The phenomenon of the Blood group (type) AB

One of the unsolved mysteries of the process of evolution — the formation of the fourth blood group — Blood Type AB. At this point there are three hypotheses, which state:

The fourth blood group — Blood Type AB was formed by mixing of races, yellow with black, and black with red, meaning the American Indians. Because of the rarity of such marriages, as in the past and the present time, four people with blood group a minority. On Earth, they are not more than 5%, according to some no more than 3%. In addition, the fourth group of rare blood is formed from the mixing of the second group and third group and the first to third.

The fourth group (Blood Type AB) was formed as a result of blood destruction of the human body viral infections that raged on Earth after 1500. It is worth to note that before this time, people have not had viral diseases. All diseases were caused when a bacteria, and viruses are less than a few thousand times. But over the last 500 years on Earth were spread completely new to the human immune system of viral disease. Such infections as mumps, measles, influenza, polio, measles, acute respiratory disease, smallpox, cold sores, fever, yellow and hemorrhagic, rabies, and, finally, with 1990 AIDS and the 2003 non-specific pneumonia, collapsed on mankind in the last 500 years. A successful fight against the major pathogens with antibiotics and other drugs can not destroy pathogenic viruses because viruses are placed directly into the cells of the human organs. And if the human circulatory system is filled by special gamma-globulins, healing from a viral infection is not realized. Thus, for 500 years, the human immune system is very much changed in the blood of their protein composition, thereby responding to the spread of viral infections. Hence the hypothesis that the four-group (Blood group AB) of blood appeared in humans in response to viral invasion.

Finally, it is believed that the four-group (Blood group AB) blood because there was a strong increase over the past 500 years, in the diet of a person subjected to heat treatment, synthetic and semisynthetic food. After about the XVI century to the present day, all food of animal and vegetable origin are subjected to excessive heat treatment, that is a long time, cooked, roasted at a temperature of 100 ° C. Mankind has been consuming more synthetic food products obtained by processing natural products such as margarine, which is done by acid hydrolysis, and vegetable oils. Artificial foods are created from oil, gas and coal. Almost all foods today use synthetic compounds. All this goes to the person's blood and changes its composition. All of the past 500 years mankind changes its composition of blood consumption of such foods, which could lead to a fourth of the blood.

I think the latter hypothesis is less plausible food, however, it exists. Given that, among the world's population, most IV-th group ( Blood group AB) of blood found in the indigenous inhabitants of Japan, Southeast Asia, and Australia's indigenous population, is unlikely to cause the appearance of the fourth group was a synthetic diet.

Indeed the fourth group (Blood Type AB) of the youngest and the blood is rare, it appeared about a thousand years ago and have only 5% of the population. People with the IV-th group (Blood group AB) of blood have a unique ability to adapt to the environment and conditions of supply, and their body has a high resistance to various diseases. They have very sensitive digestive system and is very tolerant immune system. In addition, the mysterious origin, a mixture of modern organisms with blood type «A» and «B», along with others, make this particular blood group.

The man with the IV-th group (Blood group AB) of blood to relieve stress, is engaged in intellectual activity, which is accompanied by physical activity and the greater the amount of released creative energy. It is easy to get along with others, very calm and benevolent. Under the banner of the blood the most gentle, relaxed people who know how to entertain and pull out any of the doldrums. And they accurate, honest and considerate. Their weakness is that they have their own internal conflicts, from that of their indecision, difficulties in choosing or making a decision, and the fear of the new. However, their tendency to mysticism and mystery, along with high spirituality makes people with this blood group remarkable visionaries.

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