Karmic relationship between man and woman

Karma is the effect of past lives in relation to real life. A related term is the Western tradition, used to describe similar effects — fate. Now not all belong to the karma too seriously, but many people are interested.

To believe or not believe in all these 'astrological stuff «associated with karma, past and future lives — the case of each one of you. But suddenly, the knowledge could be useful?
»Six months ago, I divorced her husband… I had a pretty deep feelings, but after a while we parted at his initiative. When a psychic wound dragged on, I tried to objectively look at our relationship and she realized that as a husband, he does not suit me — different personalities, views on life… But this time I was regularly covers a strong feeling that we should not have to leave it as quickly as it happened with us. What we do not Doda very much to each other. And sometimes I was visited by a strong sense that If we suspend our relationship for good, then something happened… is irreparable. "

This is an excerpt from a letter from a woman who wanted to get advice on astrology.

Every astrologer who is familiar with the eastern area of astrology knows that many meetings with people in everyday life is far from random and carry the karmic nature. Some evidence suggests that such karmic encounters over a lifetime can be many. Coming into this world, we find ourselves surrounded by people who help us to realize their karmic problem. These are our children, friends, relatives, bosses, colleagues and just passers-by.

But now I would not like to talk about all the karmic meetings, namely, the karmic relationships, men and women. They are understood the relationship between the partners, who knew each other in past lives and the survivors of the deep emotions in relation to each other. Sign of karmic relationships lies in the fact that he or she, or maybe both, are unresolved emotions within themselves, such as jealousy, anger, guilt, fear, dependency, or something similar. Unable to find the exit once their emotions, they are attracted to each other in the next incarnation.

The purpose of the new meeting is to give each other the opportunity to resolve urgent problems. It does this by recreating the same situation for a certain period of time. Met again, karmic partners urgently need to become closer to each other, and, after a while, they begin to repeat their old emotional role. Now the stage is set so as to meet again with the old situation, and perhaps deal with it the wiser way. The spiritual purpose of the meeting for the two lovers is to make a different choice than they did in past lives.

Here is an example. Imagine a woman whose last incarnation was a very jealous husband, the usurper, who had loved her madly, but also tormented her with his jealousy. At some point she decided to live like this unbearable and left him. Not having gone through a divorce with his beloved wife, the husband later time, sick and dying. The woman feels remorse. She believes that the blame. Sorry that did not give him a chance to redeem themselves. With this sense of guilt, it passes through the rest of your life. In another life, they meet again. Between them there is an inexplicable attraction. First, a man unusually obvorozhitelen, it falls into the center of his attention. He worships her. They fastened a close relationship ...

At this point it becomes incredibly jealous owner. He constantly suspects her of infidelity. She is angry and upset that he knowingly accuses her, she also feels an unusual commitment to forgive him and give him another chance. She thinks that he has psychological complexes — the fear of being abandoned, and expects to help him cope with it. Thus, it justifies their behavior, but in fact it can disrupt their personal territory. Adversely affect the relationship of self-esteem. The correct choice for a woman to break the relationship and go their own way, without guilt. «Complexes» of her husband (fiance, lover) are not its responsibility.

The value of new karma in the meeting that a woman has learned to go without guilt, and a man must learn to tolerate emotional distress stoically. The only correct solution here — to end the relationship. «Error,» admitted a woman in a past life, that she left her husband, but the fact that she felt responsible for his illness and death. Care of his wife in this life again leave her husband alone with his feelings and the fear that give him a new opportunity to meet with these emotions and not run away from them. Karmic relationship between the two will be repeated for as long as the lesson will not be performed correctly.

I am often asked: how can we identify the karmic relationship and can it be done? You can turn to an astrologer. A professional astrologer can determine this by analyzing the synastry partners (horoscope compatibility).
Indicators of karmic relationships

An indicator of karmic relationships can be defined and the age difference between partners.

The difference in the age of 5 or 10 years between a man and a woman — it's not a chance meeting. More than likely, that among these partners, there is a karmic connection, which requires working out mutual debts. Karma keeps them next to each other. They have to go through life in one direction, but one must assume the role of guide and the other should be a slave.

The difference in the age of 15 years — a very strong indicator of karmic attraction. Such people are difficult to disperse, even if they choose to do so. But these relations are complex — they either help each other to choose the right path in life, or, conversely, knock your partner astray, thus increasing his karmic debts in the future life.

An indicator of karmic relationships are some unusual situations. Such situations are not an obligatory sign of karmic relationships, but they also need to be taken into account.

Surprise. Relationships are tied unexpectedly for both partners or one of them, as well as their friends and relatives. Surprise is that these partners may be quite different in character, temperament, different social and financial situation, have a big age difference. In another embodiment, partners can know each other years, but the decision to get married at the same time is an unexpected continuation of the relationship. For example, for many years spoke only as a friend, and suddenly, one evening, the situation becomes very intimate track, and then the young couple decides to get married.

Fast. The relationship is formed after a very brief period of dating lovers (day, week, month). This is a situation where the partners seem condescending insight. Such relationships are often marked by the effect of hypnosis. They start so that people are not fully aware of the change and have included only a year or more begins to perceive the situation deliberately. Prior to this, they are driven by the forces and reactions, which it attributed to the end unable. The question of whether the partners want to look at each other, «waking up» is often left open.

Transfer. After the marriage the spouses may move to another city or even abroad. Far far from moving elsewhere after the meeting and marriage, loss of relationships, starting a new life somewhere far away from the place of birth — is another important sign of karmic connection.

The difficult situation. As the most popular option — a drunkard partner or partner-addict. Maybe some health issues marriage partner — life with a man in a wheelchair, mentally ill or early (40 years) death of a partner. These relationships can certainly be called a «punishment.» Apparently, this is «punishment» a happy man himself, unconsciously picking troubled partner. Most likely, because of the hidden feelings of guilt come from the past, but the question «for what reason» remains open. Or perhaps the problem partner is attached to it on its genetic memory of a past life. Probably in the last incarnation of the problem and the role of a good partner was the opposite, as in the present embodiment, they change places, and «restore justice».

The absence of children in marriage. This is an indicator of future closed for a generation after these people. These karmic relations between spouses are closed on itself and serve to reflect on their own character traits for both partners. To some extent, this relationship can be called a short circuit. Usually, they end up, years, or even almost immediately, are empty and lead to a parting.

In this regard, all karma depends on how much each partner was «correct» in their actions. If the partners 'right' (in terms of fate and the cosmos) manifested themselves in these respects, for example, did not quarrel and accuse each other of infertility, and adopted a child from an orphanage, then this pair may appear later, and a joint child. If the «right» to behave just tried one of the partners, but may not receive support, the award will give him the life of another partner from whom he will have children.

Fatality. The relationship observed in a pair of a certain inevitability, predestination, and often in a negative sense, in the style of «Tristan and Isolde.» These include situations with love triangles, the situation «impossible» love for some objective and subjective reasons, love-hate situation, when it seems that life partners are fighting each other, and yet without each other they are unhappy. They like and love each other madly, madly, and hate. Or simply the fate of continually brings partners together, they like it or not. A striking example — the heroes of Alec Baldwin and Kim Basinger in the famous movie «The Marrying Man.» In a karmic relationship couples little to change or be changed — these relationships as they ride on their preordained plan.

These options are one of the most basic that describe this karmic relationship.

Karmic meeting, you can be identified by the fact that the other person seems unusually instantly familiar to you. Quite often there is a mutual attraction, something attractive «in air», forcing you to be together and know each other. If you have an opportunity, a strong attraction can develop into a love relationship. So often the case.

How long will last the karmic relationship?

Depends on what kind of connection are your karmic relationship — a healing or destructive. A distinctive feature of the healing relationship is that encountered a man and woman feel that they are soulmates, love and respect each other as they are, without trying to change each other. He is a great pleasure to be with each other, but they do not feel anxiety, jealousy, loneliness, or when a partner is not there.

In these respects you have to offer understanding, support and approval of the beloved, without attempts to resolve his or her problems, brought from past lives. Relationships are full of freedom and peace. Of course, sometimes there are misunderstandings, but the emotions caused by the short-lived. Both partners are ready to forgive. Between them is a heart connection. Both partners are emotionally independent. He or she does not fill the gap in his life, but on the contrary — add something new, something important in life.

In the healing relationship partners may know each other in one or several previous incarnations. Two souls can know each other in a past life, which is also encouraged and supported each other. This led to the inextricable link for the next several lives. This pair is not parted, not divorces ever. They will always be together and be happy. A marriage contracted with the karmic partner can be wonderful and amazing trip!

But it also happens that you have experienced the emotions about the new love can be so overflowing that you think you have met your soul mate, a kindred soul. Watch out! All was not the case may be, as it seems. If you have unresolved emotional issues tied up the past, they will sooner or later resurface on the surface. The spiritual lesson of all souls connected in this way is to let go of each other, to become free and independent beings. Mentioned in the above example, a jealous husband and wife, blaming the karmic relationships are almost never long-lasting, stable and loving. Often the main purpose of the meeting — to release each other from that love.

If suddenly you find yourself in a relationship characterized by emotion, causing much suffering and tears, but the break that you can not, try to understand that nothing obliges you to stay with that person. Realize that the strong emotions often are related to the profound suffering, rather than mutual love. The energy of love is not just emotional — it is extremely quiet and serene, joyful and inspiring! It is not depressing, exhausting and tragic. If your relationship can be traced to similar features — it's time to let go and not «work off their» one more time.

Some women who suffer from alcoholism in marriage or a bad temper husbands convince themselves that they still need to stay together, because «it is fate,» and should «get it together.» They are crying out for karma as an argument for the extension of relations, but it distorts the concept. Karma is individual for each person, their karma is impossible to pass along to someone! Karma in the above respects will often require you to be able to let go of a partner, abandoning the tormented relationship in order to understand what you are whole in themselves.

Sometimes you are so connected with complexes of a partner, emotionally hurt inside part of him or her that you feel that you're the only one who can correct situation and save him or her from the problems. But nothing good happens. You'll only reinforce feelings of powerlessness and victim in the other person, at the time, it would be useful to draw the line and stand up for themselves. Your mission — to be a free person. This type of painful relationships can spiritually throw you back, and because it may happen that you will create a heavy karma for the next incarnation. You want it?

Perhaps you will be given only a few months for the past to resolve the situation that exists between you and problematic partner. You can serve him or her on the path of life any service which you feel obliged to make, but you do not have to involve yourself in relationships that are detrimental to your spiritual growth. Love relationships are not meant to pull us down. When we love, we wholeheartedly want to support each other in happiness and in sorrow, but we do not have to bear the whole burden of the problems with each other.
Karmic relationship between man and woman

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