If a man will purify your chakras, no troubles are not inclined to

In this article we will talk about the chakras and their properties. But what is it? Many take the chakras as a centralized power and consciousness, which are stored inside the human soul. According to Hindus, chakras are somewhat similar with the plexus of nerves and glands.

That is, the definition of chakras are based on certain sites, which can be responsible for the existence of man in general.

Happens is that the chakras begin to become clogged, and this in turn is very dangerous. The fact is that when clogged chakras, a person begins to feel ill, experiencing constant discomfort due to various reasons, because a lot depends on exactly what chakras are clogged.

In the picture the aura, we can observe some clumps of black, which are surrounded by chakra. It is these black clots, which are also the energy masses, are responsible for all information coming into the human brain, let it be positive, and let the negative, without a difference. And the masses are beginning to grow, and this man can do nothing, it just simply is to think of something to give emotional state.

And that's it for this reason that our chakras can become clogged. There are chakras are responsible for the heart, that these chakras are the most clogged when a person, the owner of the heart, often take offense at someone. But the heart chakra can be cleaned, though not as it would be easy.

Man must create multiple meditation, during which he pardons all their abusers, but this should be done with all your soul, because if you make a special start to forgive, nothing you will not, knowingly wasting your time. But if you really forgave his attackers, this pent up in your mind as soon as the load goes down, thus purified, and heart chakra.

Also, the chakras can become clogged much of the permanent human fears, for practical action. That is, a person is afraid to start doing something, because he believes that everything could collapse, he just simply did not believe in their own abilities, it is from this chakra begin to become clogged.

Experts say that these chakras are cleared only when the man himself overcame their fears and did as he sees fit. Do not be afraid to take risks, nothing ventured, nothing gained, as everybody knows. As for failures, it is our fate, bad luck everywhere we would lie in wait for the whole life, but do not be afraid of them, so as lucky as we did not throw in a difficult moment.

You can also listen to the practical management control chakras. That is, many of you may know that the pure chakra move in a clockwise direction, but it costs them a little bit dirty, as they begin to move at random from this mass of energy appear black.

To avoid this, you need to prostrate on the floor and focus strictly on your chakras, do not worry about anything. As soon as you submit them, the power of thought and imagination, try to gather them into a column, but so that they began to move in a clockwise direction. If you succeed, then the mass of the black power will leave you.

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