Aura and Chakra

Chakras are called in the Indian lotus, because they, like any living flower petals have a kind, capable of self-revelation. By the way, the Western occult tradition also identified the hidden psychic centers of man with the flowers.

In the ancient mysteries of the initiates in the first stage of knowledge and possession of subtle forces called neophytes, which literally means «new plants». In alchemy, Rosicrucianism and the flower, similar to the lotus, the rose was considered, which had three main shades of color: red, yellow and white top. They signified the degree of openness of the centers.

On the chakras now written a huge amount of literature, among which there is a very sensible book. The fact that this chakra, does not know today just lazy. I witnessed anecdotal talk about chakras, started by an alcoholic. Even fifteen years (!) Ago, when the boom is clearly not the occult reached its climax, I was going to go to the Altai Mountains, and, being in the city of Barnaul, rode the trolley. During the next stop in the shop burst into a huge growth of unshaven and red-faced fellow, breathing such fumes which killed a kilometer around all living things.

The crowd instinctively drew back from him and formed around a fellow a kind of vacuum. The woman, who was sitting at the next sitting, stood up and walked away. Went to the lad sitting, slumped heavily on him, and patting himself on the chest hairy ruchischami hoarse voice, he turned to the audience as if looking for sympathy and stated: «Something my chakras razbarahlilis!» The audience that turned out not less than enlightened, and, apparently, knowing what the «chakra», roared with laughter.

However, if you dig any, even the educated layman, he hardly says more than «the chakras — energy centers is» and remember the pictures from the literature on yoga. And so that the practical use of knowledge about the chakras in everyday life or in spiritual growth, is not the issue — almost nobody knows. Because let's talk about how the chakras relate to the human aura.

The word «chakra» in Sanskrit means «wheel». Sometimes they are called «wheel of life» and «circles» in which the energy moves. Various authors attribute their actions against the forces of reason and desire. The chakras are defined as the wheels of the mind that moves him to the wilds of desires.

Each chakra is an area where concentrated and manifested a basic human desire. This may be the desire of material wealth, sexual lust, lust for power, the attraction to the object of love, the need for creative self-expression, the desire for deep self-knowledge, the will to spiritual fulfillment. Every desire is fueled by the energy of a particular chakra, which is different from the energy of other chakras.

Inside our auras are seven major and forty two secondary chakras. The main centers are located along the central energy channel — Sushumna, which passes through the spinal column. Besides the connection with the specific desire of each chakra holds some energy associated with internal organ, publishes a mystical sound.

Chakras are the kind of holes, through which energy flows, which connects the highest spiritual sphere and the body in a person with the lower material. The more open the holes — the move and circulate the life force. If the human chakra is blocked, clogged, and the subtle channels intoxicated, then we are dealing with a closed energy system.

Chakras themselves in the East compared with lotus flowers. It is believed that spiritually advanced people lotus petals gradually reveal themselves power wheels start spinning. A person with knowledge of the materialistic, lethargic, sleepy and has a limited flabby, drooping petals on the chakras. Disclosure of the petals is due to the spiritual evolution of man, awakening in man the two major poles of power — material associated with the center in the coccyx (Muladhara Chakra) and the spiritual being in the area above the head (Sahasrara Chakra).

When the spiritual awakening, between the two poles of the axis of tension there. Muladhara is located in the coccyx, and is a psychological and energetic support of our personality. He is depicted as a lotus flower with four large red petals. The Indian tradition connects it with the most dense of all the elements — the element of earth. He is also responsible for the perception of smell and sense of psychological stability on the ground.

It is believed that the Kundalini energy is just below the coccyx, and as it rests at the entrance to the central channel of Sushumna. It folded in three and a half turns like a snake (hence the expression «the serpent Kundalini») and is in a state of sleep. This dream is a kind of soporific sends impulses to the brain, suggesting to him a purely materialistic view of the world.

As a result of sleeping capacity of the brain is activated by no more than 6-10%, and the human mind receives the least energy. It is enough to live and act in the physical world, but not enough to break the perception of the invisible worlds, closed tight and opaque film of the visible world. Esoteric teachings call this film a veil of Isis, thrown over the wise guard their secrets on the nature of human consciousness is proud.

Dream of Kundalini is that it generates in the mind the image of plural world, sharing in the divine mind of man united and homogeneous reality for billions of things and objects. Each of these objects is perceived as having the mind of man being of the individual, the individual form, clearly limited by the other forms and labels in the form of the name or names.

In our perception there is no hint of the fact that, in its depth through the world is united, and the multiplicity and separation into individual items — just an illusion. We perceive the hardness of the forms of this world as something completed and is not subject to discussion. Even if we subtract the esoteric literature of the information that the world is one, it will not change anything fundamentally. This idea will remain a purely intellectual information, and the eyes and ears will continue to hammer away at the reality of a single individual rays and pictures. We simply do not have enough power to dissolve the illusion of separate and merge with the unified energy.

Awakening and the rise of Kundalini energy can change the perception of the world. The yogi or spiritual seeker, who raised the kundalini energy to the posterior parietal center (Sahasrara), or at least to the three higher chakras, begins to perceive the world as one. His vision is to reveal the inner vision of the subtle world is available through the dense form of physical reality. The rise of the Kundalini through the central channel Sushumna opens the petals of the chakras, like the petals of spring flowers.

The seven major chakras

The first center, or chakra, called muladhara, located in the coccyx, and is a psychological and energetic support of our personality. Translated from the Sanskrit word «Muladhara» means «the base». He is depicted as a lotus flower with four large red petals. The Indian tradition connects it with the most dense of all the elements — the element of earth. He is also responsible for the perception of smell and sense of psychological stability on the ground.

Secret sound, or bija this chakra — Lamas (Lang). His recitation or singing of the condition of concentration awakens the kundalini energy and sends it up. At the same time, this practice, known as the chakra-meditation, creates a power unit which prevents movement of the Kundalini down. If a person repeats this mantra several times, then it increases a sense of calmness, inner strength and peace of mind about all earthly concerns and initiatives. In particular, generated a lot of confidence and a man in his relations with the world of money, no matter what his financial situation at the moment.

Of course, the development of muladhara occurs not only in the practice of yogic mantras and concentrating on this center. Man, in principle, must learn to successfully focus on the problems of the earth, to set specific goals and achieve them. Achievement of certain financial level, the solution of everyday problems, gaining its place in the sun has a positive impact on muladhara and reveals its potential.

On the other hand, people with suppressed muladhara hardly achieve any significant goals and just can not keep suddenly fell down on his luck. But be that as it may, the well-developed sense of Muladhara, and that man stands firmly on the ground — the most important and a necessary condition for further growth: the career, and spiritual.

If a person weak Muladhara, then it can not be a strong aura. Incidentally, the symbol of muladhara, which is often depicted in Indian drawings of chakras is an elephant — a symbol of resistance and hardness. Energy muladhara gives the aura of the quality of stability, peace, solidity, confidence, security.

People with highly developed muladhara usually take a good place in life. They make big bosses, businessmen and rich people. Having won the position, they do not rent it to anyone and kept him until the end. In conversation, they are rigid, stubborn and intractable. They are very difficult to influence. They do not agree to retire from his position an inch. And this helps them a powerful elastic Muladhara.

The second center, or chakra — Svadhisthana (a Sanskrit word meaning «self» or «abode of me»). It is located at the top of the pubic area and is responsible for the sexual sphere. Svadhistana also associated with the element of water, which is traditionally considered a symbol of human desires.

The second chakra is customarily represented as a six-petalled lotus orange, inside which there is a white circle. Secret sound or vibration of the center — you (Wang). The recitation or singing of the center awakens in man the life force. Anyone who experiences excessive sexual excitement, as a rule, somewhat calmed. His sexual energy is converted at this point in vitalicheskuyu vitality. But those who have suppressed sensuality, influenced by a few of these mantras can intensify their sexual power. The mantra also helps to change the vector of the flow of energy upward, blocking its flow down.

Oriental texts claim that Svadhistana — the body responsible for the experience of pleasure. This sense of the human body is experienced most intensely in two parts — sex organs, and language. Svadhistana also responsible for the continuation of the species, because in this chakra begins distribution of energy personality to the outside world. For the first time in svadhisthane manifests itself creative energy. It tells the aura of power flexibility, brings to mind the beginning of the human imagination.

Thanks svadhisthane human aura is more plastic, flexible, changeable, able to perceive pleasure. Svadhistana also gives the human person egocentrism, a penchant for the game, changing roles, artistic reactions. People Svadhistana — restless vagabonds, greedy seekers of pleasure, egocentric, romance, collectors of new sensations. When the Kundalini reaches Svadhistana, it either turns into a powerful sexual desire and stops its ascent, or rushes, and above, reaching the solar plexus, into a volitional energy.

Interestingly, the pattern in the Indian tradition, a symbol of this chakra was a crocodile — a creature that lives in water, hunting for prey, and having increased sexual power and ability to reproduce. The fat crocodile used to enhance male potency. The crocodile is prone to deception and trickery. In exactly the same, and Don Juan, striving for his goal, ready for her to go to any lie.

The third center, or chakra — Manipura (in Sanskrit «city of gems») is rooted in the navel and in the form of branched branches rise above the region of the solar plexus. The texts of yoga speak of Manipur as the center, in the person administering the internal fire. It regulates the heat and the processes that support the desired body temperature. The jurisdiction of the energy supply Manipura Digestive and vision.

The sacred sound, or bija of the center — the sound of Ram (Rank). Literally, this means a syllable frame — solar deity or its vitality. His utterance of a man kindles the inner fire, power and will to achieve goals. Indian texts draw manipura as desyatilepestkovogo yellow lotus. In the center of the circle of the lotus to portray the ascending triangle, symbolizing the will of a fire, in contrast to the downward triangle, which is usually drawn in a circle within the lotus of the second chakra.

If a person is going to develop the property of confidence, commitment and security, he must often concentrate on the navel. This concentration is strengthening the body and helps people better manage their movements. It is also useful, and any abdominal breathing exercises that develop abdominal muscles.

The energies of Manipura gives the aura of inner strength, resilience, confidence, ability to manage other people and circumstances. The element of fire, wake up as a result of the concentration of energy in this chakra, helping to turn the water into a clear blurring Svadhistana fiery energy flow, aspiring to the goal.

The quality of human ambition with the prevailing power Manipura sometimes appears excessive — aspiring little thought about the long-term consequences of their actions. Man manipura usually impatient, impulsive, and ambition. It can not be without power over others. But if he gains wisdom, then began working on the transformation of this passion in the ability to rule over themselves. A person with a weak manipura has drooping aura that if you want to easily penetrate.

Modern scholars who have studied the process of decision-making, came to the conclusion that a purely volitional component of the solution is related to the solar plexus center — a kind of second human brain. If this center is not developed enough, then one can as much as fantasize about their future decisions, but he can not make a strong-willed act — to cut off the doubt and take a step towards the obstacle. Any dictator, the Fuhrer, the conqueror, the leader, leader, Passionate, whether light or dark by its intrinsic nature, has a powerful manipura that gives him the aura of a property of the vortex, irresistibly moving toward the goal.

The fourth center, or chakra — Anahata (in Sanskrit «invulnerable», «not subjected to impact») is located in the center of the chest just above the physical heart. He is portrayed in Indian sacred literature in the form of a lotus dvenadtsatilepestkovogo yellow. Its elements — air, symbolizing the lifeblood of breathing, mobility, clarity and light. He is responsible for all sensation in the realm of touch. No wonder there is the phrase «feel the heart,» «touch the heart», and is sensitive to the sufferings of the heart compared to the burnt skin. In the center of the circle with petals taken to represent the same two overlapping triangles, one — top up (male principle) and the other — the top down (the female principle). Ideally, these two principles should be in a state of equilibrium that fills the aura of a sense of harmony. The sacred syllable of the chakras — mantras yang (yamg). Mental pronunciation, or singing of his calm heart, dissolves negative emotions and awakens in him a feeling of joy and love. At the same time it inhibits the involuntary expiration of the lower energy centers.

The heart is the king of all the other chakras. The essence of the other centers is in it. Therefore, by acting on the heart through the awakened consciousness, we are, in fact, touch, and to other centers. Each point of the aura can be easily reached through the heart. Many movements of human emotions inherent in the heart center, symbolized by the image of a deer, which are placed inside the six-pointed star. Deer — being quick, clean and innocent. And as such should be the human heart, still far from perfect. The opening of the heart and conscious work on its purification can gradually awaken in my heart the sound of divine stillness, called Anahata Nadi or Shabda-Brahman (Brahman, that is sounding the Deity).

The opening of the anahata strengthens the aura, cleanses it, balances the internal movement of energy or feelings, and allows a person to feel the deep state of independence from the influences of the world. He no longer relies on other people's opinions about himself. He becomes a man samoopornym. Mastering the elements of air allows it to fly — to make the spiritual flight into the higher worlds and experience higher than before the state.
The fifth chakra, or center — visuddha (a Sanskrit word meaning «pure») is located in the throat, specifically in the place corresponding to the throat pit. Indian tradition says that it is associated with a particular space plan (level) of being — akasha or space. This sixteen petal lotus blue, is responsible for the principle of speech and converts the sound in a word, a thought into a form that idea into an image. Adaptation to the world, verbal communication and creativity, understanding of the nature of things, known and unknown languages — also administered by visuddha. Secret sound or vibration of the center — a syllable Hamgyong (Hang). The recitation or singing of this mantra vibrates the brain and increases the flow of cerebrospinal fluid that runs from the bottom up in the spine area of the throat. As a result, the human voice is softer, sonorous and melodious. In addition, changing, and the inner nature of man. It is more creative and balanced, and the behavior of a confident and free. The man opens the ability to understand the deep essence of things and people, the ability to be creative in any sphere of life, formed a conscious worldview and belief system.

Visuddha awakened aura fills the properties of transparency, clarity and openness, which allows to pass through a whole flow of cosmic forces. When the Kundalini energy rises to the throat chakra, the person acquires the features inherent in the spiritual master, free from conditioning and attachment to the outside bustle. Man turns into a brilliant orator, capable of charm any audience and find words to explain all the most difficult question. On the other hand, any brilliant orator — a man with a well-developed throat chakra. Graphic symbol of Indian tradition of the throat center chose an elephant with big ears and long trunk. This indicates that the properties of the hearing and clear sound that visuddha manifests in man.

The sixth chakra is the center or in the area between the eyebrows and is called the ajna (a Sanskrit word meaning «authority», «guidance», «power without limits»). It is also called the third eye, and consider, as an organ of clairvoyance, which is free to enjoy the people in past eras, but that is no longer needed in our time atrophied and became a relic. He has two petals indigo (pale purple), one of which Indian traditional image of the chakras usually put a small circle with rays (the sun), and the other a small crescent (moon). Secret-sound mantra of this chakra is the mantra AUM. During the practice of meditation, chakra sings it needs a special way. And the sound has to be the longest (three units of time), the sound has shorter by one-third (two units of time) and the sound of M — is the shortest (one unit of time).

Ajna has two main modes. If it is closed, then this is the usual intelligence and understanding, perceiving the world of a binary way, as a combination of «yes» or «no», «plus» and «minus», «good» or «bad.» This intelligence can sometimes be very strong, even brilliant, but essentially it remains a binary, linear, and not able to penetrate into the depths of things. At best it can be calculated as the essence of the mental and competently describe it in words and in logical categories. But this is not true, and its mental image closer to her. When Ajna is awakened, the man begins to see clearly the essence of things, which lies not in the «yes» and not «no», but in some kind of profound effect, embracing both sides of the coin. This is the wisdom or containment of opposites, learning the art of which was part of a program of initiation schools in the East and West. Higher smart power control duality. The man who discovered the «third eye», in practice, understands that the world is not binary, and the trinity. The awakening of this center gives the aura of quality of clarity, tranquility and harmony. It is smooth, strong, elastic, gathered together.

Opening ajna allows a person to directly perceive the invisible world, getting through space and time. Winning a duality similar to the spiritually advanced person combines masculine and feminine, and becomes complete. It is formed by a continuous sense of spiritual H. By the way, American neuroscientists have recently found that a mature sense of self-concentrated man in between the eyebrows, where the just are those parts of the brain that are responsible for their sense of H. Another thing that unenlightened man oschusch0enie is usually wanders around the body and the various chakras, depending on the state of emotion. In the ajna-chakra energy flow connected to three: solar (pingala), lunar (ida) and central (sushumna). Two common eye sees the past (left) and present (right), while the third can penetrate into the future. The man who opened the third eye, becomes enlightened sage, able to fully control himself. He begins to feel in himself the immortal beginning.

The seventh chakra is the center or in the parietal region and called sahasrara (in Sanskrit means «the thousand»). Its other name «hollow chakra.» His mystical sound — the sacred syllable OM or the East, «the abode of no support.» Sahasrara — a center of spiritual synthesis. It Sahasrara — a zone of stay of Shiva (the supreme male principle). It is believed that this center has a thousand petals, painted in all colors of the rainbow, but with a clear predominance of the golden flower. Here, to this center rushes of Kundalini energy, rising up the sushumna channel. When it is connected to the center of the parietal, a man in a state of enlightenment. Those who were fortunate to make the rise of Kundalini, according to the sacred texts of India feels that his head is a light flash, similar to the «brightness of millions of lightning.» A man in a state of unity and fullness of life, which is called in Sanskrit, Sat-Chit-Ananda (absolute being, absolute knowledge, absolute bliss). Experiencing a state of a man with his whole being realizes a simple truth — all is one.

An ordinary man sahasrara almost does not work. Because the resources of his brain in this case is awakened by 6-8%, at least 10%. But who joined muladhara and Sahasrara, and raised the kundalini into the upper point of the body and the energy band, the resources of the brain aroused by 100%, and the man reaches the highest stage of spiritual evolution that is available to him at this level of global development. He now has enough energy to completely eliminate the illusion of unity and peace through all his being. Awakening sahasrara brings in the quality of the aura of serenity, purity, a sense of unity, align the edges, fills it with the higher spiritual forces.

The first four are considered to lower the center, since working with the earth elements and energies. The last three are called the higher center — they spend the energy from the spiritual worlds. At the higher centers of an unenlightened person is asleep, and because his activities led by the lower chakras, imposing their unrefined subtle vibrations throughout the body. The more spiritually developed person, the more he opened higher centers. Their energy is gradually purified the lower chakras, causing them to adjust to the higher vibrations.

A crucial role in this tuning is that the inner spiritual choice that makes each person. If a person is unconsciously or consciously makes a choice in favor of lower values and ideals, his lower ego, living below the belt begins to serve the first four centers.

If the choice is made in favor of the higher spiritual programs, his conscious mind as it rises from the lower center of the chest, and then to the center of the head. Halo that surrounds the upper torso, and most importantly the head of the saints shows the area where going higher spiritual energies, and lives cleansed «I» person. Agni Yoga says that a person who becomes the spiritual path and successfully going through it, the aura slowly going around the higher centers.

Each center is associated with a particular gland or nerve plexus. Muladhara is associated with the sacral plexus and the pelvic nerve plexus. Svadhisthana — with sexual center. The connection with the Manipura solar plexus (plexus Solaris). Anahata has a fine relationship with the thymus gland, responsible for the energy side of immunity and aging-rejuvenation.

Vishuddha responsible for the energy content of the thyroid gland. Ajna is associated with pituitary and thyroid gland. Sahasrara — a parietal nerve center. There is a certain relationship with the chakras is quite specific internal organs and parts of the body.

Thus, the lower coccygeal chakra is connected to the spinal cord and the legs, the sex center is very close to the kidneys, the center of Manipur — with the authorities responsible for digestion, eyesight, heat distribution throughout the body. Anahata is associated with the thymus gland, lungs, heart. Vishuddha — throat, thyroid gland. Ajna — a thyroid gland. Sahasrara — a parietal nerve center and the higher brain centers.

Minor chakras

In addition to the seven major chakras in man there are many scattered throughout the body more subtle points. Chakras are in the hands, legs, torso. Two centers have on their shoulders. The degree of their development shows the spiritual level of man. A man undergoes difficulties in the path of life for a higher purpose and carrying on their shoulders the burdens of serving the people kindles fires in the center Mantle.

This fact explains well what is the wings of angels or saints. In fact — it is the energy centers in the rays of the awakened spiritually advanced people. Its center is in the area of the elbow (which according to the testimony of Helena Roerich) can be hurt badly if a person is going through a spiritual and energetic cleansing. Smaller chakra is in the area of brush, and even the fingers.

An extensive system of chakras located on the legs. Centers for hips, knees, ankles, feet — not fancy, but a reality, which may gradually feel interested and looking to each person. Centres feet from the standpoint of the esoteric teachings — this is an area located below the ground, which corresponds to the coccygeal center support — Muladhara. Foot chakras opening, introducing people to different levels of underground reality. Agni Yoga says, for example, that the center of the knee associated with a good prototype of the mineral kingdom. For a yogi, specially concentrating on the knee chakras, goes to this level and the energy level talks with the mineral world in its invisible spectrum.

Considerable amount of chakra secondary level is focused on the body. First of all, it's fine points of light, opening, when a person takes possession of an internal fire. An important center — lower-tien tien, which is in the middle of the lower abdomen at 2-3 inches below the navel, and 3-4 inches deep.

Has a branched structure and apahata. Its branches are three centers: the right and left heart are separated from the middle chakra in a few centimeters, as well as the so-called inner heart with a location just below the central chakra bowl closer to the savings.

Chinese tradition says about the centers, located on the rear side of the spine in the lumbar region and between the shoulder blades (probably for good reason it is on this site in order to give the trans loved hitting his disciples Ch'an and Zen masters, as well as the Don Juan of Carlos Castaneda). Esoteric teachings claim that its energy units have virtually all the major internal organs — stomach, spleen, liver, and kidneys.

In addition to the Ajna and Sahasrara are the energy centers in the area of the head. This Kalachakra, residing in the middle of the brain processes and manages the flow of time, as well as the soma-chakra (sometimes called Amrita-chakra), located slightly above the third eye. It produces the finest and sweetest nectar in the process of spiritual practice in the area running down the sky, and then the entire volume of the physical body, including in its program of recovery, rejuvenation, and bliss.

All meridians and energy channels are connected by the finest system of channels called «nadis» (motion flow). For these «Nadis» energy flows. In humans, there are two kinds of nadis: rough (they are vessels of the circulatory and lymphatic system, nervous channels, excretory system) and thin (akopunkturnye meridians, pranic power conductors and conductors of mental strength).

According to yogic literature, only a person has 72,000 nadis. Nadi is the main 14 and the main three — the central channel of the spine (sushumna), the left channel that connects to the left nostril (Ida) and the right channel that connects to the right nostril (Pingala). Ida and Pingala according to yogic concepts under the influence of meditation practice wrap around the spine like two snakes intertwined within each chakra, and then divided up to the next weave.

The esoteric tradition of these three channels upodablivaet famous magic wand Caduceus, known since the days of ancient Egypt. The central channel of the rod and two snakes entwined, then diverge, then connecting again. With this rod, which is not the same as the three basic human energy flows, the priest ran by invisible forces. Yoga connects with a female ida cooling lunar energy, while the pingala acts as a conductor male warming solar energy.

Sushumna also holds the supreme divine energy neutral. HP Blavatsky called Sushumna Brahmananda or the rod of Brahma, and Ida and Pingala «sharp and Bimol» notes Fa, which is associated with higher esotericism of human nature. The rise of the Kundalini — the movement of all three streams, or the life of winds, which are symbolized in India Brahmin cord. Because it is the Sushumna, Ida and Pingala spread vitality throughout the body, there is a problem pure channels. The more refined and spiritually developed person, the more open to the free flow of life force.

The more he was intoxicated and morally neochischen, the harder it is the motion of the waves of life force energy in its rivers. With the passage of the vital energy of the system of nadis (meridians in the Chinese tradition) is dying of radiation of human personality. Energy is at the base of sushumna — muladhara as an impersonal life force, but it rises upward and outward manifests itself as a personal power of man, bearing the imprint of its individual characteristics, qualities and character.

Each chakra is associated with the system of nadis. The more purified nadi, the greater the likelihood that the chakras begin to awaken to life and open up. The more open the chakras, the more intense movement of energy through a thin channel. The enlightened and refined man becomes completely open for the passage of powerful streams of energy, flow into the system of nadis and turn it into a continuous energy field open to the world. The chakras — are spinning vortices of energy that create flexibility and strength in the aura. If a person has strengths and energetically charged chakra, it must manifest itself in a flexible and powerful aura. A weak aura can not have a strong chakras and vice versa.

A crucial role in opening the centers and the strengthening of the aura is the spiritual work being carried out by man. In one form or another, this work connects the top and bottom, and the Sahasrara muladhara. This does not necessarily imply that the person taking the path of yoga and will be required to raise the Kundalini.

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