31 magical law (rules of the universe)

&1. The law of voluntariness.The decision to become a magician (witch) or abandon the magical ability to make only voluntarily and independently. Voluntarily and independently make decisions about the choice of a black, dark gray, light or white magic. Higher power only direct, but not forced to choose one of the ways.
2. Payment law.Nothing can be achieved without spending or purchase certain efforts and resources. Payment may be different: energy, money, time, personal life, soul and others. It is the most important law. Must be weighed and taken acquired.
3. The law of protection.Everyone who has a magical gift, as well as items belonging to him, his family and his home, is protected by some higher power.How to call — guardian angel, God, luck, just the power — it does not matter. Therefore causing any harm to the person with the gift of a misdemeanor punishable by adequately. Yes, and hurt him much more difficult. So do not be too disappointed if you have something stolen, and yet you have offended or is somehow caused the damage. The offender will be punished and certainly without your intervention. But you can add and myself a couple of spells. The punishment followed inevitably, but not always instantly. The power and speed of punishment depends on the importance of your role for this force and its capabilities. Shall be punished by theft, assault and threat of attack (expletive to the magician or witch is an attack and he (she) is entitled to respond harmful spells)
4. The Law of the oath.Any vow or promise made by you or you are binding. So three think before you swear. And rightly specify oath. Breach of contract, breach of oath and lie, which leads to the destruction of vaschey inner universe, is punishable. You will not be able to fulfill the contract or does not break the oath, but you can not cheat. Be careful with this rule. Will lose very unpleasant.
5. The Law of knowledge.Understanding gives control. The more we know about the object, the easier it is to manage it. Knowledge is power.
6. Law «know yourself.»Caster rollers, having no knowledge of itself, will not be able to gain knowledge about other creatures and objects. First of all, know thyself. The more you know yourself, the better you will know the world around you, and more able to influence it.
7. The law of cause and effect.Exactly the same effect produced at exactly the same conditions, will lead to exactly the same result. Therefore, very few people will be able to give up the time-honored ritual.
8. Law synchronization.Two or more events occurring at the same time — it's more than a coincidence. Very rarely, some events occur in isolation from the others. This is not always purely accidental.
9. Law Association.If the objects have common elements, that they interact through these elements. Controlling the elements of one object, you can control the elements of another object.
10. The law of similars.Availability as a physical or mental image of the object provides control over it. With the goal model can gain power over the target and exercise any influence on it.
11. The law of contact.Objects that were with each other in a physical or mental contact, and continue to interact after separation. Owning a part of the object (blood, hair etal) gives the best contact connection.
12. Law behalf.Knowing the complete and true name of the object or process control. Knowledge of the true name means that you have a full knowledge of its nature. Knowledge of the common name or names Offer provides only partial control over it.
13. The law power of the word.There are words that can change the internal and external reality of who utters them. Their strength may lie in the sound and in meaning.
14. Law of personification.Any phenomenon can be considered alive and he can have a personality. This can be a tornado, fire, etc..
15. Law of the internal circulation.You can establish a link between the processes inside and outside of himself, prompting an internal process for the sake of communication.
16. Law of the external reference.You can establish a link between the processes inside and outside of someone calling an external process for the sake of communication.
17. The law of identification.It is possible through identification with the maximum itself with another object really become this Offer up to his possession of knowledge and manipulate it by force. But it can never become himself after the conscious identification.
18. The law of personal universe.Any being free and able to create your own universe, that will never be completely identical to the universe of another being. The so-called reality-a collection of opinions exist on their own universes, universes and other creatures.
19. Law of the infinite universe.The absolute number of universes in which would reflect all possible combinations of the phenomenon — is infinite. Everything is possible, although some things are more probable than others.
20. The Law of pragmatism.If the spectrum of opinion allows essentially to survive and reach the goal, then such beliefs (behavior) are correct. What works, right. But that does not work, not necessarily wrong. Maybe just not created the right conditions.
21. The law of truth and falsehood.You can break the truth, if it is necessary for understanding or action in a special situation and it does not lead to the collapse of the personal universe.
22. The law of synthesis.Synthesis of two or more opposing spectra gives a new range, which would be true of each of the original. This is not kopromiss, but something new and more
23. The law of polarity.Any variety of data can be divided into at least two opposite, each of which contains a different substance inside themselves.
24. Law are opposite.The opposite pattern contains information about that pattern, they have information about what he is not. Controlling the opposite spectrum allows you to control the desired range.
25. The law of dynamic balance.To survive and have the strength necessary to support every aspect of your universe in accordance with the dynamic balance of any other aspect of the universe.
26. The law of perversion.If anything can go wrong, it will do so, and in the most annoying way. Whether we like it or not, but nature has the right sense of humor.
27. The law of unity.Any phenomenon of existence is linked directly or indirectly to any other past, present and future. Therefore, any change phenomenon requires efforts not only in the present but also the past and the future. Have to change and its connection.
28. The law of conservation of magical energy.The faster spell effect occurs, the more energy must be expended to achieve the same effect. Product of magical energy costs by the amount of time the spell is constant.
29. The law of uncertainty.No event can not be predicted with absolute certainty one predictor. Either absolutely precise date of a future event, or absolutely exact location of future events and circumstances. At the same time both absolutely impossible to predict. Always there is some error. The greater accuracy in determining the date of a future event, the less accurate determination of the place of future events and circumstances, and vice versa.
30. Law of prediction accuracy.Only a group of predictors can be absolutely accurately predict an event if the predictions are simultaneously and independently. The group should consist of not less than 3 predictors of approximately equal strength. The optimal number of 5-7
31. The law of change predict the future.Change is able to predict the future only one who knows about the prediction. This is either the predictor or the one who trusts him completely.&{ФОРМА=Feedback form}

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