How do psychics use crystal ball

One of the accessories, magicians, sorcerers and other psychics is a crystal ball. This category of people use it to get the correct information magic practice is considered a crystal ball the best guide to the astral plane. Similarly, a «tool» used the famous alchemist Paracelsus, who lived in the 15th century, and the famous French occultist Papus of the last century.

Modern magicians also appreciate this sparkling sphere, as a crystal ball — not an accessory, but a means of travel.

The principle of the crystal ball is that the questioner, focusing on their questions, carefully consider the ball, keeping track of everything that appears in his shimmering depths.

Gradually, the flashing stops random pictures and thoughts are concentrated, and the magician sees a very clear image. This may be a man or a separate part of his body (when it comes to diagnosis), and can be crowded and the whole picture.
The image is so sharp that it can even be seen through a magnifying glass for more information. The larger the diameter of the crystal ball, the easier it is to contemplate its depths.

It is clear that within the sphere there are no images — the ball just displays what is available subconscious asking. A series of scientific experiments with crystal balls at different times was performed therapists, physicians and physicists.

All they have confirmed that people who own developed subconscious actually see through the crystal ball are some images that can be compared with holographic films.

This indicates that the crystal ball is a unique and sufficiently accurate tool for magic.

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