The terrible power of the curse

Even the people you're a brave man, far from the mystical and religious experiences, you feel mental discomfort and even fear when he hears uttered a curse in your address.

Why are we so afraid of these terrible words, calling on our heads accident, sickness and death? Is there a curse or some terrible force due to our fear deeply rooted in the subconscious of superstition?
«Blow the fire» by Ariel Sharon

Sometimes it seems that the curse and the associated rituals were in the distant past, and today the mention of them will meet only in a matter of articles about the terrible «revenge» Tutankhamun and the medieval witches.

However, this impression is erroneous, and that a couple of years ago was able to see any of us, when he heard news reports that Ariel Sharon, Israeli prime minister, imposed a deadly curse ...

Sharon cursed followers of orthodox currents in Judaism, which opposed the disengagement from the Palestinians and the evacuation of about 9,000 Jewish settlers from the Gaza Strip and areas in the West Bank. They considered a traitor Sharon's national interests, and therefore turned to the angel of death, so they punished the prime minister.

The ceremony was an ancient Kabbalistic curse «Pulse denura» (translated from Aramaic — «blow fire»), was attended by 20 people. They all gathered at the cemetery of Rosh Pina, in this group were the only married man with a beard, age older than 40 years. Sharon cursed at the grave of Shlomo Ben-Yosef, who was executed by the British in 1938 for the attack on the Arab bus.

Shortly after this ritual with Sharon's health deteriorated and he was forced to leave politics and the post. Was it a consequence of the curse? Of course, everything can be explained by the well-known policy of old age, but such a coincidence in time is still troubling ...

It is curious that such a curse has become a sort of «tradition» in Israel. Similarly, the cursed premier Yitzhak Rabin, who signed a peace agreement with Arafat.

Influenced by a curse or not, but soon Rabin was shot right-wing extremist Amir Ital ...

When skepticism does not help ...

The fact that healthy skepticism is not always save us from the curse, history shows that happened to Robert Heynlom Jr., a retired colonel in the U.S. Marine Corps, and his wife.

During the service Heynla in the naval mission in Haiti, U.S. (1958 — 1963 gg.) His wife has collected a large amount of factual material about the magic of voodoo. Already in the U.S. they decided that this material is not lost in vain, to write a book.

She got the name «written in blood», it told his wife about the history of Haiti, voodoo magic, and the ruling dynasty of Francois Duvalier. The upcoming edition of the book contains a very unflattering reviews of Duvalier, which the authors called «Papa Doc».

In 1971, one Haitian emigre newspaper wife accidentally found out that after the dictator's death, his widow Simon cursed book and its authors. By this news Heynl and his wife treated fairly skeptical and did not take him seriously. However, subsequent events have made them change their opinion.

First, the manuscript of the book was lost in the wording, it found only four months in an empty room into which she had not had to go. When the manuscript was lost, the authors produced a copy of it, but when she get into the book-shop, as all the equipment right out of order.

There were problems with the «promotion» of the book. Soon as a reporter, «Washington Post» to arrange a meeting with the authors of the book to interview them, as he immediately got on the operating table with acute appendicitis.

But these were trifles compared with the much larger and more life-threatening trouble. During his speech, Colonel suddenly sank into the stage and injured his leg badly. Then, while walking on it suddenly attacked and severely bitten by a dog.

After a series of accidents, two of which occurred on 22 of (his «Papa Doc» magical thought) came isolation: May 5, 1979 during a holiday on the island of St. Bartholomew, east of Haiti, Heynl died suddenly of a heart attack.

As suggested later, his widow, by negligence, they were too close to Haiti, this increased the effect of magical power.

In search of explanations

The scientists and parapsychologists have been trying to explain the impact on people curse. Most scientists believe that nothing can hurt the curse is not a man if he is not scared and did not believe in what he will face misfortune or death.

In the world of a lot of very worried-people who can die from fear, if the doctors mistakenly put them fatal diagnosis. According to scientists, these are the people susceptible to malign influence, and curses, and blame themselves. They become like a dying savage underdeveloped to believe in the curse of deadly sorcerer or shaman.

This explanation parapsychologists considered too simple and incomplete. Yes, they agree, in some cases ruining ordinary people fear, they expect the troubles, and how our thoughts shape the reality around us, with them, and there are all sorts of trouble.

However, suffer from the curse and the people who are skeptical, humorous, and relate to mysticism at all in anything they do not believe. How to explain such cases?

Parapsychologists believe that at the time of the curse on the victim is a strong energy impact.

Cursing someone is in a very excited state, it affects not only words but also the energy penetrates the human biofield. «Injury» in the biological field are reflected in the internal organs, and the victim of the curse starts to hurt and even die.

There is a «theory of writing.» If you believe it, thought can be printed on both the object or person, and even passed down from generation to generation. When the idea of evil, the bad and the consequences occur.

«The theory of writing» can be explained not only by birth a curse, but also with various miracles damned stones, treasures and other objects in the interaction with which people begin to happen all sorts of trouble.

Recently conducted research that confirmed that angry words spoken emotionally, with a great burst of energy, may adversely affect the rights, even at the genetic level. Perhaps this can be attributed to the curse as it is transferred from the victim to subsequent generations.

How then do we explain the case with Robert and his wife Heynlom? Perhaps on a subconscious level, they still feared the curse, and this caused a chain of negative events, and every incident they feared more and more, respectively, and grew up «quantity» of trouble, which happens to them.

If this explanation is not suitable, we can only assume that the effects of curses can be even more complex and there is no direct contact with the victim.

The worst curse

It is believed that the power of curses depends mainly on the emotional state and social status cursing.

Curses spoken man who are dying, have the greatest strength, in which he invests the remnants of his vital forces, the victim poured out all the accumulated by the end of the life of negative emotions.

A curse pronounced by authoritative people — priests, shamans, religious leaders, members of royal families, is also considered very strong.

The most frightening is the curse of a parent, it can lead not only to disease, alcoholism, insecurity in their personal lives, but also to the birth of defective offspring.

If the children curse their parents, the kind of doomed to extinction. Parapsychologists believe that such «within the family» curse triggered much faster and more devastating because the energy from the family background of the total, and the person most vulnerable to the influence of the closest people to him, he just does not have time to put energy security.

Therefore, within the family should be of peace, should keep their negative emotions, do not splash out on their loved ones and especially to watch their words. It is worth noting that even the ordinary foul language also has a devastating impact.

Particularly high risk of a so-called «domestic curse», this is sometimes quite accidentally stepped on someone's foot in the transport or expose the seller's kit. It all depends on your energy, if it is weaker than the «forward», you can get the consumer damage, which in some cases can occur and how to curse.

Fortunately, such effects are rarely a particularly fraught with unfortunate consequences, otherwise we would have long ago become extinct as mammoths ...

It is believed that fully protected against curses true believers who observe all the ritual side of their religion and pure soul. And the most vulnerable, those who lead an immoral life, prone to aggression, dictatorship, and those who for some reason, greatly weakened vitality.

In conclusion, it is worth noting that the curse is usually as a boomerang returns to its «author», so live in peace and do not rush the words that can break down not only foreign, but also your life.

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