Cursed phone number

Bulgarian mobile operator Mobitel has decided to no longer serve the «cursed» number 0888 888 888, which over the past ten years, was replaced by the three owners, and they all died before the age of 50 years.

The first «beautiful room» was a former CEO of Mobitel mobile Vladimir Grashnov. In 2001 at age 48, he died of cancer. It was rumored that the cause of his death was the radioactive contamination.

After his death, the number went to the crime boss Konstantin Dimitrov. In 2003 he was shot in Holland, where, according to police, went to inspect his narkodilerskoy network. At the time of attack 31-year-old Constantine had dinner at a restaurant with a photo model and with him was a telephone number with the ill-fated.

After his murder, the number was transferred to the businessman Konstantin Dishlieva, who was killed in Sofia. In a real estate company owned by the deceased, according to police, the cocaine trade was conducted.

Daily Mail reports that mobile operator then decided to withdraw from the treatment room, which brings misfortune to its owners.

Call him now receive a message stating that the phone is not in service.

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