The laws of karma and rebirth themselves are not an end but a means to achieve the ultimate goal — Nirvana. All of life lead to the summit of life, to the proper entity. At the end of the sequence of bodily forms and personalities of the implementation of various destinations life cycle ends.
Professor David Rice defines nirvana as the extinction of the three fires of the individual. Concealed desires, ambitions and affections completely disappear. Northern Buddhist patiently waiting for relief from the burdens of material existence. He tries to unravel the tangled threads of his life, he tries to find altruism in itself, it tends to everything becoming nothing.Professor David Rice defines nirvana as the extinction of the three fires of the individual. Concealed desires, ambitions and affections completely disappear. Northern Buddhist patiently waiting for relief from the burdens of material existence. He tries to unravel the tangled threads of his life, he tries to find altruism in itself, it tends to everything becoming nothing.

Resident of the West with his idea of supra-and firm belief in the immortality of the individual consciousness is difficult to find solace and peace, following the ways of Eastern thought. For him, in the inactive power of Buddhist teachings was something negative. But in the East natorel conquest, plunder and power. He realized the futility of internal variability and temporary superiority. Eastern monk turns away from the world of illusion and reality refers to the law and finds it a perfect code of life.

For ordinary men and women of Nirvana is not topical interest. She — the result of development far exceeds the capacity of the average man. Arhats think about nirvana, but for the «householder,» the challenge is to live well now and does not hold head useless thoughts about unattainable.

The only justification for the need to discuss in the Nirvana book on reincarnation and karma, is that the basis for intelligent life should be based on rational representation of the true meaning of life.

Believing in heaven and hell, we'll never be able to live in accordance with the Act. While the state after death is associated with a beautiful city with a gate decorated with precious stones, it is impossible to think before the end of life or to build it, with a view to personal integrity.

At the individual firm commitment should be sufficient to determine whether he has sufficient wisdom to reject the idea of the kingdom of heaven and invoke the concept of nirvana.

Nirvana — this is a temporary cessation of any action, the inevitable result of an in-depth knowledge of philosophy, it is truly a state of nature, unsullied, and simplex, it is pure nature, as a consequence of the suspension of a full understanding of the purpose and plan of mortal existence.

The belief in reincarnation and karma is completely useless if it is not connected with the sound doctrine concerning the end of the human condition. After the physical death of a person, according to Tibetans, goes to the Western Paradise, a wonderful place of stay Dhyani-Buddhas Amitabha. Here disembodied entity roams through the gardens of Sukhavati, the gardens of the blessed dead.

This concept differs little from the field of view of paradise, which existed in the early Christian church. Theologians would like us to believe that virtuous souls dwell in the mysterious country of beauty and contentment.

These are the same and Egyptian gardens Aarru * and country pleasures in later Greek. * This is Valhalla, where the feast Scandinavian heroes gathered together and hunting paradise Redskins, where the brave Indian soldiers build wigwams in the heavens and the networks catch ghosts.

This is an intermediate state — only a dream, or posthumous aspect of life, and it can not be considered final state. This is just a sphere of good karma, virtuous actions lead to a quiet place, where there is a serene happiness on the island of the blessed.

None of the religious systems of the world there is no precise description of nirvana.
It's — to return to the Father of all things, to something outside the realm of shadows, to the place where it goes great seychemy * the place of no return.

Nirvana is far from the star-studded plains in space, of which rises a golden-domed palace of Indra. In Egypt, the god of the inner sanctum of the temple stood, holding his finger to his lips, and it is quite a fitting symbol of silence regarding the more important secrets. From heaven people can come back to earth, and from Nirvana — never.

You should not assume that is the essence of nirvana. The achievement of nirvana — it's the last experience of the individual, not returning to the limited conditions of any consciousness of the essence.

Nirvana is the end of evolution, just this is the end of the evolution in our understanding, but not the end of development. The essence will no longer emit the individual, but the next great cycle of life, she will continue and will provide another type of development in any other way. Thus, Nirvana is the cessation of existence of an attribute essentially forming individual.

Tibetan cosmology, a world that is a form of personality, slowly disappears at the end of the cycle of manifestation. All that's left of the world — is a bridge-seed Dhow *, is such a symbolic description of nirvana. Siddhi * Saints are supermaterial virtue, captures the essence in the process of rebirth, and thus they will never disappear. However, even the siddhi finally fall asleep on his swimming across a mysterious ship gaping chasm — no area occupied by the individual.

They say that one can only Adi-Buddha, and the constant nature of sitting in deep thought over the abyss. There were no bodies there, there is only silence and your own «I». Further, it is reported that Adi-Buddha himself, the supreme ruler of his body remains in a state of contemplation, his power and potential of subektivirovany, he reflects on his own inner heart. In the course of this meditation is the decay of associative links. 'I' ceases to be an object of consciousness, and waiting.

At the beginning of the next cycle of evolution of the eye of the «I» I called, nirvana is over. At last the time Nirvana was an eternity, and eternity with the new awakening is the time. Lord of Adi-Buddha Experience a new wheel turns and starts the next cycle of life. With the old world over; of the past person died, the old joys and sorrows of the old left.

A new manifestation of the new rules and manage the new laws. * In the new Manvantara new aspect of Adi-Buddha reaches of space in the new part. Humanity died, left only a memory in the eternal mind. We can not give the name of the new universe, but as a human race, it has a beginning and an end, and only the timeless essence of experiencing all the changes. Therefore, the Hindus call it the golden thread, which, like beads strung planet and soul worlds and creatures.

Most Orientalists did not realize the true nature of Nirvana. They regarded it as a ploy, desertion from being, fled into oblivion. Only a highly enlightened people, such as the Buddha himself, understand that this is just the end of the order. The well-known must go to the unknown could be born.

There is no immortality for man does not exist, there is no continuous sequence of individuals, and there is only one entity, the new identity emanating from the substance of experience.

Only the essence of our true nature is immortal, only the essence of experiencing all the changes that occur in an infinite length of time and space. Personalities like drops of experience continue to exist as an entity, together with part of it, but not as a personality or individuality. Personalities are simply elements of experience that enriches the essence, as she meditates over the centuries.

Reincarnation and Karma — it's great laws, the diamond of truth. By understanding these laws, a person overcomes its inherent egotism and lives for the sake of effect, and not for its own sake. Hundreds of individuals have contributed and bring gifts in the form of advances.

Enriched thus concluded radiates the essence of one person, which embodied all the virtues of past lives. This is the highest embodiment, it is — a teacher in the world. Demonstrating this is the last great incarnation of the essence of that person returns to itself, and human evolution is complete.

Each of us — part of the plan. Each person that lives on this earth, is a visible symbol of the developing entity which endures over, creative, and waiting. All we as individuals carry the hopes of previous figures, from the very nature of which we are composed.

We, in turn, built their lives and their experience in solid models, which will appear later. Such is the philosophy of reincarnation and karma, the wheel of birth and death, which no longer rotates only when the last in the chain of our bodies enlightened person reaches enlightenment.

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