Karmic marriage. Back to the past?

Every astrologer knows that the majority of encounters in life is not accidental. Our parents, husbands, wives, children, friends, relatives, bosses, colleagues, casual acquaintances and just help unravel certain karmic knots, we have inherited from past lives.

Karmic node — a situation in which the souls of dead people who have created a problematic situation in a past life, meet again and try once again to solve the same problem. Moreover, the situation can become a mirror: being in a past life rapist, in the present, this same person becomes the victim and the children begin to play the role of parents, spouses, and even change the sexes can be parents to each other… And so on — depending on who that broke the previous incarnation.

How to recognize a karmic meeting? When a stranger suddenly you will find very familiar, likable, most of all, it karmic meeting. It turns out that you know him well, guess the desire, you experience a mutual attraction, which often develops into love, and even ends with marriage.

In order to solve their karmic problem that arose hundreds or even thousands of years ago, people must have to meet again and continue to play once started, «the play.» But here's the final of this «performance» unpredictable and depends on how you can avoid a repetition of already made in the distant past mistakes, find the right solution to old problems.

«Short Circuit»?

How to recognize a karmic marriage? Usually the two come into it pretty quickly (being familiar with a week of strength — a month), and, immediately can spontaneously move to live in another city or even country.

Another option. People may be familiar for many years and suddenly, all married.

If you are married without children, and the relationship of the spouses is closed on each other — is also a sign of karmic marriage. But there are other symptoms. For example, one spouse has a problem with alcohol or drugs, and the other can not part with it. By the way, it is possible that in a past life a poor husband was good, and good — on the contrary. And now just recovering justice.

If a partner in marriage has serious health problems, up to disability, mental disorders, and the second years have to take care of him — is also a sign of karmic marriage. Such a marriage can say, if one spouse becomes a widow or widower of 40 years.

It also happens that one of his incarnations on earth man could not choose a couple and tried to connect it with one partner, then the other. In this life «performance» may continue: boy meets a girl, and then suddenly… marries her sister. Or a girl marries a brother of the groom. Another scenario: a woman after her divorce from her husband or after his death fits in with his brother, and vice versa — the husband suddenly throws his wife and marries her sister ...

Astrologers call this type of situation, «short circuit», suddenly changing the role of the people. This is not always pleasant, but necessary to create a situation of so-called return of debts. For example, in the last incarnation of a man promised to marry the girl, but changed her wedding and upset. In the present embodiment, the situation will happen again, only this time the role will change. and the one who betrayed before, will change your partner, make trouble, could rob him to the skin in a divorce ...

We can not predict ...

As a rule, there is a karmic marriage so far. until the work started by the higher (or factors unknown to mankind) mechanism. It all depends on how much his wife will behave correctly from a psychological point of view, monitor their reactions and how deep will approach to understanding their actions.

Theoretically, the karmic marriage can last a long time — until the death of a spouse, but only if both partners move to a different level of relationship will change their attitudes and outlook.

However, if a person has learned «a lesson» has manifested itself in the relationship ended correctly (in terms of higher powers, but not human morality), life as a reward must give him another partner — better than before, will help solve the financial problems and will even allow children to be born — to strengthen the relationship.

But if the «lesson» is not learned, people do not want to change, the gap is slowly and painfully, and the next partner in life, «blundered» husband come not soon, or it will be many times worse than before. Most people who practiced their karma in marriage, lose their social position, start to drink and quickly die.

The Number

Why is life again and again confronts us, it would seem, with a completely unsuitable partners, who bring nothing but suffering? This is because of his or her, or perhaps both, overwhelmed the negative emotions (jealousy, anger, fear, hate, ...). People who have failed to understand in a past life is the reason these emotions, are attracted to each other in the next incarnation. And now they will solve their tantalizing question together, recreating the old trouble.

A professional astrologer, horoscope compatibility analysis partners. can always say they have a karmic marriage or not. In the horoscope compatibility of such a situation often encountered planets, when most of them intersect at the so-called karmic aspects (when the distance to the zodiacal circle between the planets is 20, 40, 80 or 100 degrees). There are other nuances, which can also talk about are whether the relationship between a man and a woman karmic in nature and what is the purpose of their meeting.

An indicator of karmic relationships can serve as a definite difference in age of partners. For example, if 5 or 10 years, that your meeting is likely not coincidental, and among you there is a karmic connection, which requires working out mutual debts. But especially to alert you the difference in the age of 15 years: those people who are experiencing particular karmic attraction, it is difficult to disperse, even if they choose to do so. Usually, such a pair formed a very controversial and complicated relationships: either they walk up and help each other, or, conversely, strongly interfere with one another, thus increasing their karmic debts in life expectancy.

There are options ...

To be fair to say that there are as destructive karmic relationships, and healing. If they are healing, the partners feel that they are soulmates, love and respect each other as they are. Typically, such a man and a woman familiar in one or more embodiments, all the while in between there is a kind of heart connection that allows them to always be happy together.

There are three ways to unleash a karmic knots: awareness of the problem and true repentance, awareness of and changing attitudes to life by the use of enlightened teachers.

It is difficult also because it persuaded to repent and change your partner karmic marriage is unlikely. Let him live and still thinks — it's his choice, but after you have remorse in my heart comes calmness and humility, sympathy will be a partner. This is one of the signs that the situation is tormented you will soon be resolved or greatly improved.

A sign of decoupling of karmic knot is also the state of inner peace, contentment, prosperity, the removal of claims against another man, cure of severe chronic illness, a change in the fate of the situation. Sometimes, when a head node, even lost marks on the body (such as birthmarks)!

And more. Karma is individual for each person, and your karma is impossible to work out with someone. So do not appeal to the conscience of his partner, and begin to change ourselves.

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