions.
06.06.06 is actually 06.06.2006, so it 6+6+8=20=2
07.07.07 is 07.07.2007 and therefore, 7+7+9=23=5
Of course, imagination can do everything, but the reality is not relevant. This is just a publicity stunt and nothing more, as the advertising campaign is a remake of the famous film «the omen.»
Back to the people… Person with basic code 666 does not exist, but there are people with other interesting combinations. For example, 999. The combination itself means «purification» at all levels. The sum of the digits 9+9+9=27=2+9 here is also 9. We can say that it means «cleansing» at all levels from «pollution».
This code has, for example, lance Armstrong. A very interesting personality. Known what has become of the sevenfold! the winner of the Cycling race «Tour de France» and not only that, he had many other sporting achievements. But before that he had been cured of cancer. Here you can see the «purification» from the «dirt», the manifestation of the life program, associated with the number 9. Cancer, incidentally, is considered a karmic disease and it is not so easy to cope both physically and psychologically. He was 26 years old. Further, this experience of overcoming and returning to life he described in his book. Next year, as far as I know, leaves a film on this book.
Here is an illustration of what may be a «difficult experience» that is associated with the cleansing power of the number 9

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