Why wish dont celebrate?

Today many people are trying to aim, wish, dream, aspire to it, visualize it. Because of our new commandment: «All our thoughts are material» and «Nothing is impossible.» This means that if we are regularly in the head will scroll the time of our cherished desire, it will eventually materialize.

The dream fills life with meaning, it gives a constructive vector, helping to build it in such a way as to ultimately get what you want. But the key here «in the end.» This is when? A month? Year? A decade? Half a century? Will there be enough patience to wait? Will there be enough faith? Indeed, so anxious all at onceVadim Zeland Transurfing theory gives a very interesting interpretation of the materialization of the desired pattern. Mr. Zeland argues that our world is a kind of dual mirror.

On one side of this mirror is the material world that we see every morning upon awakening, which spend the day while awake. In the «looking glass» is stored as a kind of space with all the possible variants of development of events in the material world.

It was there, in the «looking glass» leaves our soul, when the mind goes to sleep. This is where the fortune-tellers and psychics get their information about the future, it comes out all the creative ideas and innovations.

It is stored in the space of options the way, joining to which we come to their cherished dreams. How can get this way? Very simply wish to formulate their dream and set his face to achieve it.

Thus it is imperative that your dream was, and not borrowed from acquaintances (neighbor bought the car, I also definitely need the same). If you want something that really is not your spiritual impulse, the more likely you do not receive or will receive with great difficulty.

Understand that you chose your goal is really very simple. When you think about it, you clearly feel like your soul and mind rejoicing echoed her. There is no fear, no doubt, you're happy, when present yourself in the moment of desire.

Dream it is important not to confuse the means for its implementation. For example, to have a lot of money — it's not a dream. Money — it's just a tool to achieve its goals. The dream — a trip to an exotic country, writing books, creating masterpiece paintings, leadership in its business segment, receiving the prestigious post, etc.

So, you found what fondest wish and determined to make it a reality. And now it is patience. Yes, for patience and more. All that will happen next — not your thing. Your task is simply to continue to want and not give up.

About how you come to the dream, take care of the universe. The fact that at the time set a goal, if you stand in front of the mirror thus dual. On one side stand on the material side of you, and in the «looking glass» that same space of options. And this is what happens next.

Imagine that you zagadyvaya desire, raise your hand up, and your reflection in the mirror does not move. The fact that the dual mirror our desire to respond with a delay. This, too, have a logical explanation: if all the desires of all people on the planet were performed immediately, you will agree that the world would be plunged into chaos.

This is why this delay is needed. And if you have the patience to wait for the reaction of the mirror, then eventually you will see your reflection in the mirror raises his hand.

But the trouble is that while we are waiting for the reaction of a dual mirrors, we are beginning to attend doubts, fears, «And what is not mine?» «And what does not work?». All of our fears and doubts — this is a very powerful emotion, albeit with a negative sign, and the worst enemies in the implementation of its goals.

The more we allow these parasites to master our thoughts, the less the likelihood of achieving dreams. Difficult to deal with them. Too strong stereotypes. But the practice of getting rid of anxiety there.

One of them is as follows: once in your life creeps uncertainty and doubt, imagine that you have a tram driver, you make a stop at the door and try to climb up the passengers in the form of anxiety. Rather, slams the door and leave. Let them remain out of work at the bus stop. You are not with them along the way.

Another practice is to refuse to fear — it's external environment. In my heart you have a cat scratching you worry, but do not submit the form. Keep the external indifference, smiling. Over time, external environment be passed and soul and you learn not to worry over trifles.

In general, intense anxiety, however, as a passionate desire to be anything — a sense of excess capacity, which can give rise to the equilibrium of force. The universe tends to maintain a balance within yourself, and as soon as she notices the accumulation of large masses of energy — whether it's a strong fear and anxiety and uncontrollable desire for something, it immediately sends a place wind equilibrium of forces to extinguish the source of flare energy.

In your life, this means that when you worry, the universe is in a hurry to realize your concern, that they might put an end to it. That is, you desire to realize the worst is already a fact, anxiety is gone. That is why worry — very profitable for you. Let go of the situation, let happen what you want, rather than fears realized.

It is useful to scroll through the frame of your dreams. At the same time effectively is not simply represent a picture, and your feelings at the same time. The more often you do this, the faster will get all in reality.

And most importantly, remember that you should always dream about what you want, not what you do not want. For example, I dream to travel a lot — it is a constructive dream. I imagine myself walking in European cities, on the lawn at the Eiffel Tower.

But if you constantly repeat to myself that you are fed up with this city, life is static in one place and the inability to leave at least somewhere on vacation, then the dual mirror will be hard to display all of your reluctance, you never get the chance to travel to another country.

This is because the mirror is not the knowledge of the dual particle «NO.» You do not want all my heart kind of situation, and thus dooming themselves to it. That is why it is always beneficial to want, but want to like the way without generating excess capacity around him, and pre-configured for a positive outcome. Dream and let all your dreams come true!

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